Johnny Manziel tweets ‘can’t wait to leave College Station’


Johnny Manziel doesn’t have the same life we have.

A frustrated Manziel tweeted Saturday night that he can’t wait to leave College Station.


The tweet disappeared shortly thereafter, and Manziel followed it up exclaiming his love for Texas A&M, asking fans to walk a day in his shoes.

Manziel already self-imposed a Twitter ban earlier this offseason. Being a college super star and being continually under the microscope is no easy task, but there are ways to handle it differently.

Manziel is the centerpiece of the Aggies’ most anticipated season yet, and, for selfish reasons, I want a focused Manziel for what may be his last season ahead of 2014’s NFL Draft.

Photo Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports



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  • “Please walk a day in my shoes” – Going to NBA games with floor seats, filthy rich parents who have supported him all through life, a Heisman and arguably the face of CFB – Must be tough. Hope it works out for him.

  • I wonder how many Texas A&M fans say the same thing about Manziel – Can’t wait till that kid leaves the Aggies’ program. Manziel is a boss on the field, but he doesn’t think off of it. WHY in the world would anyone put this on social media for the world to see. Who does that?

  • Twitter. Offers zero upside for athletes. Only downside. Everything Manziel does can cost him money in terms of when he is drafted next year. So do yourself a favor and get off Twitter.

  • Entitled brat. Most kids would kill to be in his shoes.

  • Why jeopardize your future by making immature posts on Twitter. Manziel seemed that he had gotten back on the right track this Spring, but then goes and pulls this stunt.

  • Don’t mind him being the face of the program right now, just prefer he not be the voice of it too.

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