Texas A&M reportedly has ‘no plans’ to sit Johnny Manziel next Saturday


A high ranking Texas A&M official told CBS Sports there are ‘no plans’ to park the reigning Heisman winner for the opener.

The NCAA investigation is still ongoing as to whether Johnny Manziel received money in exchange for autographs.

Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp recently said he knows Manziel is innocent, called the ESPN report ‘hype journalism’ and said he’s seen things others haven’t seen.

“I know he’s innocent,” Sharp said. “I know that he didn’t do what they accused him of doing, and I think that it’s time that we, once we knew what the facts are and we know the facts, and I’ve seen what everybody else has seen now, and the rest of the country is going to get to see that before it’s over with. It was a bunch of hype journalism.

“I’ve seen things that other folks can’t see. And it didn’t happen. It did not happen.”

Nothing suggests Texas A&M is preparing for life without Manziel against Rice, and he’s taken normal practice reps like any starting quarterback would.

If Manziel plays and is later ruled ineligible, the Aggies would have to vacate the wins he participated in, but nothing – at this time – points to the Manziel train being parked for the opener.

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  • Like anybody expected other wise?

  • Why park him over a Rovell story. Rovell has proved he can be punked by whoever. Anybody noticed how expensive Manziel signed stuff on Ebay has become since this story broke? Bet the brokers that planted this bullshit story have.

  • The Aggies have nothing to lose. Wth him they have decent chance in any of their games, with the exception of Bama. Without him they a a mediocre team. They might as well play him and risk possible forfeits later.

  • Not that this is a surprise to anybody. But this is great for A&M and the conference. Any real competitor would want to beat A&M with their best player(s) on the field.

  • well, my question is why isn’t the ncaa sitting him down? we’ve had several players made to sit by the ncaa while they were investigating something even smaller. so why do they leave it up to tx am instead of making the player sit out?

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