Photo: Johnny Manziel featured on the cover of TIME


TIME Magazine features Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel on its cover. Yes, amidst the political turmoil of Syria and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Aggie QB graces the cover with the Heisman pose. The magazine says, “It’s time to pay college athletes.”

You have to go back 47 years to find the last college athlete on the cover of TIME. It’s quite the honor.

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Here is the cover:




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  • One thing that just popped into my head: if we decide to pay college football players because they make money for their schools, TV networks, etc., then couldn’t the same argument apply to high school athletes, especially now that HS football is being televised more than ever before? Perhaps the difference is HS athletes are usually minors, whereas the college athlete is almost always an adult? If it’s decided that college athletes shouldn’t be paid, then at the very least, the bajillions of money made off them should be returned to the fans on some level (e.g., lowering the continually escalating face value of tickets).

    • friends, please take note of Dawg780’s comment. Thank you Dawg780. At the risk of detracting from perfection I will add that once you change college athletics from free $300,000 educations to getting a paycheck then college recruits suddenly start to look more practical than college professors and administrators. And then there is that little thing about the US marketplace already having an NFL and developmental teams that get paid, so wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to just let athletes who want to get paid just go straight to the NFL instead of further degrading the greatest sporting event ever conceived, namely ‘college football’

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