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UGA’s Josh Harvey-Clemons suspended for marijuana incident

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One of the most anticipated players making his starting debut for Georgia in 2013 is safety Josh Harvey-Clemons. But there’s a chance he won’t even suit up for the opening game against Clemson.

JHC was implicated in an incident involving marijuana in a Georgia dorm room on May 15th. Also involved in the incident is TE Ty Flournoy-Smith, who was advised to transfer last week by Mark Richt.

Here’s a report from the AJC regarding the incident:

According to UGA Police incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday, police were called to Vandiver Hall on River Road at 11:33 p.m. on May 15 after a residence hall assistant detected the odor of marijuana emanating from room number 303. Police knocked on the door and found Harvey-Clemons and Flournoy-Smith inside.

Police were granted consent to search the residence and no marijuana was found. However, Flournoy-Smith and Harvey-Clemons were said to have “exhibited signs of marijuana ingestion” as they had blood-shot eyes and dilated pupils. After questioning, the players admitted they had “smoked a blunt,” which is slang for a using a cigar to smoke marijuana, police said.

UGA’s Police Chief Jimmy Williamson called the Georgia coaching staff to inform them of the incident. According to UGA’s Athletic Association’s marijuana use policy, a first-time incident calls for a suspension of 10 percent of the competition dates. That’s at least a one-game suspension if action is taken.


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  1. The two players with – in their names smoking pot. This kid has a ton of potential and talent (trust me the Gators wanted him), but he better get his act together. This one hurts, especially against Clemson and Tajh Boyd.

  2. It sucks having a coach who enforces these drug tests.

  3. enjoy…sad to see that UGA is the only team that enforces a real drug policy….

  4. sounds like UGA needs to get some residence hall assistants that are truly part of the “program” – that and tell their players not to stick around after they burn a fatty

  5. No arrests…no pot found…one game suspension…Thanks again to the jackasses running UGA athletics and our fearless leader. It’s very clear that they’d rather wear a merit Badge than a championship ring.

  6. Marijuana is illegal duh. Testing indicates schizophrenia can be induced by use in young ppl
    Add that to alcohol use testosterone and 300 lb kids.who play a game in ultimate adoration. Yea just ignore the rules. We don’t care about these kids. Just on Saturdays. Add concussions and other injuries.