Kirk Herbstreit tells SEC fans to ‘claim’ Tennessee’s loss against Oregon


Kirk Herbstreit sounds like he has a bone to pick with the SEC.

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While on ‘Herd & Herbstreit’ with Colin Cowherd, he was asked about Oregon’s blowout against Tennessee, and he said since the SEC claims all wins when one team wins a championship, they should claim all losses – like Tennessee.

“I don’t think they intentional ran it up, but I’ll tell you this: The SEC, it’s unique about their fan base. There are fourteen schools. When one of them wins a national championship, all fourteen carry the flag for the national championship. They all claim it. They all claim the national championship like they won it together. So when Tennessee gets ambushed by Oregon, they need to all get their flag out together and accept that loss to Oregon.

“It’s funny, when you get outside of the PAC-12, people kind of poo-poo Oregon as if that Oregon speed can’t match up with the bigger schools that have big defensive linemen. I’m telling you, the fan in me wants to see Oregon get a chance in the big game against an SEC powerhouse like Alabama or LSU in the national championship. People want to say LSU already played Oregon. That was different time in a different era and a different LSU team. Oregon was very young with De’Anthony Thomas and some of their true freshmen. Oregon does not get the credit they deserve on a national level. Right now, them and Alabama are on a different playing field than everybody else after the first three weeks.”

Oregon got bored against Tennessee and started chanting ‘S-E-C’ and ‘We want Bama’.

Sounds like Kirk thinks Oregon will take down the SEC in this year’s national championship game. An Alabama or LSU vs. Oregon would be fantastic for college football.

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  • As an Alabama fan, I would claim this loss if it were LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M, Florida, South Carolina, or even Auburn.

    Since it is Tennessee:

  • There’s nothing wrong with being proud of playing in the nation’s strongest conference. But I do think it’s a little silly to wave the SEC flag all of the time. I mean Alabama/Florida/LSU/Auburn winning another title does nothing to help our program. And I damn sure don’t want SCAR or UT winning one before we do. It just means they may land a few more 5 star recruits and get more money to build their program stronger. Why the hell would I be rooting for that?

    • But that doesn’t change the stupidity in Herbie’s comment. I mean Oregon was SUPPOSED to throttle UT…everyone saw that coming.

    • Tennessee already has a crystal ball, pal. Should have had a few more of them over the years, too. And you wouldn’t believe who the OC on the Florida State team they beat to win it was…

    • I partially agree with you but as far as a SEC team winning the NC doing nothing for the rest of the schools is incorrect. By splitting the bowl winnings equally among teams they help financially, by strengthening the history of the conference they help out when recruiting out of conference, and that is just two face value ways it helps.

      • This is what I was thinking as well MSUath. As far as claiming this loss because I’m an SEC fan, well okay, I guess. I was rooting for UT to win, even though I knew it was impossible. I also wanted to see UK beat Louiseville, even though I knew it wasn’t happening. To be honest, I hate AU with a passion, but am happy the squeaked one by on Oregon just to keep the streak alive.

    • When fans of an SEC team start thinking that the football recruiting and championship world is a zero sum equation. Then the conference is headed for 2nd, 3rd, or worse, place in the ncaa pecking order. Football fan rivalries are fun UNTIL they cross the line into not wanting the other conference members to succeed, and vowing not to celebrate fully all members success. You know what, it’s not just SEC football that works this way but all of life. Yes, the world has a lot of zero sum people, and they are always destructive.

  • Kirk misunderstands the SEC fan, IMO. We are proud of our conference and it’s current streak of MNC’s, but I don’t think the fans of the SEC “carry the flag” for the team that wins the MNC. Regardless, Kirk has a short memory, because not only did LSU beat Oregon in a “different era” which was TWO whole years ago, but the year before, in 2010, they did same thing when they curb-stomped Tenn and then lost to the SEC powerhouse that year in Auburn. So, if Oregon does the same thing this year and gets to the MNC, plays a good SEC team, and loses for the 3rd time in 4 years, will idiots like Kirk finally shut their mouths about how Oregon matches up with the SEC?

    • Oregon is the new Ohio State. For a while there, everyone (ESPN) loved the Buckeyes and knew they were the best and “deserved” to be in the BCS title game or discussion every year. What happened? They got their business handed to them time and again. Oregon is the same way. 2 years ago they lose to LSU and end up becoming the Pac-12 Champion. How is that a team from a different era? Oregon might make it to the big game, but LSU, Bama or Georgia will be waiting for them and ready to claim the SEC’s 8th straight title.

  • Oregon plays in the Pac-12 which is arguably the second-best conference in the nation. Like the SEC, they have their powerhouses (Oregon and Stanford) and we have ours (Bama, UGA, LSU, USC and UF for honorable mention). We also have our weak links….which is the only SEC team Oregon has beaten to a pulp. Any time Oregon has played a powerhouse school from the SEC, (AU was powerhouse in 2010) they haven’t been able to get the job done. So as far as that point of Kirk’s argument goes, it’s garbage. They’ve proven they can’t hang. He is right about the SEC fan base for the most part. Most everyone pulls for the SEC in the big game but, the true loyal fans won’t pull for a rival. Which is understandable. But I didn’t know the SEC fan base was supposed to come out and brag about Tennessee getting smashed by Oregon. I’m pretty sure we all knew that was going to happen. Everybody knew Oregon was the better team. Kirk should just worry about his overrated buckeyes. The only reason he wants to see Oregon play a top notch SEC school is so that his buckeyes don’t look like Notre Dame did last year. See ’06 and ’07 national championship games.

  • The SEC will rise to the occasion. Standby for an 8th Title, Oregon better hope they make it there.

  • He is right. All fourteen claim it as if success-by-proxy exists in college football. But once a team gets throttled by a team from a different conference people distance themselves and say things like “well that’s a bottom-tier SEC school anyways.” I don’t understand why fans mooch National Championships. When Florida, LSU, and Auburn won it all I sure as hell wasn’t thrilled about it. But he brings up a good point. Are all you leechers gonna stand by Kentucky and their fan-base throughout this season?? C’mon, show your SEC pride!

    • Just wondering if all the leechers are gonna cling to Alabama years from now when they are no longer the powerhouse of college football. Because you sure couldn’t find an Alabama fan about 6 years ago

      • Evidently, you were in the wrong state. Even then, I lived in Florida and still saw Bama fans.

        • Well considering I live in Alabama, I’d say I’m in the right state. When Tuberville was smoking alabama year in and year out, you couldn’t find a bama fan. No flags flying or anything. Every where you looked there was orange and blue. Now you can’t go anywhere without seeing hundreds of bama fans.

        • Wes10jones, you are waaaaaay off base here hun! I am definitely a BAMA fan in and out! I fly my flags and wear my team every year everyday! Come on down to Troy and see for yourself that you are just plain ole WRONG!

        • you are missing Wes’s point entirely, and it a good one. He is not saying AL fans are not loyal, he is saying that when someone else wins a championship AL shares in making them a champion by providing part of the competitive conference that trains this champion every Saturday . so they have a stake in the championship result. Therefore they are not waving their championship AL flags that particularly year, clearly they can still be proud of past victories

      • I can remember going through Alabama on I-20 on Alabama-Auburn weekend. Every now and then you would see a vehicle that wasn’t flying a flag, but all of the rest of them very flying flags from one of the two schools. That was 30 years ago. No fair weather fans from either school

      • You’re an idiot. I live in Florida but grew up in Alabama and I can tell you that my family and the people I know there are anything but fair weather fans. Are there bandwagon fans? Yes, but I will venture to say that MOST Alabama fans are true fans, through and through. Heck even Jesus is an Alabama fan. His blood was crimson!

      • Ha, mooching national championships??? This is a belly laugh. So many fans are soooo bad at math. Here is an unwavering fact. If Nick Saban was the coach of every SEC team, and recruited every SEC team, there would still be seven losers and seven winners every SEC weekend. There are models in plain view for independents, Notre Dame, BYU. There are even Conferences where a member tries to act like an independent (example Texas in the defunct Southwest and Big 12). I don’t see fans of any SEC team begging their program to go independent. When one does go independent then we will know that they believed that they were giving more than they were taking (mooching).

    • As I stated, above, there is a difference between being proud of the SEC and “mooching” off another team’s MNC. I’m sure the fan of any team (especially Bammers) likes to think everyone is swinging off the team’s nuthairs while, or after, it wins a MNC, but that just ain’t the case. I mean, if fans of other schools were buying and wearing Bama, Aub, UF gear during the MNC game and hootin’ and hollerin’ for them, then okay, maybe you’d have a point. I’ve never seen that myself, though.

    • I am a very proud member of the SEC and an Auburn alumni. I am always proud when an SEC team makes it to a bowl game and cheer for them to win; I am extremely proud of the fact that the conference has been able to win so many National Championships in a row. This goes to show the caliber of our football programs. I hate when any SEC team gets beat by a non-SEC team but I don’t go and wave a flag. I would never own anything Tennessee orange but I wanted them to beat Oregon. As for Oregons attempts against the SEC I believe that they are 0-4. Yes although Auburn is struggling right now they beat Oregon for the National Championship just 3 years ago.

  • So, my team’s 3-0 and I’m supposed to say, “Man, we really suck because Tennessee got destroyed on the road by Oregon?” ???????????

  • Accept the Tennessee loss … but, DON’T forget it. SEC revenge is sweet.

  • Oh Herbie….Bless your ignorant heart!

  • It’s not that we all carry the flag… It’s just when all the teams in your conference does good when you beat them it makes your team look that much better. I always want LSU or Alabama to only lose to my team(which doesn’t happen that often) but that makes us look better.There are certain teams in the SEC that I hate but I will root for them against anyone else. It’s like I hated my sister sometimes when we were young but don’t let anybody else mess with her.

  • Do you ever notice how the media (aka ESPN) hypes up a topic (this topic) for a while then reverses their stance? I’m proud my school (Auburn) won the NC in 2010 but not living in the south, I see Oregon getting national respect and it’s deserved. They’ve gotten it for years. Probably more than any other team in the nation with the exception of The Nick Saban Cult. But, I’m not big on waving the SEC flag. I want my school to win and I respect great teams regardless of who they are. Well, maybe not Nicky’s team ;)

  • Herbie is just trying to add some life into the season. What else can he say – SEC/BAMA on its way to another Championship? Not much drama in that. The spread hurry-up offense is misleading – points are cheap. A&M with JF are the best at it; Oregon looks great against cheap competition. Play a season in the SEC and see what life brings them. My Tigers shut that crap down two seasons ago. They are still Oregon and the PAC 12, they might win one-in-ten games against the best of the SEC.

  • Because of the SEC’s success in big games and against out of conference opponents, that when one of them loses everybody starts jumping up and down and saying the SEC is terrible and won’t win the championship or they can’t compete. Because of that I find myself rooting for other SEC teams like LSU or Georgia and sometimes even Tennessee and Auburn to win these games to make the haters shut up.

  • What pisses me off most about Herbies statement is the hypocritical excuses he makes. When LSU contained and beat one of the nations most prolific offenses bad he comes up with a number of excuses. Well, I damn sure am no Tenn apologist but aren’t they playing with a first year head coach and a new QB? We hear how awesome their D is every year but beating Tenn at home with a first year coach. In the end, even if someone beats an SEC team to take the MNC the SEC will still remain the most powerful and dominating league there is. As a fan I take more pride in playing an UGA or LSU because the teams in our league week in and week out if you put 12 of the 14 schools in another conference 12 of us would be top three.

  • Herbie you know if the Big X had accomplished what the teams of the SEC have they would be boasting and bragging as well. But personally, I wouldn’t associate myself with Tennessee no matter what they have done. In fact, I hope they lose every single game they play in every sport. You will find that they are the most hated team in the SEC. This crash and burn of their program couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of cry babies, I know I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and look forward for the continuation.

  • Heck, yeah, I love the SEC. I was a huge Buckeye fan up until OSU decided to use an over rated quarterback to lose 4 consecutive bowl games. This reinforces my belief that those who cannot do……teach; those who cannot teach…..critique; With these three options, it appears that Herb has a long career ahead of him as an ANALyst

  • Herbstreit has a bad case of SEC envy. His Ohio State Buckeyes nor the Oregon Ducks will stand a chance if they are lucky enough to play the eventual SEC Champion this year. SEC fans have always rooted against each other during the course of the season, but proudly stand as one at a national championship game. A notion that continues to befuddle him. If he was raised in the Southeastern Conference he might understand.

  • I am not a “SEC fan”. I do however want to see SEC teams win their OOC games (it makes my team look better!). Some “SEC fans” needs to stop living off of what Bama, LSU, etc. do. Represent your team more than your your conference. I’m a Gamecock and wanna see them win, not live off of what Bama does.

  • “That was different time in a different era and a different LSU team.”

    Herbie, seriously? That was only two seasons ago, on a huge stage (Jerry World), Prime Time. That Oregon team went on to win the Pac12 and throttle most of its opponents. LSU beat the Ducks like a red headed stepchild that game…You’re correct in saying this is a different LSU team, they actually have an offense this year.

  • Hey Herb? What up with the rant? Tell you what. go ahead and send the Ducks on down to Dixie. We don’t hold grudges (like hell we don’t). Just cause they beat up on an inexperienced Tennessee team last week? And ran up the score? Don’t mean we won’t treat em right. Hell, we may even let Spurrier over at USC give em a proper welcoming. Bottom line, Pac 10 ain’t never seen the day they could hang with half of the SEC, much less the cream of the crop.

  • When LSU played Oregon, Oregon was ranked #3 in the country and were throttled 40-27. Oregon ended that season ranked #5 with 2 losses and averaging 46 points a game. That same LSU team lost to Bama in the National Championship game 21-0 …

    Oregon was no different than they are now, if not weaker now than they were then. I’m a South Carolina fan and I in no way want to play Oregon at any point because they are good. But we all know that Tennessee was in no way supposed to even score on Oregon.

    Every conference uses other teams success to their advantage. The Big Ten, Pac 12, Big 12 all ride the coattails of other teams when trying to make their conference seem stronger than another.

  • Sounds like Herbstreit (an Ohio State Alumnus) gets the business living downin Franklin, TN; does he claim all the losses of the Big 10? Big time sour grapes on his part. I don’t claim the NC; and I won’t claim UT’s losses. We chant SEC when we beat a team from another conference; we don’t ride on Alabama’s skirt tails, or anyone elses.

  • The Ducks chanting, they better be careful what they wish for!

  • Kirk, It was just a couple of years ago that Auburn beat Oregon in a National Championship game, how about you claiming that one.

  • Herb honey, you don’t know what your talking about. We don’t all claim it when another SEC team wins the national championship. In case you haven’t noticed every college wants it for themselves. Bless your little ignorant heart. As for the Oregon fans I am not a Bama fan but I am sure they would love to give it to you just like AUBURN did. Oh how soon you have forgotten. Herb I hope you enjoy the rest of your visits to all the SEC campuses.

  • Dear Kirk Streetherbsmoker, Not a single SEC fan is saying that we don’t own our loses. Now you need to own the total facts, you liar-by-ommision. The SEC has an overwhelming winning record against other conferences for as long as is practical to consider. Also own this, Missouri last beat Arizona State, so why are they ranked below them? it’s because of truth twisters like you. Own this also, Ole Miss just beat your over-rated-every-year texas longhorns. Let’s make a chart of the SEC 1-14 and match them up with every other conference 1-whatever, and lets ask Las Vegas to show spread. You are talk, we are money, own that.

  • I like Herbie, but I think he’s wrong about this one. When SEC fans chant S-E-C, it has nothing to do with trying to lay claim to a national championship, it’s simply a pride in our conference and the caliber of football played in it.

    When Michael Phelps was winning gold medals in the Olympics and folks were chanting U-S-A, no one was trying to lay claim to HIS medals, but rather because HE is a part of OUR country and thus WE are proud.

    But all in all, I would bet that Herbie made those comments as a way of showing that he is NOT an SEC homer. He gets accused all the time of being a mouthpiece for the SEC — I am betting he just took the opportunity to say a little something negative about the SEC so that he can say the he DOES take the SEC to task every now and then.

  • Kirk, down here in the SEC, we claim and celebrate National Championships.
    We don’t pay a lot of attention to a loss here and there because we know that
    when the dust settles, one of us will be National Champions again. Pin Heads
    can try to make it more difficult for us by creating playoffs, the refs can call
    imaginary targeting fouls, but that isn’t going to keep up out. When that doesn’t
    work, all the Pin Heads will start yelling unfair again and come up with some
    other way to try and keep us out. The SEC has staked their claim, if you want
    to be the National Champ, you have to go through us and earn it on the field.

  • Can we all stop treating Bama like they are head and shoulders above everyone else? I think they’re good, don’t get me wrong, but they started against VT with poor O-Line play and a weak-looking offense. Then, against A&M, they give up 600+ yards and 42 points, and without Manziel’s dumb decision to throw it up in the endzone (where it got picked), we could be talking about how A&M controls their own fate. This would be no big deal, except coming into this year, many Bama fans were saying this was the best team of the Saban era. Not looking like it.
    And for the record, A&M gave up a total of 59 points to a combo of Rice and Sam Houston State. For anyone thinking, “Well, the 2nd half they were playing the second team defense,” A&M has given up 49 of those 59 in the first half. So, while I think Bama’s offense can be prolific, I refuse to believe someone can point to them scoring 49 against A&M to show their great offense

    Just my thoughts, though. Feel free to disagree

  • Don’t worry, Oregon will lay an egg like they do every year. Same ole, same ole year after year at the start. Oregon this, Oregon that, “fastest team I ever saw” and on and on. They will stink it up and lose to stanford or someone else just wait and see.

  • Is Herbie really citing Oregon’s youth as an excuse against LSU in 2011? Really? Because LSU’s top players were all juniors and senior, right?

    Sophomores: Spencer Ware, Michael Ford, Alfred Blue, Tyrann Mathieu, Kevin Minter, Brad Wing, KeKe Mingo, Sam Montgomery, Bennie Logan, Eric Reid, Tharold Simon, Michael Brockers, Chris Faulk

    Freshmen: Kenny Hilliard, Odell Beckham

    And Oregon had upperclassmen starting and excelling at QB (Darron Thomas — 33 TD, 7 INT) and RB (LaMichael James — Oregon’s all-time leading rusher).

    I guess he’ll just keep coming up with excuses until an SEC team finally loses a championship game so he can shout “I told you so!” from the mountaintops.

  • I guess he forgot about the Oregon loss to Auburn in the 2010 championship…maybe Oregon should be “claiming” that loss..SEC haters, I love them.

  • Seriously, has Herbstreit forgotten that Auburn beat Oregon in the BCS Championship Game in January 2011? Furthermore every SEC team plays a heavy schedule of other SEC teams. Does any team, in any other conference, regularly play at least four (and usually more) and then have to win a conference championship game before advancing to the big game? Georgia, South Carolina and LSU would have decimated Notre Dame last year too. Sorry Herbie, sounds like the same old sour grapes to me!

  • As a Tennessee fan with a son currently enrolled on The Hill, I would like to ask the former quarter-back from Zero State, Kirk Herbstreet, to please do the following 3 things.
    1st –Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth: While going on and on about the SEC and “owning” this loss you make the excuse for Oregon that when LSU beat them “People want to say LSU already played Oregon. That was different time in a different era and a different LSU team. Oregon was very young with De’Anthony Thomas and some of their true freshmen” DO YOU THINK OREGON BEAT AN EXPERIENCED TN TEAM?
    2nd – Stop talking about things you don’t know about and don’t understand. As a SEC fan, I have NEVER claimed anything from Alaba-freekin-bama. As a matter of fact I have constantly tried to draw attention to the fact that ½ of their championships as self-proclaimed and not recognized outside the state of Alabama.
    3rd – You went to Zero State, got BEAT in a bowl by SEC’s Georgia, (as Zero State always does), and you never beat Michigan, so sit down, stop trying to drag the SEC down, and just SHUT UP.

  • I actually like Kirk and his style of calling a game. However, when he gets into evaluating different programs, you would swear he was born and raised on the West coast by his continued love for those teams, and his utter disdain for the SEC. It is a bit surprising that he picked the Tennessee-Oregon game to slam the SEC, especially with him living in Tennessee now, and the fact the Vols are at about their lowest point ever. Herbie is a good announcer, obviously much better than his playing days at Ohio State, where he rode the pines until his senior year, which ended with a Citrus Bowl loss to Georgia. Oh yeah, Georgia is in the SEC, and he lost to them in his only bowl start in his college career. I know this doesn’t mean anything, but I just couldn’t help myself.

  • dont understand herbstreits comment. Is he saying the SEC must surrender to Oregon? Because Tennessee lost to Oregon on the road. Thats like saying if Alabama beats Utah in Tuscaloosa then the Pac-12 must admit defeat to the SEC. C’mon herbie

  • You guys all realize you are doing exactly what Herbstreit, and the rest of country, says you are doing with your comments. You guys all talk like the SEC is so far and above every other conference. I’ll give you that the SEC has won the last 8 national championships, but don’t act like your shit doesn’t stink either. You guys talk about the tough schedules u all play because you play in the big bad SEC, are you forgetting about Vanderbilt? Kentucky? Auburn? (these are all terrible teams, and what about Miss St? Arkansas? what have they done recently?) So get Bamas (Sabens) dick out of your mouths and just accept the fact that there other schools around the country that can compete with the SEC.

    • There are other good teams across the country no one is doubting that, and NO, not every school in the SEC is Bama, LSU, or Georgia but competing and winning are two totally different things.
      Besides if you are not a SEC fan why are you on this site? I don’t troll on whatever conference web site you are a fan of. Mainly because I don’t care what other conference’s say or do.

    • Morricon, the point is that any one of the “terrible” teams you just listed could beat the number 3 team in your favorite conference (assuming it is not the SEC).

      • @alldawgsgo2atl Really?? thats just stupid you’re saying that you would take Kentucky to beat Stanford? Miami? UCLA? That’s just stupid. @Wolfman I can’t hear you. @Carejean sorry didn’t realize that I had to root for an SEC team to read an article? Read the comments on this article and you will see that this is the SEC circlejerk that he is talking about. As soon as anyone says anything negative about the SEC, here comes all the crazies yelling about how good the SEC is and how no other conference is even close. This is why everyone makes fun of you guys.. support YOUR team and that’s it.

    • Morricon, first keep your sick foul mouthed comments in your pathetic conferences blog (that nobody reads except other porno-hounds). second, there is no second.

  • Another example of the GREAT NORTHERN HOPE. Last year it was Notre Dame. Its been someone else for years now thats going to overthrow the great SEC. They always fail. So Herbie is going to compare the top school in the Pac 10 to what may be the worst team in the SEC. Yeah Herbie we own it. We will own Oregon too at the end of the year. In the meantime send Arizona or Oregon State over to play anyone in this conference and we will give you something to own too.

  • YEP, he’s on crack. I don’t remember singing Florida’s praises when they won, (Auburn or LSU either).

  • SEC fans have a code they pretty much all live by (myself inlcuded). School first ( LSU in my case) SEC second, then hating everybody else. Why is conference pride a bag thing? I have always disliked Herbie, but a direct diss on the SEC just put him at the top of my shit list. If LSU doesn’t make it to the national championship game, then hell yeah I want to see another SEC team there–preferably destroying an overrated PAC 12 or Big 10 team. The better the SEC does as a whole, the better LSU looks. It’s easy to go undefeated in another conference playing one moderately difficult game a year ( which these teams often lose), but playing in the SEC is a whole different ball game. Almost every game our teams play is versus a potential Top 25 team. These difficult schedules we play each year deserve respect not BS from a hack who seems like his only job on ESPN is hating on the SEC. And every year the talent on SEC teams changes and some are better than others. So no we don’t believe that every SEC team can beat Oregon right now, but could any one of the top 5 SEC teams right now beat Oregon? Absolutely! Herbie send any of your favorite teams to go against an SEC Champion in the national championship and the outcome will always be the same: EightPeat. But we SEC fans probably don’t have to even worry about that happening (as if we would) because in true Pac12 fashion Oregon will probably lose to the Oregon School for Blind Women late in the season, thusly ruining there whole undfeated, underated BS. BooHoo Herbie. Get over it!

  • As a UGA fan with a lot of friends from all over the SEC, I’m not hearing anyone say the Oregon can’t hang with top caliber SEC teams. But, I think it is important to note that we are talking about ONE school from the Pac-12. The number of SEC schools in the polls speaks volumes…

  • Hey Kirk, do you want to watch one of the best teams in our conference play ucla or Washington state? Congrats to Oregon for beating one of the lesser teams in the SEC. The difference is our bad teams are better than YOUR bad teams and our good teams are better than YOUR good teams. Not town took there are 5-6 top teams In the sec and 2 maybe on the PAC 12

  • Bama fans are just as fickle as any other fan base. None of them will claim the Mike Shula years. Remember in 2002 Bama couldn’t go to the SECCG because they were under probabtion so Arky went instead and lost to UGA.

    In 2007 Bama lost to UL-Monroe 21-14 @ HOME!!! and their 1st five wins that season were vacated. Where were the Bama fans then???

    • At the bar with the rest of my friends trying to forget

    • Chris, I am, have been and will always be a BAMA fan, through the good and the bad! Most BAMA fans that I know feel the same way! We endured the Perkins, Curry, Dubose and Shula years, along with the multiple consecutive losses to Auburn, the probations and the growing pains of Coach Saban’s first season, and never waivered in our support of the CRIMSON TIDE! Some of us grew up appreciating the deep rich tradition of winning that BAMA represents in the SEC. Most of us take pride in being part of a fan base that supports a program that is one of the Top 5 Winningest in college football history, a program that has been to and won more bowl games than any other, a program that has (by a considerable margin) won more SEC Championships than any other in the conference and a program that enjoys a winning record against every one of their SEC opponents!
      “Bama fans are just as fickle as any other fan base.” I assume that you are including your Dawgs as one of those fickle fan bases… Right???

  • In the title game, it is the best against the best…it’s sole purpose is to determine a Champion. This game was not. I take nothing from Tennessee, they are a storied program with a lot of winning history, they won’t stay down forever, but pretending like this was a ‘braggin rights’ game is a joke.
    Unlike every other conference in the country, fans in the SEC have something in common that unites us…everyone else in the country hates us, but they would love to be one of us. It’s us against the world. Was I pulling for Tenn? Yup. Did I think they would win? Heavens no.

  • Herb Kirkstreet say anything about the outcome of the Ole Miss vs. Texas game? Not much huh?

  • Kirk,
    Life in the South goes God, Team, Conference, Family, then Home. Those are the only thing that matters so when your team can’t win, You stay positive and root for your conference. People everywhere else just don’t understand loyalty.

  • If that same Tenn team comes back and beats every SEC team on its schedule and wins conference, then and only then will this mean anything more than conference jealousy.

  • I ain’t claimin a damn thing. I don’t want jack shit to do with Auburn’s championship, Florida’s championships, LSU’s championships, none of em. I don’t give a hoot in hell or a tinker’s damn about what they do in the post season.

    As for UT: I laughed my ass off when they lost to Oregon just as hard as I laugh when Bama kicks their asses.

  • Kirk is kissing up to his northern fan base, which hates the SEC. In the minds of northern people, the south shouldn’t beat them at anything. After all, we’re just a bunch of dumbass goobers. Well Kirk, you might as well accept the fact that the SEC owns college football and will for a long time.

    As for the UT – Oregon matchup, I expected UT to get spanked. That program is a mess, right now. Match Oregon up with Florida’s defense and they won’t look to good. Alabama’s defense would play well enough to allow their offense to outscore Oregon.

    There’s been some celebration over some of the losses the SEC has experienced, thus far. Georgia lost to Clemson and that game could have gone either way. Florida gave a game to Miami – Miami did not beat Florida in any phase of the game. That’s like making the top score on a test, by using a cheat-sheet.

    Kirk use to be respected by most CFB fans. After he gained some fame, because of his fairness, he started to let the homer side of him show. Now, he is just another talking head, that has lost the respect of many fans. Kirk is in the same class as Corso – the man who couldn’t coach; but, he can sit on tv and tell real coaches how to do their jobs.

  • Oregon always runs up the score on the weak parts of their schedule… but when it comes to the actual challenges they either squeak out a win or lose…..

    • Gotta love it when an SEC fan declares his ignorance to the world. Happens far too often.

      Oregon pulls their starters before any team in America. Against Tennessee, starters completely left with 6 minutes left in the third, up 52-7. Against Virginia, starters were pulled even earlier. Same with Nicholls State.

      Against Arkansas State last year, Oregon’s starters were pulled with 11 minutes left in the SECOND QUARTER, up 43-3. After another score made it 50-3 halfway through the 2nd, all starters (even ones playing their first CFB game ever) came out. Every player on Oregon’s roster that game, walk-on or not, played.

      Against Tennessee, the backups held the Vols, marched right down to the red-zone, and scored again. Unfortunately for them, they were immediately pulled in favor of walk-ons and buried-in-the-depth-chart players. At that point, UT was able to grab a score.

      If anything, Oregon is the most anti-running-up-the-score team in America. They just want to get their starters out as soon as possible so the young guys can get real game experience. It’s what’s kept the Oregon machine going for 5 years now, and it’s what allowed them to continue to get better every year.

    • Ducks have proven their place as a truly elite team. They’ve lost less than five games since 2010, going 36-4 in that span. And of those four losses, only one—the 2011 season-opener against LSU—came by more than 6.5 points.

      The others all came by a field goal, including the 2011 BCS National Championship against Auburn. Ipso facto, including 2013, they would have covered this spread in 42 of their last 43 games.

  • What’s got his panties in a wad? So what If we root for an SEC team when they play for a nation championship? It’s respect and it goes further back to our roots of being raised to not be a bunch of west coast pansies. You get beat by Bama with 8 seconds left in the game and 5 yards to go and you give them RESPECT.

    I’ll accept the UT loss as a UGA fan. I mean I expected it. I even think Oregon would give BAMA a really good run for it’s money. But I can already foresee that if an SEC school doesn’t win the National Championship this year they’ll be parading in the streets acting like the SEC era is over. Oregon needs to realize, That’s one QB. One QB defines your fate. You might be decent without him like you have been for a few years now, but you’ll always be second place.

    • mr handley sounds a person who has not been to the west coast (has he made it out of Georgia yet?), and obviously he has not watched oregon play (especially if he thinks oregon’s game relies on one person)

      easy to cling to bad opinions if one remains blissfully ignorant. i don’t think SEC coaches facing Oregon will be that dumb.

      with the comment about roots and respect though, Mr Handley, also demonstrates how college football is such a big part of southern identity. for this particular guy, football is proof that southerns are better. easy to hold onto that myth as long as you don’t actually ever meet anyone from outside the south. gotta love those self-reinforcing stereotypes- especially if it means lots of self-flattery.

      i’ve lived all over the country and no where else does college football have the meaning it does in the south. it’s one reason why SEC teams are so good so consistently, because football is THE only sport that really matters here. it’s not like that everywhere else in the country. ALL the best athletes here pretty much want to play football.

      check out this link on how much money is spent and made on college football in 2012.

      Oregon was # 23 in spending. guess who was # 1 and #3? Auburn and Alabama. #4, 7, 11, 12, 13, 21? other SEC teams: Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee. all these programs are very profitable, but the profit margin for southern teams (with stadiums all twice as large as Oregon’s) is also much larger. Tennessee spent slightly more than Oregon on their program, but made 6x more profit. Alabama spent almost twice as much as Oregon, but profit was also 6x more. Oregon football earns a 50% profit, which is pretty good compared to wall street; but SEC teams in the top 25 collectively earn 150% and four of them – including UT- earn 200% profit. the spending and especially the profit are probably good indicators of what football means in the south- especially in Alabama.
      Money and profit obviously don’t automatically equate to wins on the field though. Texas was #6 in spending, and then still earned a 400% profit in 2012 despite their 5-4 record in the Big 12 that year. other southern schools in top 25 for spending: #17, Virginia Tech; #22, Florida State; and #24, Clemson.

  • As a Carolina fan I choose not to root for other SEC teams except UF playing for a NC, and as far as the $ goes the check the NC team gets is just as much as the loser of the NC game so the profit sharing would be the same in that regard. My reason for not rooting for them mostly is the recruiting issue, I seen a 5 star RB in high school last year who had been committed to UGA since his Soph yr flip flop and committ and sign with Bama. Now I’m sure that winning 3 nat’l championships in 4 yrs had nothing to do with that at all. Funny how some of these fans say they’ll root for the other team in the NC game yet I live extreme SE Georgia on the GA/FL line and when UF played for the title in 06 & 08 I didn’t know of one single UGA fan that rooted for them. I just have the mindset I guess that I’m a Carolina fan and not an SEC fan so I kinda agree with Herbie, even though the outcome was what I expected for the SEC homers if you’re gonna claim all the big wins you take the lumps too. And as an aside I would love to see Bama and Oregon play because I think Oregon would/will legitimately thump Bama by 2-3 td’s. To much speed on the Oregon team.

    • Do you have any idea how good Bama’s D is? Oregon would have minus yardage against the Tide. The Quackers aren’t in the same league.

    • Kirk has no argument here. Nobody is disclaiming Tennessee for getting thumped by Oregon. Nobody expected any different outcome. And as far as giving Oregon respect goes….they haven’t earned it. Okay, they beat Tennessee. Wow. What an accomplishment. They beat a team that went 5-7 last year (1-7 in SEC play) and are reconstructing under a new coach. Is that all it takes to gain respect?? What about when Oregon played LSU? Or how about when Oregon played an Auburn team that had an average, at best, defense? They didn’t even put up 20 points against them. The SEC fans aren’t trying to claim victories that other teams in the conference win. As another reader said yesterday, when Michael Phelps was winning medal after medal, the fans weren’t chanting USA USA USA because they were claiming to have won with Michael. It’s a pride thing.

      • “They didn’t even put up 20 points against them.” 19 is close enough for me.

      • Have you even gone back to look at the scores of the game Auburn played? South Carolina only scored 17 against them but let Auburn score 59! So much for that SEC defense. SC was ranked #19 at the time too. Let’s see, Oregon also held Auburn to less points than ANY SEC team that year except for Ole Miss….who only scored 14 against them. #6 LSU only scored 17 on Auburn as well. Auburns D was better than average. Nice try.

  • Why should SEC fans claim the Tennessee loss to Oregon when Oregon fans still won’t own up the the fact that both Auburn and LSU have trounced them in recent years. It’s a two way Herb street Herbie….

    • LOL TROUNCED? You have a pretty weak definition of getting trounced with you consider +3 point and +13 points respectively a “trouncing” Now, how about you start living in reality.

    • Yes Oregon lost to Auburn. How many SEC teams beat Auburn that year? And yes Oregon lost to LSU. How many SEC teams beat LSU that year??? Just Bama after they lost once. People act like Oregon would get killed because of two games they lost to two SEC teams that no other SEC teams beat that year either.

  • I’m not sure why anybody is mad at what he’s saying. He’s right, if we pump our fists and pound our chest when an SEC team dominates a non conference opponent and talk about SEC dominance then we should be able to take it on the chin when one of our teams gets whipped. We can’t just claim the good SEC teams we need to claim all of them. That being said bring on Oregon. Roll Tide Roll.

    • Okay, but who has said anything about “disclaiming” Tennessee? I mean no, you don’t see people running down the road yelling yayyyyy tennessee lost!! But that’s because nobody does that. I don’t think anybody is really disappointed in Tennessee. That beatdown was expected.

      • That’s true but the response was ‘yea well play a real SEC team then see what happens’. Oregon technically did play a ‘real’ SEC team (being as TN is in the SEC) and beat them. Is TN Bama? Hell no, but it’s still an SEC team. The sense of entitlement is what gives us SEC fans a bad rap.

      • i think a lot of people were surprised by how well Oregon did- even in Oregon. many commentators and fans were wondering if Tennessee might actually upset Oregon- go back and look at the pre-game opinions… and those fans and commentators DID attribute that possibility to UT being SEC and having such a good offensive line. of course, the first touchdown by UT seemed to strengthen that notion… go back and listen to the comments during that part of the game. of course, as soon as it was obvious that things were going south (no pun intended) all the SEC fans were pretty quick to label UT as bottom feeders. it will be interesting to see how they do against the teams they are more used to seeing. i would expect them to be better, so if they do well against Florida, SEC fans can just say that Tennessee had a bad day.

        this year’s Ducks are probably better than previous years- much better than the 2010 and 2011 versions. they are loaded across the board with talent now… and very deep in almost every position- deep with talent. they’re still a bit under-sized compared to the SEC, but bigger than 2010, and faster and more talented.
        of course, don’t forget, the transitive law doesn’t apply in college football.

        • Exactly. The Analyst are still saying Tennessee has the best line in the SEC, if not the country. They may not be refering to statistics but rather the talent that was recruited.

  • why does all sec fans act like oregon got thumped and has no chance against any sec team. in the nc oregon lost by a field goal…harldly call that not hanging in there. In 2011 oregon put more points on LSU than any other team in 2011 INCLUDING SEC TEAMS!. again how does that make oregon have “no chance” Sounds like kirk isnt saying the sec isnt a competitive confrence. Sounds like hes making a point of the degree of competition isnt as far apart as SEC fans claim it to be. Anybody can beat anybody on any given saturday, UF and UG point proven. And if i remember correctly everyone was saying when a&m entered the sec they would be the SEC DOORMAT! Turns out to be legitamate competitors……hmmm

  • What Herbstreit is saying, while trying not to piss off the TN fans, is that Oregon not only beat TN two times in 3 years, they put more points on TN than ANY other team in Neyland, which obviously includes all SEC teams; and then this year Oregon beat TN by more points than ANY other team since 1910!

    In addition, what Herbstreit is saying is that Oregon dominated BOTH lines against TN last weekend even when TN was voted by SEC coaches as having the best OL in ALL of the SEC.

    What Herbstreit is saying, and that ALL of you SEC honks are missing, is that you CANNOT draw conclusions about ANY collegiate football team due to their PAST teams. College football teams change year to year due to graduation, recruiting and eligibility. OR now has a huge DL that is larger, more athletic and much deeper than any DL they have ever had – they literally had their way with TN’s OL – Butch Jones cited this same fact after the game – he said that BOTH Oregon’s lines dominated. If you add in the fact t hat Oregon is also considered to have one of the best, if not THE best, secondaries in the country, you have the best Oregon team ever assembled. Everyone looks at their ‘”fast” and prolific Offense and then instantly believe they are small and not physical…. well, tell that to Butch Jones! Tell that to TN’s highly touted, best in the SEC, OL!

    Oregon is coming. And after seeing Bama struggle AGAIN with a spread offense, Oregon is NOT scared.

    • Keep in mind, those have also been some of the worst Tennessee teams to ever take the field. I’d like to see rematch with Oregon 3 or 4 years down the road

      • But that’s not Oregon’s fault. They play who’s on their schedule. A win is a win, enough with the ‘let’s see a rematch in 20 yrs’ talk. Take the loss like a man.

    • Bama will not face an offense as good as A&M’s all year, and that’s including if they play Oregon. We can’t base what Oregon’s done in the past couple of years against SEC teams because there isn’t much to go off of. Beat Tennesee twice (yawn) and lost to LSU and Auburn. Really though Oregon people don’t flame an SEC website with talk of Oregon stacks up vs the SEC. At least wait until they do something other than win the PAC 12………that bein said I woul love to see Bama-Oregon. You have probably the best Oregon team maybe ever, and Oregon would catch Bama on a somewhat down year a far as their defense.

  • Lsu and Auburn both beat Oregon 2 years ago. Different time, different era…….what? Oregon beat Tennessee because they are very good and are a top 3 team. Tennessee is rebuilding and I would rate them a top 30 team right now. I am a Tennessee fan, born and raised in knoxville. Heck it crushed me watching the Oregon game, but hell I would say Oregon is the #2 team right now. Oregon would do that to any team outside of the top 10 right now. Herbstreit is a little jealous of SEC dominince right now. I have even heard him on his broadcast saying that looking back he wished he went to an SEC school because it is WAR day in and day out in the SEC. Football is life in the SEC and the south. Football games are a atmosphere at SEC schools, not saying they are not elsewhere, but just go to one and you will understand.

    • If it’s not SEC FOOTBALL is it really “real football”? LOL (just joking, before some other conference gets their tidy whities in a knot.)

  • Well, every conference has to have at least one LOSER team…………. it’s just the way it is…..

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