Les Miles is tired of playing Florida every year


All the talk today on the SEC coaches’ post-spring teleconference mostly centered on the conference moving from an eight-game league schedule to a nine-game schedule.

And with the ever-quotable Les Miles, two things were evident today: 1. He’s tired of playing Florida as their permanent cross-divisional rival and 2. He suggested using a computer to randomly select cross-divisional opponents.

“It’s interesting to see how you would compare our schedule with others,” Miles said on the SEC coaches’ post-spring teleconference. “I wonder if there should be no permanent partners. I wonder if we couldn’t choose cross-division opponents through a random computer draw.”

One of the exact reasons college football is moving away from the BCS is the much-maligned computer aspect as a primary selection method. So, his request is sure to fall on deaf ears and be ignored.

Is Miles way off on his thinking? Absolutely not. In fact, permanent cross-divisional rivalries aren’t exactly fair, are they? After all, LSU plays Florida, while Alabama plays Tennessee. That’s what Miles was getting at, although he never mentioned Alabama. The ebbs and flows of college football has Bama coming out looking brighter by playing Tennessee.

But permanent cross-divisional rivalries do serve a purpose. They preserved two of the longest-standing traditional rivalries in the SEC: Alabama-Tennessee and Georgia-Auburn.

Look at the following chart to see why Miles has a right to have a beef with playing Florida every year – albeit Will Muschamp hasn’t complained once about it.


The Tigers play both Georgia and Florida in 2013, with Georgia being on the front-end of a two-year rotation and an away game to boot. That very well could be the two best teams in the East.

But it’s looking more and more like the new SEC Network will force the league’s hand at moving to a nine-game conference schedule.

You can bet the nine-game schedule will be the most important topic at the SEC Spring Meetings.

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  • Alabama gets TN, KY, and quite possibly skips the SECCG again. Makes sense…

    • A little B utt hurt from the NC game? but anywho, the current cross division set up isn’t the best and it does need some tweaking but its all chance on who is good on what year. Bama had TN and FL two years in a row recently and it just so happened they were both on a down year. And now LSU had GA and FLA on an up year. Its all luck but you dont see TN arguing about playing Bama and AU or Arky having to play FLA and SC. Its mainly luck of the draw. Plus, you have to admit it does look bad on Miles to be complaining about having to play a good cross division game. Kinda makes um look scared. Just not good publicity for LSU. On the good side, if they win those games, there strength of schedule is fantastic.

      • Plus it wasn’t that long ago that UT and FL were running through both Bama and LSU, respectively. College football is fairly cyclical so I’d say that things will balance out again in a few years.

  • what a joke. “i’m tired of playing all the tough teams wah wah wah”

    what a big baby…

  • Bama wont skip the SECCG again, that was an anomoly cuz only one other team in the nation was actually good enough to be there and was put out by the slimmest of margins based on computers and popular poll opinion. but you have to admit, they proved their worth in the NC and took away all doubt. But back to the subject: It doesn’t look good publicly for LSU when there head coach is complaining about the difficulty of the schedule. You should want these big games for strength of schedule and to show your tough like LSU did in 2011 season playing Oregon and West Virginia. Complaining makes him sound afraid. and its all luck of the draw on whether the cross division is good or not that specific year. FLA was awful the two years after Tbow and bama had them both those years. Just chance and how do you make it truely fair without someone getting scre wed with an extremely hard or too easy cross division?. However, due to influx of 2 new teams, they do need to do some tweaking.

  • Looking at that chart, if anyone has a right to complain it is Tennessee. Cross-divisional teams boast a .677, 3 SEC titles and 4 BCS titles. I haven’t seen Butch Jones (or Dooley, for that matter) complaining.

  • Has Les been talking to Spurrier? The Ole ball coach has been whining about UGAs schedule for two years now.

  • That is weak for him to say, he lost to florida last year. He should be coming up with better ways to get the job. It doesn’t get easy in the SEC…

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