Les Miles goes on epic rant about scheduling


Birmingham, AL — Les Miles never disappoints in bringing the thunder in any press conference. He’s full of incredible one-liners, and today Miles went on an epic Shakespearean rant about the future of SEC scheduling.

What he delivered in the main ballroom was typical Les Miles, but he brought the house down in the radio media room.

In case you have a short-term memory, Miles doesn’t like permanent cross divisional rivalries. He’s tired of Alabama and others in the West having a distinct scheduling advantage, and he’s tired of getting shafted every year.

In 2013, Miles faces a nasty schedule, squaring off against Florida, the permanent opponent, and draws Georgia, the rotating opponent, and he’s not happy about it…in the name of fairness.

“If you were running your conference, the first thing you have to do is pick a champion. Certainly, if you can’t play all of the teams in one year, then you would have to rotate through so that everybody in the conference then would play. The decisions would fall in an annual rotation that would allow fairness. To me, if it was my conference, that would be as falling off a log.

“You have traditions at play. You have self-serving folks. It’s a responsibility of the conference that’s above my pay grade. I can talk, but let me tell you what I’m going to do, I’m looking forward to playing a great schedule and I got a great team.”

Why does scheduling continue to be a hot topic?

“Listen to me, it’s only ever going to be a hot topic if you guys think it’s a hot topic. You guys think I’m going to push this? Let me tell you something, I’m going to football so fast that it’s going to make your head spin. I could give a whip. I can’t wait to play the next team. It’s TCU. I am going to turn my eyes very comfortable to that.

“Hopefully there will be some people in here that have strength and stand up in the crowd and say this isn’t right! Let’s do this the right way. That’s going to be your job, not mine.”

Of course Miles offered no solutions during his rant, and told us, the media, it’s not his job to do so. He contends it’s the fine folks in the SEC offices, along with the media, to do so.



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  • and he is right by saying it’s not his job to do it. It’s his job to put a winning football team on the field no matter the odds. The way things are ran is not “fair” and Spurrier has made the same comments. The team with the easiest schedule is USUALLY the one that ends up in the SEC Championship game. It’s the medias job to put it under scrutiny, it’s the coaches jobs to say they support it, and it’s the job of the head honchos of the SEC to decide they’re actually going to fix it.

    • I agree. I think it was Spurrier who proposed making only division games count towards your division championship, which only makes too much sense. Say LSU looses to FL and GA but beats A&M and Bama. Should either of them be able to take on SC in the SECCG? I want to see a 6-3-0 schedule.

  • I agree with Miles…they do need to lose the fixed rivalry and do a rotation…I could care less about the Auburn game…and it wasn’t long ago that they were perennial contenders. I don’t think anyone really gives a crap anymore…long as the Iron Bowl, Egg Bowl and the Cocktail Party remain in tact. You hafta let go of certain “traditions” in order to create new ones.

  • dear media, Is anyone reading Jon Cooper? Because you need to watch him report the news vs. try to tell us what the news is. Good write Jon. Les Miles is like a gold mine of coach talk. He sometimes needs to remember he is a college coach vs. the warm up act for Ron White, but it’s worth reading about him, as long as he can keep it clean, and here’s hoping he can clean up everything else a LSU a little. LES MILES, CALL SILVE AND SABAN OUT. BIG GUYS WILL TAKE A WHIPPIN EVERY TIME WHEN THEY ARE IN WRONG, AND THE OTHER GUY KEEPS A COMIN, take off of the texas ranger moto

  • Jon,
    The Geaux’Dat Nation has a quick question for you;
    Exactly which part of Les’ appearance today was Epic, Shakespearean, and an example of someone on a “rant”?
    Get a dictionary and maybe take and pass a 3rd grade English grammar class Mr. Cooper.

    j. stan smith

    • JStan – This rant took place in another media room, not the one everyone saw on TV. If you would have seen it, you would have described it as epic, too. Trust me.

  • if Florida had Tennessee’s record the past few seasons Les wouldnt care…he’s using the year that BAMA drew Kentucky from the east to push his point, but no1 cared about BAMA vs UT when BAMA was losing…when BAMA played 6 SEC teams coming off a bye week in 2010 we were told to stop whining and play your schedule, Les and co should do the same…

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