Louisville wants more of the SEC, tried to schedule Aggies & Tide

NCAA Football: Florida International at Louisville

According to an ESPN report, Louisville tried to bolster their non-conference schedule for 2013 by scheduling an opener against Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M Aggies. Moreover, with Virginia Tech potentially backing out of its game against Alabama depending on if quarterback Logan Thomas jumped to the NFL, Louisville made it known they’d be interested in replacing the Hokies.

The Cardinals are expected to be a preseason top ten team after winning their conference last year and beating the Gators in the Sugar Bowl. Charlie Strong’s team returns 8 offensive starters and 10 defensive starters.

With such a roster, it made sense to try and land a marquee matchup for 2013. The exposure would be great for Louisville, and there’s no guarantee that the team will have the same level of talent in the years ahead. Get the exposure while you know you can compete.

Why does Louisville need to bolster their schedule? Well look at it and try not to throw up. It’s worth noting that Louisville intends to join the ACC, so the future schedule should get a boost (as much as the ACC can provide, of course).

Charlie Strong is no stranger to the SEC. He knows to be the best, you have to compete with the best. Louisville bet big on Strong last year in order to keep him. The upcoming seasons will tell us if it was the right bet.



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  • What a TOTAL joke of a schedule!!! Are they trying to see if they can out do Boise State for the easiest schedule in college football? At least Boise State tries to play one ranked team each season!

  • Bama would have no trouble with Louisville. Louisville doesn’t play anybody.
    Just look at their schedule “and try not to throw up…”

    • Yeah…I wouldn’t be so sure about that…they carved up that gator D pretty severely and Im not the only one who thinks that Gator D was better than Bama’s. Give credit where due

    • Louisville actually has all the earmarks of a huge up and coming program with a really good team next year. Their schedule is less their fault than any team ever (all their opponents bailed the conference on them and now VT is trying to duck the game) so they’re doing the right thing trying to beef it up. They have a huge football donor (like him or not) in a football state, a great new facility, a school committed to the football program, and a really good coach (if you want to be totally overboard on SEC homerism you can feel good that he’s an SEC bred coach). Bama may be the best team in the country, but I wouldn’t take Louisville lightly. They can play, and put a squad like that with the schedule they might have…….Bama might get their chance to see them up close in January.

  • It looks to me that the SEC is SCARED to schedule Louisville. They had Georgia and Vandy scheduled to play and they backed out at last second. Also, I thought that Texas A&M would play Louisville to open the season but no go on that either. After watching the beat down Louisville put on Florida in the Sugar Bowl I can see why.

    • “According to an ESPN report, Louisville tried …” – way to jump to a supposition not supported by the facts given – i would have loved to see that game played instead of the cupcake A&M has scheduled, but it seems like youve got the inside scoop that A&M isnt/didnt/wont play that game – so tell us all what your source is! – incomplete reporting doesnt mean anyone is scared! – just that it has not happened

  • What Louisville has done in a few short years and what they have done with their Athletic programs is unrivaled. When was the last SEC team that one a BCS bowl, won a NCAA basketball championship while their women played for the national championship and their baseball team is ranked in the top 10 and their soccer team and their tiddly winks team. You wont find it. Louisville is bad azzzz

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