Malzahn says Nick Marshall should be in the Heisman discussion


It won’t be Johnny Manziel or AJ McCarron. The SEC likely won’t even have a Heisman finalist in 2013.

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However, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn thinks his quarterback Nick Marshall should be getting some Heisman love, coming off one of the biggest wins in Iron Bowl history, via

“He should be in the mix, there’s no doubt,” Malzahn said Monday. “I don’t get a chance to watch other teams like all of you all do but he should be in the mix. He is one of the better players in college football and he is leading our team.

“I am going to say this again, he has only been here for what, six months?” Malzahn said. “What he has done to lead our team and put us where we are at is really unbelievable. He has gotten more comfortable, but that is to be expected. He was learning the offense the first four weeks and each week he is getting more comfortable. His teammates are really playing hard for him.

“You are talking about the best players in America, and I think at this point in the season, you have to start at least mentioning his name with some of these other guys.”

Marshall has been a fantastic player all season long, leading the Tigers to four fourth-quarter comebacks, and he’s combined for 2,549 yards of total offense. But to put that into perspective, Johnny Manziel, Aaron Murray, Bo Wallace and Zach Mettenberger all combined for more total yardage than Marshall, who is clearly a difference-maker in the Tigers’ explosive rushing attack.

The thing I love about Marshall is his improvement every single week, and it’s obvious. From looking like a liability against Washington State to being the difference-maker against Alabama, Marshall’s evolution as a quarterback has been fun to watch.

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While offensive head coaches love their quarterbacks, Auburn’s real Heisman candidate is Tre Mason. Mason leads the SEC in rushing with 1,317 yards and 18 touchdowns. His yardage is good for 15th in the country and his 18 touchdowns are tied for fourth. Mason is the lifeblood of the Auburn offense, and he brings a physical and compact smash-mouth attack that truly will never get the credit he deserves.

Neither Mason nor Marshall will get much – if any – Heisman love, but this offense keeps on rolling to the tune of 318.25 rushing yards per game. Can they be stopped? We’ll find out Saturday.

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  • I agree – as much as I love Marshall’s ice water-carrying veins in clutch situations, Mason has the stats and highlights to make a worthy Heisman candidate. If he can go off against Mizzou and turn some heads that make the media and voters look back at his body of work throughout the season, he might not win it, but should be considered for an invite to NYC.

  • The Heisman is suppose to go to the best player in the nation at the players position. Marshall isn’t even the best in his conference much less the nation! Dudes not in the same league as a Cam Newton! Mason has good numbers and leads the SEC but again he doesn’t have close to the numbers of other running backs nationally. Sorry but I don’t see a Heisman candidate on the AU rooster! And I’m not a basis fan either because I can say the same thing about my own team. BAMA doesn’t have any True Heisman candidates. While McCarron may have had an awesome career at BAMA his season numbers don’t compare to others at his position!

    • No the Heisman actually does not go to the best player at their position. That’s what some of the other awards are for, like the Fred Biletnikoff Award and the Doak Walker Award, which are position specific. This is from the Heisman website, stating to whom the trophy is supposed to go to, “The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work.” So, by looking at what the Heisman means, one can see that Nick deserves to go to New York. He may not win it, but as a player, he does everything that the Heisman Trust wants to see in one of their winners.

  • Lets not get carried away.

  • He’s a great player and I hope he gets a invite to New York! Now as the difference maker in the Alabama game . No no no , the difference maker was Cape Foster ! What a choker hell, Facebook has made a we forgive Cape Foster. That difference maker is going to have to move out of state or to Auburn as water to get a job in that state. I just hope Harvey Update doesn’t find out where he lives or he’s not going to have any trees left.

  • Best Running D’s in the SEC COULD NOT stop him. Every team Auburn lined up across from knew #21 was gonna take the hand off & run it up the gut. TRE would get hit but still get ya at least 5 more yards after contact. One of the best RB’s in the country. plus TRE is the best RB in the SEC. WATCH HIS FILM INSTEAD OF GIVEN IT AWAY 2 THE RED TEAM. BTW–tell the missy tigers defense that tre will run it up the gut…Dare ya to try and stop it.

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