Marcus Lattimore gets ovation at pro day workout


Video by Justin King

Marcus Lattimore’s pro day was unlike anyone else’s in the country. It was more of a jubilee.

Lattimore returned to Williams-Brice Stadium for the first time since he pledged for the NFL Draft. All 32 NFL teams were in attendance to see how much progress Lattimore has made in just six months since his injury. He didn’t run, but he did weight and leg workouts that subsequently drew cheers from his former Carolina teammates.

“It was crazy,” Lattimore said. “I did not expect that at all. Pretty much every scout came up to me and said that was amazing and inspiring.”

Steve Spurrier said Lattimore just may have ‘jumped into the first round’, via Greenville Online.

“Marcus looked very good,” said USC coach Steve Spurrier. “His leg work was really impressive. I think he is going to do better in the draft than many believe. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t end up going in the first round.”

Spurrier has always been known to stretch things.

But there’s no mistaking that had Lattimore been healthy for this draft, he’d not only be a first-round pick, but he would be the first back taken, period.

Now, teams will have to decide how much of a risk they are willing to take on Lattimore. The Bills took a huge risk drafting Willis McGahee after his knee injury, and he turned out just fine.

After the freak injury, some said Lattimore might take two years to rehab his repaired knee. But he’s made it a point to prove the doubters wrong and shock the world with his recovery.

Mission (almost) accomplished.

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  • “Spurrier has always been known to stretch things” haha Noooo not OBC! no I don’t think he would go 1st round if he jumped clean outta that building. But you might see a team with stability at the tailback position and plenty of pics coughfalconscough take a chance on him in the 2nd or 3rd. Spend this season limiting reps and building strength hoping for a breakout year in 2014.

    • As a diehard Carolina fan, I would love to see him go in the first round. But that’s just not realistic. My hope is for a good 2nd round pick. The intangibles Latti brings to a team are unreal. Most Carolina fans agree that Lattimore is the most important athlete in Carolina history because of the way he helped change the dynamic of the entire program. Want proof, he roomed with Dylan Thompson, and look at what a competitor he has turned into. I recall stories of Latti waking up early and running penalty drills (not assigned to him but to other players) because “those guys are my teammates.”

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