Mark Richt addresses nine-game schedule and future expansion


While speaking at the Touchdown Club of Athens, Georgia head coach Mark Richt addressed a nine-game SEC schedule and speculated on future expansion, via the Athens Banner-Herald.

“I wouldn’t be shocked to see the teams go to 16 one day,” Richt said of further expansion from the current 14 schools. “I’m not hearing any rumors. Don’t start any kind of, `Coach Richt said this,’ but I wouldn’t be shocked to one day see us go to 16. If we go to 16, I can’t imagine us not going to less than nine games. I think we would have to go nine.

“These other schools have nine but they’re not going to have that 10th game that is a team that is BCS-quality or ACC-quality or whatever you want to say,” Richt said. “I wouldn’t be shocked to see that happen. I voted against it because if we have nine, plus Tech and then if we want to do something like Clemson like we did this year, you’re talking about 11 out of 12 games that are pretty stout.”

Georgia plays Georgia Tech every year, while South Carolina plays Clemson and Florida plays Florida State.

With the new SEC Network starting in 2014, it’s likely the SEC will go to a nine-game conference schedule for better programming and more interest than the current eight-game schedule.

Richt thinks the SEC will get to 16 teams in the future, and that seems to be the consensus around the country as we head towards 16-team super conferences.

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