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ESPN’s Colin Cowherd rips Mark Stoops for bulk recruiting letters, So Stoops sent him 50

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During ESPN’s annual Car Wash event where SEC coaches headed up to Bristol to take over the campus for two days, radio talking head Colin Cowherd openly ripped and mocked Mark Stoops for sending over a hundred letters to recruits.

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So, Mark Stoops sent him 50 letters.


Your move, Colin.

[H/T Nation of Blue]

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Comments 3

  1. I like Colin’s show. Sending 100 letters is just ridiculous and annoying.

    • I like his show, too, and love that he’s a big college football fan. But I don’t see nor understand the outcry of sending 100 letters to recruits. Everyone else in the country does it, and Stoops is trying to put a program on the map.

    • Ridiculous and annoying. Just like Cowherd. I like his show too, but he has a tendency to make a stink over nothing. Besides, if Saban, Spurrier, or Lane Kiffin did this Colin would think it was the greatest thing ever.