Five-star DB recruit calls Ole Miss racist, then apologizes


Five-star defensive back prospect Marlon Humphrey took to Twitter this afternoon to tell everyone that Ole Miss is racist. He claims that when he and his brother visited campus, there was a KKK rally. Furthermore, he claims they even have monthly rallies.

The Birmingham, Alabama, native is considered an Alabama lock.

Humphrey deleted some of his tweets, but here are the screen shots:



Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 5.10.12 PM

The Clarion Ledger’s John Talty adds that there have been no known KKK rallies on school’s campus this year and certainly are not held monthly.

The school received some negative attention last November when some students led a racially-charged protest on campus after President Barack Obama was reelected to a second term. There is no evidence that there have been any KKK rallies on the school’s campus this year, let alone monthly.


Marlon Humphrey apologized late Monday night for calling Ole Miss racist on Twitter.



[H/T Clarion Ledger]

Photo Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports



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  • HA! Ask mr. bammer lock when the last time they had an African American QB was? Oh and George Wallace says laughs. Guess Marlon has never been around your average bammer fan.

  • HA! Ask mr. bammer lock when the last time they had an African American QB was? Oh and George Wallace laughs. Guess Marlon has never been around your average bammer fan.

  • Pretty sure Andrew Zow was an African American, and he started in quite a few games for the Tide in 2000. Phillip Sims, also an African American, had his chance to start in 2011. Blake Sims, my gosh another African American, is viewed by most as McCarron’s backup.

    What does that have to with anything? Pretty sure Marlon isn’t going to sign with Ole Miss anyway. Why would he go to a school that doesn’t contribute to the athletic supremacy of the conference?

  • Do you plan to update your story now that Sims said he made up those tweets and apologized?

    Tyga Sims lll ‏@marlon_humphrey
    This tweet is to the Ole Miss Coaching Staff and the Ole Miss Family. I have not been on your campus as a recruit. I have not felt any

    Racism from anyone on your campus I am sorry for misleading anyone in thinking that there is any racism coming from the Ole Miss family

  • Sad…shame on you Jon, Irresponsible reporting at best.

    • Willy. You must be an OM fan. So, the kid lies about visiting OM. Then he lies about seeing a KKK rally, and you want to blame the reporter who reported it.

      • Most responsible reporting would involve verification that this actually happened before posting it on a blog, especially something as sensitive as race.
        If you read the inital story, he had posted it without the retraction.

        • Had this site (and every other site across CFB) not reported it, who’s to say Humphrey wouldn’t still be spewing lies about the program? You can go to ESPN and get your boring news and never hear of stuff like this. The only reason the retraction was made from Humphrey is because he was exposed. #AmIRight?

  • Just looked at Ole Miss’ crootin’ class, and they signed 24 of 27 African Americans in the 2013 class. You’re fighting a no-win battle here, Marlon.

  • I guess this shows the power of social media. A 17-year old kid spouts off a few lies, and it negatively affects Ole Miss. Oh well, wish him well. Maybe he’ll grow up one day.

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