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Update: UT’s Maurice Couch, named in the Yahoo! report, won’t play Saturday due to ‘heat exhaustion’

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Tennessee DT Maurice Couch is the only player of the five named in yesterday’s Yahoo! report that still plays college football, and Butch Jones confirmed that Couch won’t play Saturday against Oregon due to heat exhaustion suffered on Tuesday.

Maybe Couch really has heat exhaustion. But there are no coincidences, and Tennessee has some digging to do on their end regarding the allegations of Couch and former QB Tyler Bray, who was named in the report. It’s not the least bit settling that Tennessee is 2-0 with Couch on the field this year, and his amateur status could be in doubt.

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Heat exhaustion must be a side effect of the accusations of improper benefits.


Butch Jones confirmed Couch has been ruled ineligible for the Oregon game this weekend.

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  1. I saw what you did there at the end, Jon.

  2. Then why is Couch going out with apoligies to his family and university on Twitter?