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Michael Dyer: “I’d go walk on at Arkansas”

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Troubled former Auburn and Arkansas State running back Michael Dyer wants to return to high-level college football, but he’s having a tough time finding a landing spot.

The Arkansas native told USA Today Sports that he’d return to the SEC and walk on with the Hogs if given the opportunity, no matter if he had another scholarship offer somewhere else.

“If Arkansas said I could walk on, I’d go walk on at Arkansas.”

USA Today also reported that Arkansas is not completely shutting the door either, but they are not initially receptive to the idea.

Dyer said in April that he’d like to return to the SEC and Arkansas. But it’s been two and a half months since that time and talks have somewhat died down.

With the recent Aaron Hernandez situation, teams have backed away from Dyer because of his sketchy past. In 2011, he was dismissed from Auburn after providing a gun to teammates who were involved in an armed robbery. After transferring to Arkansas State, Dyer was dismissed from the team after a police officer stopped Dyer going 96 in a 70 and ran a quick search of his vehicle, finding a handgun and a substance that looked like marijuana. The police department contacted Arkansas State and told them of the video and audio that would be released.

Dyer’s mentor, Arkansas Baptist College president Fitz Hill, says the former star running back has turned the corner and is a ‘low-risk, high-reward opportunity’ for any team.

Dyer has received interest from Marshall, Western Kentucky and Troy, but he’d still like to play in a BCS conference against better competition.

He has two years of eligibility remaining, and Hill added, “Given the right environment, I think Michael is going to flourish.”

The trio of Jonathan Williams, Alex Collins and Michael Dyer would be downright nasty at Arkansas.

Photo Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

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  1. Unless this kid is just a cancer to the locker room they would be insane not to allow that.

  2. They won’t chance it.
    That trio would be “nasty” if Arkansas had a decent offensive line.