Mike Slive speaks on selection committee, realignment, player stipends and more


Mike Slive spoke yesterday at the Associated Press Sports Editors Southeast regional meeting about several current events throughout college football pertaining to the SEC.

One of the biggest topics was on the playoff selection committee, and he expressed his desire for knowledgeable football people choosing who plays in the four-team playoff.

“We want football expertise,” Slive said Monday at the Associated Press Sports Editors Southeast regional meeting. “We want integrity, and we want transparency, because this is our opportunity to make sure that not only are we comfortable but you’re (the media) comfortable and all the fans are comfortable that this process is the way it should be. It’s not going to be easy.”

Slive is correct in saying “transparency” is the key. The new 14-20-member committee will be the most scrutinized and closely watched aspect in all of sports, not just college athletics.

Slive also spoke on a variety of other topics:

  • Conference realignment: “Looking at it from the outside looking in, it looks like it [ACC’s Grant of Rights] may create some stability,” Slive said. “And I do think that at this stage of where we are stability will be constructive so we can move ahead in some other ways.”
  • On an unlimited amount of teams from one conference in the playoff: “It was an important piece,” Slive said. “It took us about a year to put all this together, and one of the foundational pieces of it was that there wouldn’t be a limit. We’re looking for the best teams to play in the playoff. We didn’t want to create artificial limit. That was basically an artificial limit in the old system.”
  • On player stipends and the NCAA: “When there are certain things that many of us would like to come into play, it’s our hope that those things can all occur in the current system. Obviously, if things like that [player stipends] don’t get accomplished, then it may be appropriate to talk about some alternative or division or something like that. But that’s not our desire. That’s not our goal and that’s not something we’re trying to get to.”
  • New bowl partners: Slive said he anticipated “serious conversations with current and prospective bowl partners over the next several weeks.” The new bowl partners will replace the Cotton Bowl and Chick-fil-A Bowl. Both bowls are now a part of the new College Football Playoff system in 2014-2015.
  • Nine-game SEC schedule: Slive was asked whether or not the SEC would follow the Big Ten’s route of nine conference games, and he said no decision had been made. But he is remaining “open-minded” about the issue, and he pointed out that strength of schedule should be significant in the minds of the committee for the playoff system.
  • Auburn allegations: Slive said he read Jay Jacobs’ response to the allegations, but he declined to comment on the recent reports and allegations of the program.

Photo Credit: Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports



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