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Former LSU stars Mingo and Montgomery have $5,000 draft bet

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Former LSU defensive ends Barkevious Mingo and Sam Montgomery have a bet on who will get picked first in the NFL Draft. Mingo revealed the bet yesterday at the combine workouts. The loser has to spit out $5,000 in cold hard cash and hand-wash the other’s car.

“I’m pretty confident in myself,” Mingo said. “He’s going to be coming out some money on that one. And I get a car wash.”

And Mingo already claimed he’s owed a car wash from a previous won bet, while Montgomery said he already won $1,000 for the most sacks during the season and $500 for the most sacks in the final game.

“We had three bets going on. We had one for the highest (amount) of sacks for $1,000. I won that,” Montgomery said. “We had one for $500 for the most sacks in the last game. I won that. Now we’re fighting (to see) who goes highest in the draft.

“That amount of money is pretty big, so I have to come through with this one.”

Montgomery and Mingo are both projected in the first round, with Mingo actually projected a little higher before the combine workouts.

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

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