Photo: Miss Alabama has a houndstooth ‘Roll Tide’ dress


Miss Alabama Chandler Champion (that name!) loves the Crimson Tide so much that she designed a special ROLL TIDE dress for an event at the Miss America pageant. And you may remember another former Miss Alabama and her well-known agent.

The current Alabama student will compete in the Miss America pageant September 15th.



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  • They can have all the championships they want… I’m just glad I’m not associated with that terrible state. So embarrassing…

    • Embarrassing? I am not the least bit embarrassed by living in Alabama. At least we know what respect is. I wasn’t raised to put down where people were from or think that I am better than anyone. I was raised to appreciate everything in my life, including where I live. I may live in Alabama, but people in other states have it a lot worse than I do. Our state isn’t perfect, but is there such a thing? I think not…

    • Kmmilam7, I agree. I love Alabama and proud of all the incredibly talented people that come from our great state. Miss America is from Opelika, AL, along with many more celebrities. Remember – “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” Keep it positive, everyone is so negative and life is way too short to dwell on trivial/insignificant things. I pull for all SEC schools because I know kids are recruited from all areas. I am an Alabama fan but I am a TRUE football fan. RTR Kmmilam7 and Merrittm45!!

    • Aw Ken, I’m pretty sure “they” are getting a whole bunch of championships with or without your ok. It obviously doesn’t bother you at all, since you took time to make your very “intelligent” comment. Speaking for all Alabamians, we’re okay with your dissociation. Feel free to never cross the state line, we’ll be perfectly fine. FYVM

    • I’m from Tennessee, born and raised, and have lived in Alabama for the past 9 years. I am no more embarrassed to live here than I was in Tennessee. There are pros and cons about both states and very many similarities. You need to spend some time here before you open your ignorant mouth.

    • What’s embarrassing about it?? I am a Bama girl, born and raised. I now live in Georgia. Have spent a lot of time in Tennessee. I must say, I have yet to see a difference. Yes, we are country. And when I talk people want to know where I am from. But I am not embarrassed. I have pride in where I am from, and respect for others. Not to mention I yell Roll Tide proudly. So go on with your embarrassed stuff. We don’t need it.

    • ANd just how long did you live in our beautiful state? I will be willing to bet the only time you have spent there is when you were driving through.Tell us what you mean by your stupid statement. I would like to know how terible all of us Alabama natives are.I am postitive you are not relying totally on things that happened before you were born or you are ignorant enough to believe everything that is written by news agencies or historically deprived writers. I know you lived there for quite sometime so you know exactly how things are in the Great Country of Alabama. If you actually say you have never lived there We will have to laugh exremely hard at your ignorance. So fill us in on your lifes experience in Alabama. (Idiot)

  • At least we are not the home of Al Gore. Give me Saban, Roll Tide and Sweet Home Alabama any time over that loon. And I live in GA…

    • No, you can’t have our water.

      • Seriously? We forgot about that a while ago.

      • YOUR WATER??! WTF Tennessee moved the state line bunch of water rascals.

      • Yeah this makes a logical statement. If we want anything from you we will whip your ass and take it. Wanna go for it yahoo? Tell me and others what the Great State of Tennessee has that is better than The Great Country of Alabama. Name three things. You may change someones mind if you will. Do you know this story is about sports? Do you compenhend that water has nothing to do with this story? The great thing about the state of Tennessee is there are only a few chuckleheads like you there.

  • If you think the dress is embarrassing for Alabama then you need to head over to Knoxville or Gainsville on a Saturday afternoon ! It’s worth the trip just to watch Vols and Gator fans in action.

    Also, I’ve got an idea for all you Florida grads at SDS. You always come up with this off the wall crap so for one of your articles why not come up with a list of which SEC schools have had the most players arrested. I think under Urban Myer there were over 30 arrest and then I read this past weekend where FL linebacker Antonio Morrison was suspended for the Toledo game after his 2nd arrest in 5 weeks.

  • Roll Tide Miss Alabama!!

  • Damn all Ya’ll! I was born and raised in Alabama but I’m stuck in Florida due
    to this damn realestate economy! I can’t wait to get back to my Bama.

  • she is a beautiful woman, but the only thing that will help that dress is if they will let her borrow bear bryants houndstooth hat! yeah, thats the ticket!~

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