Mississippi State slapped with two years probation, loss of scholarships


The NCAA Infractions Committee made known its findings in the investigation of Mississippi State for recruiting violations.

The NCAA penalized Mississippi State with two years probation and two scholarship losses the next two years.

The NCAA ruled a Mississippi State booster, Robert Denton Herring, made recruiting contact with a top football prospect and provided impermissible benefits. Former Mississippi State coach Angelo Mirando, who resigned for ‘personal reasons’, was cited for unethical conduct for failing to report the booster’s activities.

The Mississippi State booster assisted DB Will Redmond in securing a car to drive, and told the prospect that if he did not take a visit to another school, he’d be paid $6,000.

Here are the penalties, per NCAA news release:

  • Public reprimand and censure
  • Two years of probation from June 7, 2013 through June 6, 2015.
  • A one-year show-cause order for the former assistant coach, which prevents him from recruiting activities and booster interaction. 
  • A reduction of the number of official visits to 39, from the four-year average of 41, for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years (Self-imposed by the university).
  • A reduction of the number of recruiting days during the spring evaluation period by four, from 168 to 164, for the 2013-14 academic year (Self-imposed by the university).
  • A reduction in the number of total scholarships by two, from 85 to 83, for the 2012-13 academic year (Self-imposed by the university).
  • A reduction in the number of initial and total scholarships by two, from 25 to 23 and 85 to 83, respectively, for the 2013-14 academic year (Self-imposed by the university).
  • For the first two conference contests of the 2013 season, complimentary admissions to football recruits will be prohibited (Self-imposed by the university).
  • Disassociation of the booster by the university’s athletics program. Details of the disassociation can be found in the public report (Self-imposed by the university).

Updated 1:50 p.m. ET:

  • The Memphis Commercial-Appeal reported that DB Will Redmond has been forced to repay $2,660 in benefits and will sit out the Bulldogs first five games of the 2013 season.

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  • Looks like Ole Miss picked up even even more momentum…

  • Roll Tide. Dan Mullen is a cheater. He’ll eventually be found responsible for one of these scandals.

  • How was Auburn found innocent with $cam Newton?

    • for christ sake, THE HORSE IS DEAD.. PUT DOWN THE STICK

    • for ur clueless information. miss st. openly admitted to approaching cams daddy in the pay for play scandal. it wasnt Auburn u idiot. if u dont know wat ur talking about, u need to keep ur piehole shut. Auburn nor Florida were found to have done anything wrong in the Cam scandal. even though miss st admitted to doing it and were theones who broke the story to begin with, there were never any sanctions filed against them. i feel they deserve worse than wat they got.

  • All I’ve heard for 4 months from State fans is “Ole Mi$$, Ole Mi$$”, so this is just precious. Glass house, State, glass house……

  • It looks like Mississippi State has already served the worst of this penalty. This is from the school’s website/official press release: http://www.msstate.edu/web/media/detail.php?id=6083

    MSU will accept the penalties in total and does not plan to appeal the decision of the NCAA Committee on Infractions, Keenum (President of M-State) said.

    Self-imposed penalties, most of which have already been satisfied, include recruiting restrictions, scholarship reductions and a two-year probation for the university. Most of the corrective measures indicated in the report were taken entirely from MSU’s recommendations.

    —– So it looks like, M-State has already served the worse of this penalty. It looks like they will only lose 2 scholarships from today moving forward (they signed less players on signing day to get ahead of the probation in 2013).

    The worse of the probation still to serve is, NO OFFICIAL RECRUITS DURING THE FIRST 2 SEC HOME FOOTBALL GAMES. That is going to limit them some, due to the fact all SEC schools only play 4 SEC home games & 4 on the road. MSU has LSU & Kentucky at home, then their 3rd SEC home football game is November 16th against Alabama & close out the season with arch-rival Ole Miss coming to Starkville to play the Bulldogs.

    Recruits will be able to come to non-conference games & the Texas Kick-Off Classic to open the season on ABC against Oklahoma State in Houston, Texas.

    Also looking at MSU’s signing day, it looks like they only signed 20 players last year out of 25. So if you take 2 scholarships away they could have signed 23 & only signed 20. It looks like MSU will lose a QB they signed in the class to the MLB draft. So that puts them at 19 signees out of 23. So that is a total of 4 (or 3 if Crod Sandberg decided to play professional baseball) scholarships left. So take 25 scholarships & add 4 more scholarships from 2013 (or 3 over Cord Sandberg) & you get a total of 29 (or 28 depending on MLB signing bonuses). Now take 2 away from NCAA probation, you have either 27 (or 26). So Mississippi State can sign over the SEC limit of 25, by back counting. So in other words, the worse part of this probation is 2 home SEC football games, where recruits can come, but they have to pay their own way.

    The player involved is Will Redmond. He will have to sit out the first 5 games of the 2013 season… unless M-State decides to redshirt him (I doubt they would, they seem to thin on defense in the backfield where they lost 2 players to the NFL draft).

    Here is the 2013 schedule for M-State:
    Aug 31 – Oklahoma St in Houston, TX @ Reliant Stadium: Redmond out, recruits welcome
    Sept 7 – Alcorn St in Starkville, MS: Redmond out, recruits welcome
    Sept 14 – @ Auburn: Redmond out, road/away game-no recruits to host
    Sept 21 – Troy in Starkville, MS: Redmond out, recruits welcome
    Oct 5 – LSU in Starkville, MS: last game for Redmond to sit, recruits can come to the game, but it has to be on their dime.

    October 12 – Bowling Green in Starville, MS: Redmond can play, recruits welcomed
    October 24 – Kentucky in Starkville, MS: Thursday night game, not many recruits coming on a school night. Redmond can play. That is the last of the probation. M-State won’t be hampered on signing day in 2014. They can sign 26 or 27 players (depending if 2013 signee Cord Sandberg, goes on to play professional baseball).

    Nov 2 – MSU travels to South Carolina to play the Gamecocks
    Nov 9 – MSU travels to College Station to take on Texas A&M
    Nov 16 – MSU will host Alabama in Starkville & recruits are welcome.
    Nov 23 – MSU travels to Little Rock to play Arkansas at War Memorial
    Nov 28 – Thanksgiving Night for ESPN Thursday Night Football, & the Battle for the Golden Egg against Ole Miss (who finally got revenge on Dan Mullen & whipped Mississippi State soundly in Oxford last year). Recruits are welcome to that game as well, & Will Redmond (if not redshirted) will be playing in his 7th game of the season.

    It looks like yet another SEC school has escaped the NCAA by being slapped on the wrist.

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