Mississippi State coach the king of handwritten recruiting swag


Mississippi State defensive coordinator Geoff Collins received a promotion this offseason. The former co-defensive coordinator has that title all to his lonesome in 2013, after Chris Wilson moved on to Georgia.

While Alabama and Nick Saban are giving $51 million recruiting pitches, Collins is going a little lower budget and penning recruiting swag masterpieces from StarkVegas.

This is the latest in the recruiting letters to Marlon Humphrey, a top corner who made headlines for calling out MSU’s hated rivals, and he’s considered a strong Alabama lean.

At least you have to give him props for thinking outside the box. The possibilities of the first pitch are endless.


Collins’ first letter turned up in April after it was sent to TE prospect and Ohio native Michael Ferns, titled ‘You’re a BALLER’. No mention of how much they’d need him with immediate playing time available, and no mention of how Mullen is turning the program around. No, just simple and to the point.


And perhaps the best pitch of the three is a ‘Can of Swag’. This is Collins’ finest work to date, and nothing will beat the ‘Drink of Champions’. This award-nominated artwork was also sent to Mr. Humphrey.


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Photo Credit: Spruce Derden–USA TODAY Sports



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  • Dunno what is more embarrassing….this or Joker Phillips’ Instagrams #ComePlayForTheJoker

    At what point do schools actually hurt their recruiting brand doing this crap?

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