Looking at the numbers: Mississippi State vs. Rice


SDS will break down all 10 SEC bowl games from a numbers perspective, and here is a look at this year’s Liberty Bowl between Mississippi State and Rice.

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The first thing that stands out about Rice is they love to run the football and average over 240 yards per game doing so. It will be a nice test against MSU’s front seven, which played well during the season. The two defenses are very comparable, and both teams have a +7 turnover margin and similar numbers across the board.

Mississippi State Rice
Scoring Offense 26.3 PPG 31.4 PPG
Rushing Offense 185.3 YPG 240.15 YPG
Passing Offense 240.3 YPG 185.5 YPG
Total Offense 426.2 YPG 425.6 YPG
Scoring Defense 24.3 PPG 22.9 PPG
Rushing Defense 151.08 YPG 155.38 YPG
Passing Defense 215.3 YPG 195.7 YPG
Total Defense 366.3 YPG 351.1 YPG
TO Margin +7 +7
3rd Down Offense 62/165 (37.58 %) 81/202 (40.1%)
3rd Down Defense 59/165 (35.76%) 66/200 (33%)
Sacks 16 19
Red Zone Offense 78.72% (29 TDs, 8 FGs) 90.2% (39 TDs, 7 FGs)
Red Zone Defense 84.21% (24 TDs, 8 FGs) 89.47% (23 TDs, 11 FGs)

Photo Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sport



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