Quick Hitter: Missouri’s 2013 recruiting class




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  • Now that we have seen Missouri’s seniors, who were signed in 2008, but who played their last snaps in 2012… plus the class that was signed in 2009 playing their last snaps in 2013… What can we tell about Missouri who found out it was recurring for the SEC in the winter of 2011/12. In other words, because of redshirt freshmen we haven’t yet seen a single complete sophomore, junior, or senior class that was recruited to play in the SEC. Now answer the question gentlemen. The closest they could get to this was to mention injuries, but more than half of those happened before Missouri joined the SEC, then even more in spring practice, and still more in pre-season and the first games of the 2012 season. The most significant injury being to to Josey suffered in 2011.

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