Video Highlights: Missouri 58, Murray State 14




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  • In case you don’t really know who Murray State is, therefore what to think of this. Murray State is better coached and they executed better than 2012 plus their offensive line played as well as many SEC O-lines 2012 while still fresh in the first 20 minutes of the game. Their passing game and their running game were consistently ripping off 5-15 yard gains. Missouri made some adjustments on defense, and this is a new year… used their healthy deep roster, to change the look of the game from ‘real contest’ to ‘show-time’ well before halftime. When you look at James Franklin’s stats, add this sobering thought, his receivers dropped half a dozen catchable balls. I can’t believe the change in Russ Hansborough and Henry Josey is the real thing, he made his surgeon a zillion dollars tonight. Although the Missouri coaching staff reacted a little slowly they did call a smart game. Start calling the Missouri d-line, tall-wall-swatdown-call. Some Missouri fans might be thinking what about SELouisiana 2012 and the answer is that Murray 2013 would beat SELouisiana 2012 by 5 touchdowns. Missouri receiving corp. is on track for eye popping year, but still have a lot of work to do. Don’t stop reading, Murphy and Steward and White got big rushing yards with the 2nd/3rd o-line. Next week look for quicker coaching adjustments on defense and yet another improvement in the Missouri o-line. I haven’t watched the Toledo v Florida film yet so while we know Toledo was better than Murray last year. I guarantee they were NOT better than Murray’s offense in the first 15 minutes of the 2013 vs Missouri game. Here is one very pointed comment at Missouri’s coaching staff…?did you guys read that you have an All-American candidate in the position of kick/punt returner? and ?did anyone ever show you that to have good blocking for this you at least have to get and stay in the way of the kicking team for about 5 seconds? I’m just asking because that was the worst kick return scheme and execution I have ever seen in my life and it strikes me curious that your staff has decided to try to go from respectable to one of the worst in 2013.

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