Mizzou Nation reacts to open letter from Alabama fan

NCAA Football: Missouri at Vanderbilt

A University of Alabama fan is offering, “tips” to University of Missouri followers in advance of the SEC Championship game in Atlanta Saturday. Entitled, “Open Letter to the Mizzou Nation,” the ‘Bama fan says the Crimson Tide will be cheering for Ole Mizzou as it takes on Auburn.

“Here in the SEC we appreciate resilience and you have SHOWED it all season long,” states the writer only known as 5026. “Great job! Secondly we want you to know we ‘Bama fans are all behind you guys.”

It seems the writer seeks to warn the Mizzou Nation about the ills of entering the Auburn Sports Arena, affectionately called “the Barn.”

“Ok, here is a word to the wise… expect cheap shots. Now Gus is not really like this that I can tell, but a lot of these guys are Trooper’s boys. Cheap shots, especially to the knees, are just a part of their game. And trash talk, just ignore it. And be sure your guys do not get dragged into any exchange of punches. I know it is hard, but just keep your cool against these guys. They can get to be real hot heads so just let them be their own worst enemy.”

Since Alabama lost to its archrival, the Auburn Tigers, Alabama’s run at a third consecutive national championship crumbled with its loss to Auburn this past Saturday. Whether real or contrived, many Mizzou fans say they’ll take the support, which has been lacking since joining the SEC.

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“I read this and for some reason I’m not really buying it but hey I’ll take it,” Amy Jordan Tvrdik wrote on Facebook. “Last year when ‘Bama whipped our butts, they weren’t so warm and friendly.”

And Mizzou fans understand the pure hatred that exists between rivalries. When Mizzou was in the Big 12, the Missouri – Kansas rivalry was one of the oldest in the nation.  A matter-of-fact, in 2012 sports analyst Dick Vitale ranked the two schools at #5 in his list of “Top Five Rivalries in College Sports.” The rivalry between Missouri and Kansas dates back to pre-civil war days, during the “Border Wars.”

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“This is really more about how much they hate Auburn vs. how much they truly like us,” said Julie Cameron, a 1991 University of Missouri graduate.

The “tips” written for Mizzou fans has since gone viral on the Internet and social media sites, often sounding more like a rant or spewing sour grapes than words of wisdom from “big brother.”

“Oh yeah, don’t let them feed you this line about how they have a better tradition that you guys,” writes 5026. “They have 2 NC. But, one came while on probation and was won by a bunch of guys illegally recruited and the other came by the way of a guy who found a way around that little rule against paying recruits. They have 2 NC and both are tainted and won the only way AU knows how to win…cheating. They have been on probation a bunch of times. That is their real tradition… cheating.”

As the first public university west of the Mississippi River, many Mizzou fans say there is no need for the warning about “tradition.”

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Missouri invented homecoming back in 1911, when MU Director of Athletics Chester L. Brewer invited alumni to come “home” to watch the Border War football game between the Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks.

The MU mascot – “Truman the Tiger,” was named after Missouri-born U.S. President Harry S Truman. Twice in the past eight years, Truman was acclaimed “Best Mascot in the Nation” in national competition.

The nickname “Tigers,” given to Mizzou’s athletic teams, traces its origin to the Civil War period. At that time, plundering guerilla bands habitually raided small towns, and Columbia people constantly feared an attack. Such organizations as temporary “home guards” and vigilance companies banded together to fight off any possible raids.

The town’s preparedness discouraged any guerilla activity and the protecting organization began to disband in 1854. However, it was rumored that a guerilla band, led by the notorious Bill Anderson, intended to sack the town. Quickly organized was an armed guard of Columbia citizens, who built a blockhouse and fortified the old courthouse in the center of town. This company was called “The Missouri Tigers.”

The marauders never came. The reputation of the intrepid “Tigers” presumably traveled abroad, and Anderson’s gang detoured around Columbia.

Soon after Missouri’s first football team was organized in 1890, the athletic committee adopted the nickname “Tiger” in official recognition of those Civil War defenders.

Yes, Missouri knows something about tradition.

But alas, 5026 finally concludes his open letter transitioning from talking about “traditions” to making “promises.”

“And finally if you guys beat AU and somehow make the NCG (National Championship Game) I’ll promise the whole SEC will be with you except for one school…Auburn. That is right.”

Fans from the Show Me state may have something to say about making promises you can’t keep, especially to a school looking for a new rivalry to call its own.



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  • Great article! Hope people can learn to realize we do have some good traditions and are not just a bunch of nobodies. One correction, you are not supposed to capitalize kANSAS, thought an M2 alum would know that

    • funny, i think it’s great that the huge interest in the game transcends so many rivalries. Actrually the state that is west of Missouri does not really have a name, even the river that flows out of it is just called kaw, like a crow talking. Out of respect to Bill Snyder, and Bob Dole we sometimes use the longer form of the name flint hills/high plains

  • Go Mizzou! All the Auburn fans I know think that they’re going to walk over y’all. Hopefully Mizzou can win and make it to the NCG.

    • you know the bcs dropped bama to #4 in bcs for reason.everybody thinks im crazy when I say this.but its all about ticket sales.majority don’t want to see mizzou or auburn I ncg.most people want to see bama and fsu.my prediction if it falls this way is fsu beats duke,michigan beats ohio state,mizzou barely skids by auburn,bama will go to #2.why or how?cause bama and mizzou both are one loss teams.bama only lost to #4 team by the skin of its teeth.mizzou on other hand lost to #16 south Carolina.bcs is made up of different formulas.so if mizzou cant beat auburn by a margin I don’t see them jumping cause the fsu vs bama match people was looking for would once again become reality.think about it.fsu-bama bring big money

      • yep…money..shows the system doesn’t really work…your scenario has a team with a lesser
        record as its’ conference champion being ranked higher. No system is perfect but it’s obvious that a playoff system would work better (instead of this “American-Idol” style of voting we currently have… IJS

    • What a load of crap. These Bama fans are just so jealous that Auburn beat them that they would make up ANY and EVERY lie they can think of to motivate our SEC Championship opponent. I can tell you as an Auburn student that we are VERY concerned about Missouri and think they’re having a season nearly identical to ours. Bama fans are only spreading their crap because of their ARROGANCE in believing that a Mizzou win over Auburn will put BAMA in the BCS Championship game rather than Mizzou! It’s utterly futile though, because the first team to move into the BCS Championship game if OSU or FSU loses WILL BE the SEC Champion this year. Regardless of how close or not the game is. Mizzou has just as strong a case as us, and if they beat us, they will ABSOLUTELY jump Bama.

      • I know Mizzou would jump us if they won. And most Auburn fans I know are sidewalk fans who truly think Auburn will easily beat Mizzou just like most Bama fans I know thought we’d beat y’all (though they were divided on by what margin).

      • I agree. I am Dye hard Auburn Lady married to an Alabama Man. My Guy has been good about the game, but he has me scared to death about the game. I think it will be an even fight…and it will be a fight..a FAIR fight. We are NOT cheaters…Oh how Bama fans like to dig up dirt and stir it up into a big ‘ole hale storm of lies. I say good louck to both teams, But I will be shouting War Eagle All the way!!!!

  • All we want is people to get telling our team they are crap. I seem to remember Alabama guys like Allatide telling the boards that I believe it was “I hope to God Missouri doesn’t get it, it would be embarrassing to beat the east champs by 40.” All you need to know about people from Missouri is we forgive our enemies but we write down the bastards name. Here’s to a great game against a great team. Leave Nothing! Take Everything! No Excuses! Finish!

  • Hilarious that one Bama fan thinks that he/she represents the entirety of the SEC & Alabama. I don’t really hate or like either team. Auburn has the best shot of jumping an undefeated Ohio St. based on their schedule, but I still don’t think it will happen. For that reason, I’ll probably pull for Auburn, but I don’t really care. Also (assuming Auburn wins), the Mizzou fans probably won’t have the support of Bama fans once the Sugar Bowl selection comes down to them & Bama. This letter is idiotic. Whatever……

  • I know I speak for most of the Auburn Nation (not all we all have our idiots) in saying that if anyone needs tips it’s a Bama fan. they talk big before the game and cry like punks if they lose. and the excuse is always the same “well how many national title do you guys have?” Thats all well and good but those past titles didn’t stop you from losing this year did it? so NULL and Void. the past is the past.. Bama fans are the most disrespectful, conceded fans in all of college football.They only wanna play nice to Mizzou because they lost. bitterness and spite. lol… anyway as far as Auburn’s feeling toward Mizzou, Its all respect!!! You guys are a great team and in my opinion after last season no 2 teams deserve to be in this game more. So over look Auburn’s hillbilly cousins (bama) and lets have a fun respectful game Saturday. May the best team win.. and WAR EAGLE!!

    • All i have to say to your comment is that both Alabama and Auburn have fans who are the way you described along with every other team. Its human nature for some people to be that way. Im a huge Bama fan but I pull for Auburn every game except for one and thats the Iron Bowl. Its a little something alot of us that are Bama and Auburn fans call state pride when one of our teams from the state is playing for a major title or bowl game. So to say all fans of one team are all the same is just an ignorant and arrogant remark.

    • Wardamneagle8525, you might want to check your spelling. You called Bama fans the most “disrespectful, conceded” fans…. I believe you meant “conceited.” If you’re gonna talk about us, at least spell it correctly. However, what can one expect from the cow college?

      • Yes Barbara that is how you show class right there. Typical Bama fan. No it is not every Bama fan but you obviously are in that category. Most Bama fans have acted ridiculous this year and it’s pathetic. It would show more class if yall would say, “Good game, yall won, now go for it all and bring it back to the state of Alabama.” I am sure the Alabama players are ashamed of their fans. At least they were a few days ago. It only takes ONE SECOND to change it all!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

        • Christina, haven’t you heard, Auburn did not win, bammer lost the game. They have NEVER been beaten, they just did not do what they had to to win. It’s their fairy tale, let them live it.

      • Wow,, you actually can spell.. haha i apologize for typing that comment in a rush and misspelling one word.. you know us cow college folks have to rush sometimes due to being at things called jobs…… not sitting with a Budweiser…;)

      • he didn’t misspell conceded, though. if you are going to correct him, correct him correctly. WAREAGLE! but what does a job or beer have to do with using the right word?

      • Barbara Gamble, you might want to check you spelling. “If you’re gonna..”, I think you might have meant ‘going’? If you’re *going* to correct a spelling mistake, perhaps you should master it yourself. I know that is asking a lot from a Gump…

        • Gump is to nice of a word.

        • And here we go. Bama fans whining again. Auburn cheats, lol. Now, I believe bama has had their fair ” share” for dirty deeds themselves. At least one of our coaches didn’t get caught going to a strip club, taking the stripper to a hotel, with all assistant coaches and boosters before he coached one game. Class goes to Auburn, trash goes to Bama. Sore losers is what you are. And yes, you did LOSE. Our high school coach, outcoached “the coach” hahahahahahahaha. Suck it up! Bring it Mizzou. We are ready!

      • Ohhhh Babs. Everyone knows class goes to Auburn and trash goes to Bama. Shouldn’t you be milking your cows in your trailer park? Sore loser.

  • For the first time since the mizzou georgia game the majority of gamecock nation is actually hoping for a mizzou win. Bring it back to the east!!!

  • Don’t be fooled Mizzou fans. That letter is bunk. Alabama is nothing but KU with a football team.

  • Let ’em disrespect us until they have to respect us. Winning the SEC our 2nd year in would be a wonderful way to force some respect. Either way, win or lose, our guys have done a helluva job this year proving that we belong. MIZ

  • Come on, since when does one lame fan response or “open letter” constitute news? I’d much rather have the headline mention the fascinating history of the Missouri program and team name as its lead. That’s really interesting. Clearly, Missouri has a great tradition, making the SEC that much richer in its mix of teams and traditions (and academics).

    Looking forward to this game. War Eagle!

  • Alabama fans remind me of the Huskers…enough said.

  • Hilarious, as usual. The epic butthurt from Gump-nation is even bigger in the wake of this loss than it was in 2010 when Cam went into T-town and took a second half dump all over Bryant-Denny-Tuberville-Malzahn Stadium. And Alabama has never actually lost a football game either, in the mind of Alabama fans. In a game that they have “lost”, the refs either screwed them or the other team cheated. Or some combination of both. There is a reason that their fans are consistently ranked as the worst fanbase OF ANY SPORT.

  • And as for Missouri being in the SEC, as an Auburn fan and alum I say nothing but “welcome”. Mizzou is a great school with great traditions, and is our fourth AAU school as well. The MU Journalism School is top ranked and I hope that the graduates of that program will go on to media jobs that will allow them to tout the SEC even more. Texas A&M and Mizzou were both fantastic adds, and the Big Ten missed their chance to add them.

    • Last two comments are typical “barner” babble. I know LOTS of Auburn fans and I have never heard one of them say ANYTHING about Missouri and Texas A&M being great additions to the SEC. Guess you all suddenly gained tons of respect for both schools?

      • Being that there are probably 1.5 to 2.0 MILLION Auburn fans, the sampling of the 2 Auburn fans you know does not speak for the Auburn Family. Harvey Updyke says hello for the bama nation.

        • I have no problem at all with Mizzou..never have and I am an Auburn fan. I ask you ALL not judge all Barbara’s by the comment of the disrespectfull,full of contempt Gamble up there. Check out the comments from us Auburn Tigers and you bama fans Thus far, compare them, and you will find that the most nasty and mean comments come from the Bama side. SHOCKER! Mizzou Fans are not stupid, nor are we Auburn fans…but you Bama fans are making (by your comments) the whole of Alabama the state seem like we have no manners or education. SMH…*sigh*..But I really did not expect otherwise. good day and God Bless.

      • I know that I personally welcomed all the Mizzou and A and M people to the SEC gathering here in Phoenix.

  • As an Auburn alum, I have been pulling for Missouri all season. Even before Auburn’s 2013 story developed, I was following the Missouri 2013 story with interest. Since Missouri is in the Eastern Division, I have never considered Missouri as Auburn’s competition. Now that you are in the championship game along with Auburn, I am expecting a great game from two teams, who no one expected to be here. I know that both programs are above board and ethical programs.

    What that Alabama fan didn’t disclose is, that the last time Auburn has been on probation is 1993. Alabama was on probation for most of the first 10 years of this decade. The NCAA spent over a year on the Auburn campus. They were investigating the Cam Newton mess, and they found NOTHING. Not just nothing regarding Cam Newton, but nothing at all. The Alabama fans and others just refuse to accept that. If there had been anything there to find, they would have found it. Coach Malzahn is a man of great character. He does things the right way.

    I think Missouri is a great addition to the SEC. I will pull for you in most games. Please excuse me, if that courtesy doesn’t extend to this week’s game. This tiger vs tiger game should be a great one. Regardless of what the Bama fan said, I don’t think we are a shoe in to win this game, and I know other Auburn fans who feel the same way. The media have been talking about whether we should be in the NC game. Every time I hear that, I think “Hold on. We have to actually win Saturday before that comes into play”. Personally, I think that if both FSU and OSU win Saturday, they should be in the NC game. I remember the pain of being undefeated in 2004 and being shut out. I wouldn’t wish that on any team from a major conference. If one of those teams loses, then it is game on.

    The other posters to this article, who are Auburn people are correct. Bama never lost a game. They were stolen from them by the refs or by a cheating team. They are such great fans, some of them have actually threatened the life of their own kicker. Does that sound like the type of fan base you want to take advice from? There are some Bama fans, who are good, reasonable people. However, the majority of them are arrogant, self-serving and have their entire lives wrapped up in the outcome of Bama”s football team. The results of a game or a season defines who they are, what they do.

    Here’s to a great, well played game on both sides Saturday. If we win, I will be ecstatic. If Missouri wins, I will be disappointed, but I will wish the Missouri team and fan base only the best going forward. War Eagle!

    • You are absolutely wrong about most Alabama fans and you know it, and it should make you ashamed. I watched Gus Malzahn point and get angry when Alabama’s player got hurt, and the entire stadium of classless AU fans booed, actually booed an injury. The only other game I saw that happen in this year was Ole Miss, and they shut up quickly and their coach acted with class. I am not calling anyone a cheater, but chasing Bama makes you cut corners in your program, and believe me, Pat Dye is behind it since he is the traitor to Bama, a man not good enough to coach at Bama and when they told him that he became viscious and spiteful. The root of this rivalry is not tame, the two schools quit playing one another for 47 years, of course it wasn’t AU then, they went by another name. Alabama has a storied and successful program, and I am proud to support a team who has accomplished so much; and proud of my university for representing this state well. Had our coach acted with such a lack of class over an AU injury, the media would have him crucified. AU, once again, gets away with it because it is not only tradition for you, it is expected. Running on the field like banshees is espected as well, that does not happen at Bama because we know how to win. Disappointed with a loss, yes. Whining, no. Stating facts. I know the Alabama program will continue to flourish, which makes the AU program strong as they have been chasing Bama for years. I hope Mizzou wins and I don’t mind saying that I think they will represent the SEC in a much classier manner than would AU. The NCAA and SEC may have investigated Cam, but if you live here and know who the players are, you tend to believe Mississippi State since there were so many avenues to launder the deal. Although I disagree with the “open letter”, all of the Bama fans, and I mean the long time fans, I have spoken with agree, we hope Mizzou can get it done but with the luck of AU, we will believe it when it happens. I can’t wait to see what bowl game we have and, can’t wait to see the barn come to TTown next year. ROLL TIDE

    • More Auburn babble…You’re right. Auburn hasn’t been on probation since 1993. Great, BUT…even though Auburn & Cam Newton were cleared, Cam’s father ADMITTED to offering money to Mississippi State and most people, Bama fans or not, felt that if $$ were offered to one school, it was probably offered to another. The NCAA stated that it had no evidence. It didn’t say Auburn was clean…just that it had no evidence about payment to players. You Auburn folks talk a good story about how bad Alabama fans are and you are doing now, with your writings, just what you accuse us of. As to the threats to our kicker, who is to say those weren’t Auburn fans pretending to be Bama fans? I seriously doubt any true Bama fan would threaten any of our players. Let me finish by saying GOOD LUCK MISSOURI IN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!

      • “Cam’s father ADMITTED to offering money to Mississippi State and most people, Bama fans or not, felt that if $$ were offered to one school, it was probably offered to another. ”

        Wow, I never heard this angle. So Cecil was trying to pay people to take Cam. Interesting.
        Cecil should have just asked HaHa Clinton Dix or DJ Fluker for the money since it actually changed hands in those cases. Cecil admitted to discussing money with miss state. Go back and read the quotes. Didn’t say he asked for it. Say a crack dealer ask you if you want to buy some crack and you say HELL NO. If said dealer gets busted and the cops ask have you ever talked about crack with this guy, yes or no. Your answer has to be yes regardless of your intentions.

        Albert Means

        • DJ Fluker approves this message for $10,000. Did she say the NCAA found no eveidence in the Cam Newton case? Thought so, thanks for clearing that up. Now bammer is caught red handed again with a copy of a check for $10,000 to DJ Fluker. Not only this, the admission from an ex-tide player that he paid him. Auburn doesn’t have to cut corners to keep up with bammer, bammer has to cut corners to stay ahead of everyone else.

      • Auburn fans threatening your kicker????? Dear Lord, we’d all buy him dinner for his stellar performance in the Iron Bowl. No one from Auburn wants to hurt him, he was one of our MVPs. This is why you folks are delusional, your pathetic lunatic fans ( note: not all bammers are like this ) threaten to kill your kicker (term used loosely) and you blame it on Auburn. And you wonder why people can’t stand the tahd.

        • You know what else is weird was the story of AJ, inviting the camera into his house and then telling people he spends $190 in meat having his Oline over to have dinner for protecting him. He’s all smiles for the camera and I’m thinking wow my sons in college and he can’t afford to spend $190 for food for one night, and crap now that I think about it he doesn’t have a brand new house either.

      • Is that all you have to hold on too?? What about the crap with DJ Fluker ????? Lets not talk about that huh?? You guys excuse Barbara she know no better..

      • Didn’t YOUR coach just the other day inappropriately give a student a loan? You would know that if you would read your Bama articles rather than trolling a game you are not involved in. :) Thanks for taking a SECOND to read this.

  • As a Mizzou fan i did not take anything in that letter seriously, it seemed more of a frustration letter for losing. We are SEC and that is who we want to represent in the NCG period. Wether it is Mizzou or Auburn I will still be rooting for them. Ohio Sate will lose so may the best team win to represent the SEC. This will probably make some Bama fans mad but the winner of the SECCG goes to the NCG period you lost to Auburn so if they win they deserve it. If Mizzou wins then they beat the team that beat you so they deserve the bid period. You guys have a great team and are a dominance in NCAAAF and will see the crystal again soon as for this year just enjoy a great bowl you will be going to.

    • Nothing wrong with what you said.. most Bama fans are not like that letter.. these “letters” are always coming up with some “spoiled” bama fans.. I don’t even believe half of them are written by Bama fans.

      • Thank you for your comments. I am a rabid Bama fan, but I wouldn’t have written that “open letter.” It does sound like sour grapes. Yes, we really hated losing that game to Auburn, particularly the way it happened. One bad call by the coach (in my opinion) and the whole season went down the drain in one second. Anyway, good luck to Missouri, and yes, we Bama fans are glad to welcome you to the SEC.

        • barbara, maybe you wouldn’t have “written that open letter” but you have spewed the same drivel in this conversation. You are the primary reason I dug up my login to this site this morning.

        • If you are Rabid….Should’nt you get a rabies shot…or 20? Like in each of your fingers so you can’t type anymore? You are disgracing the state of Alabama.

  • As not only a fan but a student at the University of Alabama I would just like to say I am proud of my team win or lose. Not all Alabama fans are the same. Some of us do have respect for other teams and class. I will proudly admit to cheering Auburn on during the game against Georgia. And yes, I did cry over our loss to Auburn during the Iron Bowl. I am not ashamed to admit it. It just means I am passionate about my team. On the subject of the letter. I see it as a sign of disrespect, not only to other Alabama fans, but to Auburn as a whole. I am tired of hearing the countless excuses from Alabama fans over why we lost. It happened, get over it. I know I have. Quit blaming the refs and accusing Auburn of playing dirty. Every football team has played dirty at one point in time, including Alabama. As for the SEC Championship, I WILL be rooting for Auburn. Not because I am not a true Alabama fan, but because I recognize the fact that Auburn has worked hard to get to where they are. I will be watching the championship game this Saturday and all I have to say is good luck to both teams. You both have fought hard to get to where you are and have proven worthy to play in the championship. Just one more thing, ROLL TIDE.

  • Also, a lot of Bama fans want Missouri to win just because they believe they would put them in the National Championship instead of Missouri. I don’t believe it would be right, but it wouldn’t shock me.

  • Cheap shots???? For real? Since joining the SEC, Missouri has played in 16 conference games. I haven’t seen every game you guys have played the last 2 years. But it is hard to imagine that Missouri has had a cheaper shot against them than the suplex body slam the alabama defensive end (lamichael fanning I think) did in Columbia last year. Correct me if I am wrong. Oh the irony.

  • At first I didn’t want to go to the SEC. Our first year in all we heard was how we didn’t have any respect or tradition because we didn’t wear our Sunday’s best to the game. Now that we’re two years in and finally are being taken seriously I can enjoy watching the game without all the background noise. I now know what all the SEC hype is about and I love that respect from all around the nation is pouring in. All I want is a good game and of course a MIZZOU win! I wish KU joind the SEC so we could have our rivalry back……and an automatic win.

  • Well I have been a Bama since 1973 and I will say Good luck to both teams may the best Tiger win.

  • As an Alabama fan, that was raised in a house where war eagle was worse then dropping a f-bomb I can attest to Bama fans being behind Mizzou on this. There is nothing we hate more than Auburn. Roll Mizzou Roll! BTHO those barners on Saturday!

    • Dear Missouri fans,
      As an Auburn man I promise, no matter who wins Saturday, I will:
      1) not kill anyone at my house
      2) not damage/destroy any property on your campus
      3) keep my “junk” zipped when we meet at Krystal
      4) not ask for a “rematch” if the outcome of the game doesn’t go my way

      Looking forward to a classic SEC Championship game! and War Eagle!

    • Hold on just a SECOND, are the mighty crimson tide fans begging Mizzou to do something they couldn’t do? bwahahahaha. I am sure you guys were behind Mizzou when you “rammer jammered” them in their own stadium last year. Too bad you got “reverse rammer jammered” in Jordan Hare last weekend.

  • Good look saturday mizzou!

  • Im a Bama fan . I remember Auburn teaming up with Notre Dame against the Tide. I still remember the T-shirts with Auburn and N D . GO >>> Mizzou !

    • The state of alabma imported more Oregon Ducks merchandise in 2010 before bammer took the field against Notre Dame last year. Don’t kid yourself……..

  • Well coming from an Auburn fan and the many i have talked to about this game, We do not think we are going to run all over Mizzou. I am more worried about this game then I was the Alabama game. Missouri has a strong offense and powerful defense. For any Auburn fan to think were going to blow right past them is foolish… If we do lose, Im still happy with the season we have had. Ill take 11-2 over 3-9 any day. War Eagle. And if we do lose Ill be rooting for Mizzou if they jump Ohio state in the polls.

    • I completely agree. I am an auburn grad, and NO ONE has been talking about how we are going to RUN all over Mizzou. I hope we win. If we lose I will still happily pull against OSU for you! I will also still be proud of my tigers. Because we have come a long way! War Eagle!

  • A bammer wants to talk about cheap shots? Who remembers this cheap shot a BAMA player did against a MIZZOU player last year…? Lmao *drops the mic*


  • bammer turds lie like a lazy dog. They mouth is moving, they lying. Welcome to the SECCG Mizzou. Enjoy your short time here. Enjoy your bowl game from Nawlins or Orlando. Send you loads of post cards from Pasadena

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!.

  • Dear Missouri fans,
    As an Auburn man I promise, no matter who wins Saturday, I will:
    1) not kill anyone at my house
    2) not damage/destroy any property on your campus
    3) keep my “junk” zipped when we meet at Krystal
    4) not ask for a “rematch” if the outcome of the game doesn’t go my way

    Looking forward to a classic SEC Championship game! and War Eagle!

  • First of all, why is anyone taking this letter seriously? Does it even warrant comment?
    Also, when people speak of tradition, they are usually not referencing the history behind the naming of the school mascot. They are usually referring to a history of winning. I’m sorry but whatever magic the Kansas/Mizzou game once had is long gone. Those schools may have a long history, but they don’t have a long history of winning big-time football games.

    • Gee Alatide, how arrogant are you. Lets see since you brought up history. That’s Mizzou, 36-25-1 against the SEC and 2-2 against Bama, including the only bowl victory between the schools. “This is where you throw the national championships in my face, like all the other posters said, including the ones you won without winning your division”

      • Mizzouinnc, you are talking to a fan base that claims 15 National Titles but won 6 of them between 1985 and 1986….LOL. Don’t believe me, read this. Their SID claims retroactive titles to make their program look better. In their own media guide they claimed 6, the next year 12 and they never even played in a game to get #7. Talk about little man syndrome.


        • Actually AuTigrs, Mizzou is very happy with the Alabama Football program. Since their total collapse at the end of your magnificent game Mizzou hasn’t heard one word about giving our game away in the second OT to SC!

        • I don’t need 15. Go ahead and take away the 6 if you want and it’s still many more titles than AU and Mizzou will see combined.

      • Call it arrogance if you want. I’m just commenting on the writer’s odd claims to a football tradition by talking about the history of the naming of the school. I don’t think most objective people would argue with the fact that Alabama has a storied football tradition. Mizzou is simply not known in the same way. That’s not me talking trash, that’s just the reality.

    • So says the bammer who just replied in a discussion about the letter. Oh the irony…… obviously, to you, it warrants comment.

      • You’re not very bright. I didn’t comment on the letter. I commented on the journalists piece claiming that Mizzou had such a great football tradition.

  • As an Auburn fan I have to say that Auburn Nation has serious respect for the Mizzou program. Everybody is looking for a good game and a very hard one at that. I was at Wet Willy’s on Riverstreet in Savannah, Ga when Missouri was playing Georgia. I was loud and proud pulling for Missouri. I thought the chick next to me (Georgia Fan) was going to lose her s**t on me, especially when she found out I am an Auburn fan. She scoffed and said we weren’t even contenders. Shut her mouth when I told her that when Georgia can finally win the big games then she can say something but until then to hang on because Mizzou was going to win this game. She left. LOL I don’t want my beloved Auburn Tigers to lose to anybody, but a loss to Mizzou is nothing to be ashamed of. Mizzou has had a fabulous season and proven they are the right fit for the SEC. If Mizzou should win come this Saturday you can bet that all of Auburn nation will be supporting Mizzou 100% on the way to the National Championship!! War Damn Eagle and SEC Rules!!!!

  • Not gonna Lie. I hate Auburn and I really hope Mizzou wins but regardless of who wins I think either should jump Ohio State

  • It’s been a fun discussion but I only had a “second” to chime in. To the bams on here, yall keep an eye on things in here for us. The other 2 fan bases in this discussion, Auburn and Mizzou, have to run now, we have an appointment in Atlanta. May the best Tiger Team win!! War Eagle!!

  • Clearly, 5026 is an 85 percenter. And a crybaby.

  • Why are so many Bama fans clueless? Honestly, I’m pulling for Missouri in a way. I don’t have any hate for their program, and they’ve had a great season. So has Auburn, but Missouri had to prove to so many people that they deserved to be here that it isn’t even funny. It would be a slap in a lot of people’s faces if they were to win the conference and have a chance to play for it all. I know I certainly didn’t see it coming. But congrats to the guys for their hard work. And also to Auburn. As much as you’ve been a knife in LSU’s side in so many years, you’ve had a great season as well. Glad to see you competitive once again. Now to get Florida, Arkansas, and Tennessee back to life. Lol.

  • ‘Twas the Night after Auburn
    ‘Twas the night after Auburn and all through the land, not a “Roll Tide” was uttered by a Crimson Tide fan. They used to be boisterous, they used to be loud, they used to be boastful, and cocky and proud. But they lost all their swagger, they lost all their swing. For one little second had changed everything.

    The score it was even. The clock had run dry. When Nicholas Saban then started to cry. He demanded a second be put on the clock. The worse that could happen? A miss or a block. But fate it is fickle, and greed has a price, and what happened next just wasn’t too nice. The previous kicks, wide left and wide right. So he put in a rookie, ’twas not very bright.

    The kick was a boomer of 56 yards, but the extra yard needed was not in the cards. And back in the end zone a lone Tiger stood. He caught that ol’ football, he caught it real good. He started to run, he heard the cheers grow. The Crimson Tide offense? Too fat and too slow. One hundred and nine, he ran for a score. If needed, he could have run one hundred more.

    The crowd it erupted while storming the field. The Crimson Tide’s season was settled and sealed. A cry of “War Eagle” soon echoed the Plain. Nick Saban’s expression was one of pure pain.

    And up in Ohio they shouted “Go Bucks.” For it gave hope to all, well, except for the Ducks. And in Tuscaloosa you could hear a pin drop. And in Tallahassee a tomahawk chop. For the night after Auburn, the Tide has no clue. The new boss in town wears Orange and Blue!

  • Go Mizzou !! Bring it back to the east where it belongs!!!! Go DAWGS always!!! And a special shout out to The Marion County Eagles who will be playing in the single A region 4 A semi finals Friday night with home field advantage!!! Me and your mom are very proud of you Joey!!!! One more game and we also will be at the dome for the state championship game!!!!

  • OMG…really? Alabama fans are the most butt hurt people I have ever seen in my life. Your own player called you spoiled B****….you send death threats to your kicker, Nick Saban’s wife called you unappreciative, and Nick Saban actually had to speak out about you people leaving games. And you want to speak about tradition? Screw you in the anus with a every national championship trophy you guys have….wtf?

  • First off, good luck Mizzou. Bammer fan calling Auburn a bunch of cheaters is rich. This coming from a school that claims to have 15 National Titles. Go back and look bammer, claiming ties and out right losses of said titles (one from the farmers almanac) doesn’t count. Bammers are just mad ’cause Saint Nick got high SCHOOLED! I’ll cheer for a Tiger, be it LSU, Missouri or Auburn over a pachyderm any day. What a bunch of cry babies!

  • Whooo…..Lets slow down! You people take this way too serious. Look, both AU & Bama has fans that are un-classy and obnoxious. I have Alabama friends that I’m close to and can tell you that they are the most respectful and professional. This is the same with my AU friends. This is mostly because me along with those friends have other things in life to live for besides our football teams…like a successful career…..other activities…..friends….family…ect…Like your team….Love your family. If you your life depends on your team winning or losing, you will be let down. As for Bama fans, I think Bama is still the second best team in the nation. But you lost fair and square. It was not a fluke like the prayer at Jordan-Hare. This was Saban getting out coached. I’ll leave it with that. WDE!

  • Actually it was AUBURN who started the tradition of homecoming in 1909! http://www.thewareaglereader.com/2013/10/auburns-first-homecoming-may-actually-have-been-104-years-ago-and-americas-first/#.UqDfeuK1GSp Also this “open letter from a Bama fan” was written as a joke by the author. Geez people do some research!

  • Gee, who would have guessed that this would turn into a AU/AL flame war?

  • Mizzou nation, please don’t listen to ONE fan speaking for another teams’ entire fan base! This Auburn family will definitely be pulling for you (in whatever bowl game you go to) if you beat us Saturday. You see, we are Auburn fans first and SEC fans second. We pull for ANY SEC team (although it’s not always easy to do) that is playing…especially if it’s the National Championship Game. I hope that whoever wins our game on Saturday will get to play in the NCG…both of our schedules speak for themselves. If it is you guys, we will be 100% behind you! If it is us, I hope you will feel the same. Above all, I want to see the SEC continue its record with National Championship wins. When the SEC wins, every team in our conference ‘wins.’ It brings money into the conference, it helps with recruiting, and shows everyone who the best conference in the nation is! :)
    I love the fact that two of the teams that finished LAST in the SEC last year are playing for the Championship this year. And, by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on playing in the SEC Championship game your 2nd year in the conference!!! (Especially since no one gave you any hope in doing so…they were too busy talking about A&M doing it instead!) There are teams that have been in this conference from the start that haven’t accomplished that.
    So, from one Tiger fan to another, good luck Saturday….and may the best team win!
    And rest assured, if we are watching you play on January 6th, we will be pulling for you all the way!!! War Eagle! :)

  • I don’t have anything against Mizzou, but I was not thrilled about the idea of them being in the SEC–not because I was thinking of them as real competitors, which they have proven to be this year, but because they’re in the heart of the midwest. They are neither south, nor east. Even more odd that they are not in the west division (I know the arguments for it, but still.). Just gives them more access to the recruits in our region. It benefits them, but beyond expanding into other markets/$$, I can’t come up with any justification.

    At least they’ve proven to be a real solid team this year. Look forward to the game tomorrow. Who wins, I have no idea!

  • Sorry to tell you, Russ, but Missouri does not have the oldest Homecoming tradition. A small liberal arts college just 30 miles south of Birmingham, the University of Montevallo, owns the rights to the oldest homecoming festivities. Yes, Montevallo’s homecoming is not centered around football, or sports for that matter, but UM has been celebrating HC since the late 19th century.

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