Muschamp on 2014 schedule: ‘We don’t gripe and complain, we embrace it’


Will Muschamp may have the driest sense of humor in college football, and his press conferences are usually entertaining. Yesterday, he managed to poke fun at Texas A&M and Les Miles in the same press conference, all the while embracing the tough 2014 schedule, via

“At the University of Florida we embrace whoever we play and whatever happens,” he said. “A season ago we were asked to go to College Station and we embraced it and welcomed the Aggies to the SEC.

“We’re asked to kick off at noon Aug. 31, Sept. 1 every year. We embrace it. We’ve been asked to play a cross-division opponent with LSU. We don’t gripe and complain about it, we embrace it. We embrace things at Florida. Whatever our league asks us to do, we’ll certainly do that and look forward to it.

“At the end of the day, no one wants to say it, but it comes down to match-ups. People want to see the Gators play. They want to see Florida and Alabama play. I know that’s not the company line, but that’s the bottom line. We look forward to it.”

Florida will play SEC West powerhouses LSU and Alabama in the same season, along with the yearly East powers and Florida State. Tough slate? Sure, but Florida’s 2013 schedule is brutal, too.

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The Gators will have one of the best rosters – player for player – in the SEC for 2014, and Muschamp is setting the program up for a run in the East.

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  • Last year Missouri’s schedule was computer ranked the toughest in college football. Where was the love for this?, just the opposite media focus on Missouri’s, depth, scheme, hot-seat, team-doctoring. So while Will Muschamp says one thing, the message is exactly the opposite. Fans and media who cover the SEC don’t get a free pass to bad mouth every perceived failure they can dream up…BECAUSE the SEC is a super division of it’s own already. Everybody knows this and everyone in the media needs to write and vote that way or the stories are not accurate. To some extent this is true everywhere in life and in competition. People who dismiss the great teams or great day’s performances of opponents are just not facing reality. It is way too common for fans or media to be disrespectful to any team they happen to want to use as a punching bag. Thanks for choosing this story Jon. Will Muschamp’s attitude is admirable, makes me understand a little better why he sometimes comes off as a hot head.

  • I think he’s being disingenuous because he knows miles spurrier and sumlin will continue to fight to get rid of cross divisional opponents while he can give the perception of a “hard a$$.” let’s see if his tone changes after a few more 11-1 seasons and getting snubbed for the SECCG by a Georgia team that doesn’t play a meaningful West game. Or goes 13-0 in one of college footballs greatest regular seasons, beats Bama in the SECCG to only get a rematch in the NCG with a Georgia team it already beat. I’d like to see what he’d say then.

  • You sure mention UGA enough times in your response. Is that b/c they haven’t complained when facing the tougher WEST opponents? Richt faces it with class, ” Let us know who we need to beat then let’s go do it” unlike Spurrier or Miles always complaining about “scheduling”? You mean like when UGA beat UF last year and UF went to the BCS Sugar Bowl rather than UGA the EAST Division winner?

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