NCAA bans Twitter hashtags on football fields


That lovely college athletics governing body solved another immediate non-crisis in college football today.

The NCAA rules committee ruled that Twitter hashtags aren’t allowed to be on football fields this season.

You can read the entire memo from the NCAA here, but the only items allowed on the field are:

  • NCAA logo
  • Conference logo
  • College/university name and logo
  • Team name and logo
  • Name of the commercial entity with purchased naming rights to the facility in no more than two locations (Note: the entity’s commercial logo is not allowed.)
  • Postseason game: Name/commercial logo of only the title sponsor associated with the name of the postseason game. There may be a maximum of three such advertisements: a single advertisement centered on the 50-yard line and no more than two smaller flanking advertisements. These advertisements must adhere to paragraph 2 below. No other advertisements, either by the title sponsor or by any other commercial entity, may be on the field.
  • All other items, including social media designations such as URL’s and hashtags, are prohibited.

I wasn’t in love with hashtags on football fields, but I certainly wouldn’t want to ban them either.

The only two SEC teams that painted hashtags on their field last season were Mississippi State and Arkansas.



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  • Unfreakinbelievable??? Really?? This is the best use of NCAA time? NCAA never fails to find new levels of stupidity. #FREEHAILSTATE

  • The next logical step for a school would be to adopt a hashtag as a logo. Boom! Mind blown! My work here is done. The stache is going back to the geriatric ward to get soe well deserved rest.


  • I figured out why they said that it is distracting to players. Remember the photo of the OM kid in the endzone writing on the hashtag with his foot? Obviously he wasn’t paying attention to the game. This could be safety concern, if this is what they are basing it on however their logic is flawed. You can’t pin safety concerns on a coach’s inability to keep his players disciplined enough to play a whole game. I am looking at you Houston Nutt. Case closed

  • I’m still not real sure what exactly a Hashtag is. But I have used them on twitter just to be like everyone else

  • Even as a rebel fan I have to stop and ask why the unneeded addition of such a rule… First state’s cowbells are attacked now they can’t even have hashtags.. Just sounds to me like the ncaa is wanting to find anything they can to devote attention to outside the massive scandal they were caught in. And weren’t we moving towards simplifying the rule book not to long ago?

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