NCAA suspends two controversial recruiting deregulation proposals


Recruiting deregulation has taken the offseason by storm and has been one of the most controversial topics among national media, administrators and coaches.

But after reviewing significant feedback, the NCAA suspended two of the most concerning topics in the recruiting deregulation proposals, via

  • Prop. No. RWG-11-2, which eliminated the definition of recruiting coordination functions that must be performed only be a head or assistant coach, be suspended until appropriate modifications can be made. The concept will be considered as the membership ponders its approach to non-coaching personnel.
  • Prop. No. RWG-13-5-A, which eliminated restrictions on printed materials sent to prospects other than general correspondence, be suspended to allow for a broader discussion of the rule.

The NCAA is suspending both proposals until appropriate modifications are made.

Suspending RWG-11-2 is suspending arguably the most controversial proposal, allowing a university to hire an unlimited amount of staff members to contact prospects an unlimited number of times. And doing so is the right call. Essentially, the NCAA has suspended the rule that allows universities to hire an unlimited amount of ‘front office’ personnel to recruit or participate in recruiting.

Steve Spurrier, Jr. recently expressed he would send all potential prospects Fatheads, because proposal No. RWG-13-5-A allowed coaches to send as much printed material to prospects as they wanted.

“I think there’s going to be some more stuff this summer that the SEC is deciding on (about the rule changes). But you can mail out anything. I’ll start mailing out Fatheads (wall stickers) of our best players. I’m going to mail them to everybody. It’s perfectly legal. You can mail out whatever you want. Because we’ve got to think about what Alabama’s doing, and they will absolutely press the envelope, regardless of calls. You can send out whatever you want. Last year, you couldn’t mail out media guides. You can send out anything now.”

Hopefully Spurrier didn’t already order those Fatheads of his dad shirtless, because those plans are on hold for now.



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