Photos: New Mississippi State football uniforms for Egg Bowl


Mississippi State and Adidas unveiled new uniforms for the 2013 Egg Bowl. This is the second SEC uniform unveiling Adidas has orchestrated. They made brand new smokey-colored Tennessee uniforms last week, as well as new home uniforms and away uniforms for the Vols.

This PINK Mississippi State concept uniform popped up in June. MSU also had new TechFit uniforms for the 2012 season and two new uniforms for the Snow Bowl and Egg Bowl.

Similarly, Ole Miss unveiled new uniforms in April. So, the Egg Bowl will be a new uniform extravaganza.





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  • Diggin the gloves for sure and wish you’d have put #hailstate :) just for the NCAA! But the gold?? Mr. T and the 80’s would approve but I just don’t think it fits..

  • When have these alternative uniforms ever worked for Mississippi State? Why can’t they just focus on winning football games rather than trying to impress everyone? Mullen and company sure know how to keep their fans happy without providing any real substance. If you want to make your fans happy, win football games.

    • Well I bet you you Addias is going to pay them a lot of money

    • Alternative uniforms have nothing to do with winning on the field. They have to do with marketing and getting attention on social media, which is big for recruits. You want to keep your program in the discussion and uniforms are a way to do it during the offseason.

    • Capstone, I have been a STATE fan for a long time now and graduated from there recently. I have seen the small up we had with JS and all the lows in between when Dan had his first winning season. We STATE fans don’t have the luxury of looking forward to a 12-0 season or a national championship. We feel really good if we make it to the top 25 at the end of the year and go to a bowl game. I know that the promises of Dan to win the SEC west are outlandish and I know that we will most likely never win a national title in football. So why don’t you get off your soap box and cut us a little slack. If adidas wants to give these young men something to look forward to then let them and yeah we usually lose when we wear the crazy jerseys but most of the teams we play when we wear them, we really had no chance of beating anyway. So just let us do our thing and we will let you do your thing. Thanks

    • It’s their administration’s way to distract their fans from the fact that they haven’t actually achieved anything in the last few years, apart from beating Nutt three times…

  • Can anyone tell me what company manufactured these uniforms? I’m having trouble figuring that out.

  • the gloves are nice. everything else? just trying to keep up w/ the Rebels and epically failing

  • I don’t care for State’s colors, but these unis actually pretty sweet. Too bad those jerseys will be 0-1 come Thanksgiving night.

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