Photo: Tennessee football new smokey-colored uniforms


Tennessee and Adidas unveiled ‘smokey’-colored uniforms for 2013.

The Vols also unveiled new orange home uniforms earlier this month. Those photos can be seenĀ right here.

Tennessee also unveiled new white uniforms today, too.

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  • As a Dawg, I have to give them props. Really did the new look.

  • Doesnt matter what they wear, they will still be coming up with the lose

  • Awesome new unis. As a Volunteer–I love these and can’t wait for the Butch Jones era.

  • Those are pretty damn awesome.

  • I love when teams come out with new uniforms that are actually awesome, these definitely fit the bill. Great new uniforms for UT that will go with a promising new era in University of Tennessee football.

  • Pretty sweet unis. Finally a team brought out a uniform that is actually interesting and not just a minor revision to the standard uniforms. I like it when teams keep their standard unis for 10-11 games and 1 game a year, roll out something really different. Well done Tennessee.

  • These are some sick unis. Tennessee winning today….at least.

  • new unis are pretty sweet, coming from a Hog fan

  • The gloves would be even more awesome if adorned with a likeness of my upper lip hair above the “vols” insignia, that would ensure their dominance in the east and secure a bowl appearance for the volunteers. Although that much awesome might lead to too many unintended consequences and bring about the rapture.

  • I like the look of these. I like the looks of Oregon and other teams that go outside the normal occasionally. I do not want Bama to change their uniforms and I don’t think they will. Tradition mixed in with new deal is good for the game. Good job Tn, now show some action on the field. The coaches are giving you everything. The ball in on the five, 1st and goal for the team now.

  • I’m torn….I like the new uniforms. Kinda wish Alabama would get something new but then again why mess with tradition?

  • Ya know what’s funny is… ALL UT fans that mock other teams for wearing alternate unis and claim that UT only wears their school colors. Well, well, well, looks like the UT fans forgot about the ugly black and orange unis a few years ago and then these smoke gray unis. I didn’t realize that smoke gray was a UT official color. Either way, like the unis for the most part.

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