Photos: New Tennessee football uniforms

new-tennessee-uniforms small

Check out Tennessee’s new smokey-colored uniforms and new white uniforms.

Tennessee and Adidas unveiled new uniforms for 2013. The changes aren’t major, and the minor tweak on the home uniforms is the outline of the state of Tennessee on the back above the name. The away uniforms, not pictured, have a few minor changes, too.

South Carolina also unveiled new uniforms today, and Ole Miss did in April.






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  • These are really sharp! Can’t wait to see the away uniforms. Butch Jones changing the game.

  • As a diehard Commodore, I must commend you guys on the uniform update. These are well done, UT. I appreciate the texture around the numbers, as well as how the font of the numbers matches the stylization of the Power T. Unfortunately, it’s not going to help you guys beat us this year. But at least you’ll look good in the process. #AnchorDown

    • Thanks for the compliment…
      Always tickles me when Vandy fans start talking trash. A year or two of success over the course of history doesn’t create a dynasty, or really a reason to contemplate superiority. The SEC is better when Vandy is good, but it is much better when UT is good. Congrats on your recent successes, but let’s not get carried away just yet.

  • I like the design, but the shape of that mannequin is awkwardly distracting.

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