New UGA Logo and Football Uniforms

New Georgia Bulldogs Secondary Logo UGA

Nike and the University of Georgia released their new brand package along with completely new unfiorm designs for the 2013 season. Here are some photos from Nike:

New Georgia Bulldogs Secondary Logo UGA

New 2013 UGA Football White Uniforms

New 2013 red football uniforms Georgia Bulldogs

New UGA Football Pants Silver Britches

Georgia Football Uniform Photos 2013 Season

Georgia Nike Uniform Photos 2013 Football

New UGA Nike Football Uniforms Photos 2013

New Design Georgia Logo Letters UGA

Georgia Bulldogs Design Nike Logo

New Georgia Basketball Uniforms Nike 2013

The traditional “G” design was the only brand identity piece that was not changed by Nike. The secondary logos and lettering for “Georgia” and “Bulldogs” were changed along with the new uniform styles that will be worn during the 2013 football season. Visit this link for more Georgia football uniforms.



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  • At least they’ll look good when we put it on ’em this year in Jacksonville. Hungry for a little revenge. Hopefully they’re wearing the pearly whites.

  • PSHHH The gators put it on us?! Haha jk. I like it all fairly well. Not too keen on the new Bulldog logo but hey what can you do? I think the new uni’s look really good and the basketball jerseys are pretty awesome. Looking forward to another year of Georgia football!

  • The logo will have to grow on me. But the uniforms look great. We’re gonna look good whoopin them gators in Jacksonville. Go Dawgs!

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