Report: Nick Saban has agreed to an extension, will remain the head coach at Alabama

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama

It’s beginning to come out that Nick Saban has a agreed to a multi-year extension and will remain the head coach at University of Alabama. The Saban to Texas rumors will come to an end, and Alabama fans can rest assured knowing the master will remain at the helm of the Crimson Tide.

Kirk Herbstreit was first to report the news on Twitter:

“Coach Saban is the best in the business and has led our program to the pinnacle of college football,” Alabama director of athletics Bill Battle said in a statement. “This agreement is a strong indication of our mutual commitment to building on the foundation he has established.”

Nick Saban made a statement via the football program’s Twitter account: “We are excited about the future and the University of Alabama is where I plan to end my coaching career.”

It’s been rumored that Nick Saban’s new contract will pay him in the range of $7 million annually, though this has not been confirmed.

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  • Awww, SDS’s favorite gossip story is finally over. If you guys had just listened to Herbstreit sooner then you would have known this was inevitable, but you chased baseless speculation for weeks. Nice work.

    • For the last week, it was a major story. As I said in print and on radio, the fact that an extension hadn’t been signed yet by Saban warranted SOME discussion while obviously being cautious to buy into various “reports”. We cover what everyone is talking about with regards to SEC football. Everyone was talking about Nick Saban and his job status. Moreover, the vast majority of fans do enjoy commenting on such “what if” scenarios (i.e. If Saban left, who would replace him?) as long as they’re kept in check. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, right?

      • I just found it odd that in all of the writing SDS did about Saban’s future, none of you bothered to mention that Herbstreit (the biggest voice in college football) made a statement guaranteeing with unusual certainty that Saban was not going anywhere.
        I don’t know what your comment about having fun is supposed to mean. Do you mean you guys are having fun in the same way that the National Enquirer has fun? Of course it can be fun to speculate, but you should let us know if SDS is an attempt at journalism or creative writing.

        • You’re free to determine if you think SDS is creative writing or journalism and base your internet activities accordingly. We didn’t mention Herbstreit’s quote about him not going anywhere several days ago because it was in the comments of one of the other articles. We always assumed he would stay. We discussed the various rumors, held a healthy dose of skepticism, and then discussed why or why not would Saban consider Texas, what are the factors that might lead him to leave, etc. If you aren’t interested in that kind of discussion during a time when a story over Saban determining whether he will stay at Alabama or head elsewhere, you should probably turn off your tv, radio and computer.

        • I’ll go ahead and say what Kevin can’t because he is an SDS employee: You Bammers get your panties in a wad so friggin’ easily. This Saban story was the biggest thing in the sports world for the past week and was talked about constantly on the biggest of sites, all the way down to the smallest message boards. If you think SDS would just report “Kirk Herbstreit confidently states Saban isn’t leaving, so there is no reason for any additional discussion” then you seriously lack intelligence. Tell me, did you go to every other site, write ESPN, and otherwise voice your displeasure to every outlet that reported the Saban story? Don’t answer that because I’m sincerely afraid you may have.

        • You’re right that everyone was talking about it, but all also made mention of Herbstreit so that their readers were informed in a more balanced way. I’m fine with speculation but you have to present the whole picture, not just what suits your interests.
          I like reading about SEC football, but I’m voicing my opinion on what I would like to hear as opposed to playing make believe with Saban ghost stories. I don’t mind speculation, let’s speculate who the next Bama QB might be.

        • Just to chime in here — SDS was hardly the only media outlet reporting on this story. Saban and Mack Brown have both indirectly (Saban) or directly (Brown) ripped ESPN for talking about it. And they both have benefited mightily from ESPN’s coverage over the years. Bottom line?: It WAS a story. And heck, I wrote that the top recruit in the country said that Saban told him he wasn’t leaving, and I was ripped for reporting something that was so obvious, that “of course Saban’s going to say that to a recruit”. That ripping came from non-Bama fans. So, you catch it from both ends. That’s my take. You do have three things to keep in mind here over the past week: Earlier this year, Saban’s people were approached by Texas’ people … that’s a fact. Also, Saban had a contract on his desk that he didn’t sign for a week … fact. And even though Mack Brown publicly has said he’s not going anywhere, we all know Texas fans are unhappy with the past 4 years and that coaching move was certainly considered. That makes a coaching change a possibility no doubt … and we all know how Saban handled the move from the Miami Dolphins to Bama.

    • @Alatide is still upset over the Iron Bowl. This clown never has anything good or constructive to say. Never. Dude has been running his mouth the entire year, and has never had one good thing to say. Ignore this clown, Kevin.

    • Alatide: You’re right, this hasn’t been the biggest story in CFB for the last several weeks. You and I have been over this — if you want to find your boring CFB news with no discussion, go get your news elsewhere. Millions of readers enjoy the speculation and discussion here at SDS. You’re free to get your news and add your input elsewhere….

      • You guys continue to miss the point. I know it’s a big story in the sense that tons of people are willing to speculate about it, but my question was why none of you thought it necessary to include the comments of Herbstreit. His quote was stunningly absolute and was big news. Everyone who covered this story quoted him, except SDS. Why? That’s all I’m asking.

        • No. I hear your point loud and clear. I’ve heard it the entire year on several posts. It’s not about not publishing an article with Herby’s comments; every article it’s something different. Like I said, you’re free to get your news elsewhere. Our readers and community enjoy the site, speculation and discussion. The previous article I wrote about the Texas president commenting on Saban, you didn’t like the FB post. Said we needed to take more ‘pride’ in our reporting when the report itself within the article said Saban wasn’t going to Texas and has denied it twice. It’s always something different. I assume the quote from Texas’ president was ‘baseless speculation’ too, right?

  • 11 out of 12 teams in the Big12 just exhaled a collective sigh of relief

  • Thank gawd this story is finally put to bed. I wanted Saban to leave because, being honest, he is an excellent coach and it seems he will keep Bama dominant as long as he is there. But, at the end of the day, I raised an eyebrow at the rumor of him leaving and then gladly went about my day. Just glad it won’t be the biggest, if not only, story being reported across the internet and TV.

  • Wow! As a BAMA fan I personally thought it was pretty fun that our coach was the center of attention over the past few weeks!lol Nick Saban therefore BAMA made about more headlines than the Heisman or the BCS! Can you say awesome for the program? Every recruit in the nation saw just how much press Saban/BAMA got & that’s got to weigh into their thoughts & may draw a few that weren’t head out way our way! Keep right on talking about us I for one will take it! Roll Tide!

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