Saban reportedly saying no to NFL teams


In a report from, Alabama head coach Nick Saban is turning NFL teams down.

Here’s a portion of the report:

NFL teams that have been inquiring about Alabama coach Nick Saban in recent days and weeks have been told in no uncertain terms: thanks, but no thanks.

At least so far. Some franchises with vacancies have sent feelers toward Saban and the Alabama camp regarding his seriousness about returning to the NFL. He has told these inquirers that he isn’t coming back.

It’s unclear which teams have contacted Alabama. Several league sources say most, if not all of them, have reached out to Saban in some unofficial capacity, and Saban or his camp has been extremely clear about his intentions.

Although nothing will be final until all NFL head coaching vacancies are filled or Saban publicly says he staying, it does look like he’ll coach Alabama for another year, if there was ever any doubt. Saban has never stayed at any job more than five years, and he’s in his sixth year at Alabama now.

I’ve been in the minority thinking he would make the jump, at least in the future at some point, but I never really thought it would be after this season.

Do coaches like Saban ever get tired of dominating college football with so much parity?

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  • “Do coaches like Saban ever get tired of dominating college football with so much parity?”
    Can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.
    Ask any coach if he gets tired of winning. Well, you probably shouldn’t. In the words of Herm Edwards “You play to WIN the game.”

  • If you want to answer this question for good, there’s one source I haven’t heard quoted outside the local/tide partisan media: Miz Terry. It’s simple: Mrs. Saban doesn’t want to return to the NFL. Therefore, neither does Mr. Saban. She’s the only authority he answers to, and she says no. Boom. Done. Let’s talk about something that’s actually a thing, like how the ink won’t be dry on Chip Kelly’s NFL contract by kickoff time in the Fiesta Bowl.

  • Saban won’t take the job back in the NFL, Here’s the reason why. When your players make more money then you do, then most coaches lose control of the system. With college football (take Saban, Spurrier) for example. Both run dictatorship type teams, it’s the “Process” so they get to get their ego filled mantra’s filled with glorification! If Saban ever leaves it’s going to be a MAJOR PROGRAM that is fallen by the wayside and he can establish order back in that team. Personally I think if he wins BCS Championship this year, and maybe another one in the next two yrs, that will give him 4 possibly 5 at alabama, which could mean he could stay and try to break the Bear’s 6 natl championships. or he could be the MAN

  • In The Wrds of Bear Bryany ” …..well be walking out of here National Champions…and ill tell you this, I expect nothing less.” Coaches love to win. Saban could be a College football legend or go to the NFL and be Just another coach. I Think he’ll stay… ROLL TIDE!!!

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