Nick Saban remains in favor of nine-game SEC schedule, takes jab at Ohio State


Alabama coach Nick Saban stands alone in favor of the SEC moving to a nine-game league schedule. Going against the herd isn’t anything new for Saban, and to have success in any facet of life, going against the herd is usually imperative.

Saban said today that if the SEC doesn’t improve its schedules, ‘one of these days fans are going to quit coming to the games’. And he added that, “If we all played good teams it would be easier to quantify who the best teams are.”

And he’s right. Think about it. When your favorite team clubs a baby seal in a non-conference garbage game, what motivation do you have to be there? It’s a better experience sitting at home witnessing the blowout while watching other top games from around the SEC.

Saban is reportedly the only coach in the SEC in favor of moving to a nine-game SEC schedule. All other coaches would like to keep the SEC to eight conference games, and some even want to eliminate permanent cross-divisional games like Les Miles.

On Ohio State and the SEC

Just last Friday, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer speculated that Alabama should have lost three games last season.

“You look at [2012], [Alabama] should have lost three games. Georgia had them beat. LSU, I watched that one, it was over. Obviously they ended up beating them. I thought they’d be really good. I think there are some really good teams in the conference.”

Saban was asked today about Ohio State competing with the top six SEC teams last year in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina and Texas A&M.

“How many would Ohio State have beaten? Would they have won three? I don’t know.”

Saban and Alabama won two of the three games against the top six teams. Missouri played the most top six teams and went 0-5. Florida finished 3-1 against the top six.

On Tim Davis’ ‘the devil himself’ comments

Saban said that both Florida AD Jeremy Foley and Will Muschamp called and apologized for Gator offensive line coach Tim Davis’ comments.

Two weeks ago in an effort to pump up his own coach at Saban’s expense, Davis called Saban ‘the devil himself’.

That didn’t sit too well with Saban, who called the comments terribly disappointing.

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  • I have always and will always hate Ohio State. Looking at their track record against higher tier SEC teams I don’t think they have much room to talk about who should’ve lost games. I guess OS prefers just actually losing to SEC teams rather than playing strong until the end of the game and winning.
    Foley and Muschamp are class acts, glad to hear they are doing what needs to be done to let the entire country know that the SEC has class. Tons of respect for Saban, Foley, and Muschamp.

    • msuath121…you are a bozo for sure!…The SEC has been good for decade…what about the other decades before that when they were terrible…what goes around comes around, The Buckeyes will take an SEC team out real soon you watch and cry when that happens.

      • Superpup, judging off your comment the only the thing I am sure you are super about is being in denial. I actually had stop reading so I would laugh after each sentence. The BCS, in case you didn’t know, has been around longer than a decade and the SEC has dominated it. The SEC has always been good, but for a while now the SEC has been immaculate, perfect, dominant, over powering, the best thing in the world.
        I did a little wikipedia check and I only found one time that Ohio State beat an SEC team since 1970 (I quit looking at 1970 and I might have missed one). Ohio State sucks, don’t even get me started on bowl games and national championships.

      • dawww look at the wee little buckeye squirm trying to make a point. Let me enlighten you on exactly how profoundly dumb your comment is. The SEC has been good for a decade…. The SEC has won a national championship if not multiple national championships since the 1900’s in every decade. If you want to talk about claimed national titles we have been winning them since the 1920’s once if not multiple national championships every decade. So your comment is logically dead from the start kid. Swing and a miss there kid, I would say it was a nice try but it was wasn’t…. it was pathetic. Go on back to the midwest where beating UofM is something to be proud of, down here your biggest rival is nothing more than a practice game. So are you.The only SEC teams you have proven you can beat is Vandy and UK (slow clap). Any decent SEC team rejoices every time they are blessed with a free bowl win against Ohio State.

  • Bama only beat 2 of the top 6 last year.

    They didn’t play Florida, Vandy or South Carolina and lost to Texas A&M. Only beat Georgia and LSU… both of which were nearly losses.

    • What are you saying? Almost means nothing. Bama almost beat A&M if you want to play with it. If Johnny hadn’t luckily picked up the fumble and throw a good pass Bama would have won. If AJ hadn’t thrown that illadvised pass they would have won. I defy you to watch that game and tell me it wasn’t luck for A&M. I didn’t get upsey losing to them because they are a great team, class all around but facts are facts. I also can’t wait until we, Bama play them agian this year. Might be the same way but I don’t think so.

      • What are you saying?? i think a fumble is when you lose complete control of the ball – that was just a little johnny football razzle dazzle, hello heisman moment to distract the stellar Bama defense – Bama already tried to run the ball, 3 tries from the 6 – throwing that pass was the bestest idea the bestest coach in the whole dang universe could think of to work – i watched the whole game and i thought it was luck that Bama was even that close LOL – looking forward to Sept 14! Gig Em!~ BTHO Bama!~ Whooppp!!!!

        • By your 3 runs, you mean Eddie Lacy running one designed run play, and McCarron trying to scramble for yards on two designed pass plays. You know Florida and Auburn both had razzle dazzle Heisman quarterbacks too. When they left, the programs experienced withdrawal symptoms. It’s great that the Aggies have an exciting player to be proud of. Enjoy it now, and I mean that sincerely. But the fad will come to an end. The trend is common with teams whose success relies mainly on a single player. I do hope you continue to visit SDS after Sept. 14th. Until then, we’ll just have to allow you to boast about how you thought the game shoud’ve been a blowout. The way I see it Alabama and Texas A&M both won 2 quarters of that game, the difference was A&M won the quarters that counted – the start and finish.

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