Watch a frustrated Nick Saban address the media regarding Yahoo! report


With today’s Yahoo! report regarding DJ Fluker and four other SEC players allegedly receiving improper benefits, we knew Nick Saban wouldn’t be in the peachiest mood. And he didn’t disappoint.

The fired-up Saban started to turn to an angry Saban before the presser ended.

This isn’t the first time Nick Saban has given the media piece of his mind.

Note: video doesn’t play on all mobile devices. Here’s a link to the actual video in case in doesn’t.

Photo Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports



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  • That was a LOT calmer than I would’ve expected!

  • I was ready for him to slap that water bottle right off the podium.

  • Poor little Nicky having to deal with questions about all the cheating the Tide has been up too… Tide is such an appropriate name for this team , but no amount of toilet paper could clean the crap off this dirty program. Little Nicky Satan looked like he wanted to cry. I cannot stand Johnny Football. Best case scenario Johnny football gets his clock cleaned and is out for the season and Satan get his arse handed to him by Sumlin again. I hate that ball control offense to boot. I’m ready to see the Tide roll away for good. If only the NCAA had the power to do to Auburn and Alabama what they did to SMU !!! The tide are exactly what is wrong with college football. Cry me a river Nicky , you had to answer questions.

    • Tlove,
      you have a serious problem, because your team suck is why you use the term Satan, and little nicky. It must be easy for you to be a hater. I had to guess you must be a LSU fan.

    • You do realize that tide is a laundry detergent and not toilet paper… right?

    • “All the cheating…”? What are you talking about? Alabama under Saban has been one of the cleaner programs in the SEC. They have had almost no issues, and Fluker maybe taking some money from an outside entity is pretty insignificant relative to other things that have gone on. Also, how does equate to cheating? A player takes money from an outside entity and this helps us win how?

  • You go Nick! The media loves to stir up crap that has nothing to do with playing football. Sure, if someone broke the rules they should pay for it, but Saban told the media in a statement. Why keep asking stupid questions when what most likely be the game of the year for the Tide is coming this Saturday…

  • Listen, just because we had to pay a few players does not mean we did anything wrong. They were good and well everybody needs money. And Coach Saban I am available should you need your car washed.

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