Saban’s agent reveals he would only leave for Texas, says he’s feeling pressure at Alabama


Nick Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, the one who reportedly met with the Texas regents according to a September report, told Texas officials in January that his client would only consider leaving Alabama for Texas, in a new report by the AP.


Sexton said because of Saban and Alabama’s success, he is feeling ‘special pressure’ by the Crimson Tide. The Texas regent detailed the call via e-mail to the AP.

“Sexton confirmed that UT is the only job Nick would possibly consider leaving Alabama for, and that his success there created special pressure for him,” Hicks wrote.

This news comes out just days before Alabama hosts LSU Saturday night, and during the Crimson Tide’s quest for a three-peat. Saban previously said he was ‘too damn old‘ to start over somewhere else.

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Texas would be the only school that could pay Saban enough money for him to leave Alabama, and I have a feeling Nick Saban and one Jimmy Sexton are about to become a lot more wealthy.

Good luck to the reporter who asks Saban about the report during his next press conference.

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  • Alabama Chancellor: “Nick Saban’s the best financial investment this university has ever made.” — If I’m Saban, my response is… ok, double my salary or I’ll go to Texas. Thanks.

    • It’s true, these finances were talked about in Forbes not too long ago. The article was entitled “The Magic Of Nick Saban: Everyone Wants To Go To Alabama”. and was published last May.

    • Yeah, there’s a reason an agent is saying this. It’s his job to make sure Saban gets paid so obviously he has to create competition. It doesn’t make sense that Saban would feel less pressure at Texas. If anything, he’s bought himself a long leash at Alabama with all the championships, whereas at Texas he would be expected to resurrect that program instantly.

      • And he more than likely would.

        • He probably could, but it would be a difficult project with the way other nearby schools are now surpassing Texas in talent, media coverage and success. My point was: if Saban is looking to escape intense pressure that exists at Alabama, it makes no sense that he would jump into the frying pan at Texas.

  • This continues to be the story. Saban seems like a loner type person who can’t get alone in Tuscaloosa. Austin, Texas, would allow him that alone time…

    • What??? Mack Brown has more media obligations than any head coach in the country with the Long Horn Network. Nonetheless, I do hope Saban heads west.

  • Top Shelf Gamesmanship! a lil leverage for a healthier payday in Tuscaloosa.

    • LOL, Sexton is a genius.

      For all of the people who’d love to see Saban leave UA, for any reason there might be, ask yourself this—do you think Saban would even being to want to deal with the media commitment of the Longhorn Network, much less the vast increase of boosters who will want a piece of his time?

      • *begin, not being

        Pressure, lol. That’s not going to decrease in a state as football-crazy as Alabama, with a hell of a lot more people involved.

  • More entertainment there Jon? Even old Kevin had to jump in there. Well the Alumni has met all the request Nick has asked, and it has also been discussed during yearly contractual meeting any raises or bonuses to be brought to the table. This is nothing new with Saxon, so the real story here is that Saxon is trying line his pockets. If Saban is ready to leave then I wish him the best of luck where ever he decides to go.

  • I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but it can’t be a coincidence that this was released today. It seems that this story gains another leg prior to each game that might be a threat to Alabama. If memory serves, it originated days before the A&M game, then Coach Saban’s wife was caught house hunting in Austin before the Ole Miss game and now he’s feeling “special pressure” so he might consider leaving. I can’t wait to read the final trilogy of the story before the Auburn game.

  • Why is your site telling me I’m lonely and need a mail order bride from China? Oh, thats right, I’m reading rumors about $aban leaving for Texa$

  • LOL !!! I have news for Sexton, AND Saban (if there is any truth to this). I am a Bama fan, and have been ALL 57 years of my life. I have met, shook hands with, been at dinners with every Alabama Coach from Coach Bryant up to Coach Shula … the only one I haven’t is Coach Saban, but my son has taken up the torch there. I have said all that, to say this … A few years ago my life’s journey moved me to Texas, (and I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed the last few years living in Texas wih Alabama winning ALL the National Championships, ESPECIALLY the one over Texas) BUT …. living here in Texas, Jimmy Sexton, NOR Nick Saban will EVER feel the pressure in Alabama like they would in Texas, especially as Coach of the Texas Longhorns. I am in the Dallas area, and even when they (of for that matter the Dallas Cowboys) win, the people, nor the press is pleased !!! (NOT a Cowboy fan either). I know people will say I am just wanting Coach Saban to stay in Tuscaloosa, and I do want that …. BUT … I am here EVERY day, reading the papers, listening to the Dallas ESPN, and Sports Radio shows ….. again, Coach Saban, you will NEVER, I repeat NEVER feel pressure in Alabama, like you will if you move to Austin to coach the Texas Longhorns !!! Just sayin …

    • I think you’re completely right, texas is one of the most passionate and hard to please fan bases in all of the country. I have a tough time believing they won’t put pressure on saban as well.

      • They will put a lot of pressure on him along with a lot of money.

        • Alabama has made it clear that they will pay Saban whatever it takes. They aren’t even pretending to think otherwise, and they won’t be outbid.

        • In response to Alatide: I’m sure Alabama will do all that it can to retain Saban should this turn into a bidding war between the two. I’ve heard many an Alabama fan say this very thing about paying “whatever it takes” to keep him. That sounds good, but Alabama can’t out-bid Texas if it comes to strictly a dollar amount. 2 more things: 1) As a fan of team in the SEC West, I obviously hope he moves on to Texas, but 2) I think it would be absolutely foolish to leave Bama for Austin…..other than the $$ of course.

        • Alabama can’t outbid Texas? What makes you think that? Do you have any idea how much cash has flowed into Bama over the past 5 years as a result of the championships? Money is not a problem.

  • If Bama thinks that Saben is truly loyal, they are crazy. Look at the mans record of jobs. I will say this. he is one hell of a coach. I am a die hard auburn fan. His time at Bama is just about up. Why? because he has done what he came there to do. if they win the National Championship, 10 to 1 he will go to Texas. More money, and he will turn that program into gold just like all the programs he has coached for with the exception of the NFL. Bet it up. it’s happing jack.

    • No coach is loyal. How many coaches do we see every year running from their team during the holidays to some new glamorous job. Don’t act like Saban is unique in taking different jobs. The question is why would he leave Alabama. It will not be about money because Alabama will pay him top dollar. The only legitimate reason would be to accept a new challenge, and that may be possible, but it would be quite rare to see a coach who is in the middle of a dynasty to just up and leave to go to a program that is struggling. That doesn’t seem logical.

      • He was building a dynasty at LSU and left in the middle of it, not as big as the one he has going at the Tide, I’m shocked he stayed there as long as he has, he has made a living out of bailing on teams. He’s due a trip.

        • He was building a dynasty at LSU? They won one title. You can’t claim that was anything remotely similar to what he has done at Bama. He spent 5 years at LSU, tried the NFL for two years and has been at Bama for the past 7 seasons. The only thing he bailed on was the NFL. He’s been pretty good about staying put other than that. If you haven’t noticed, this is what coaches do. They go somewhere for awhile and then they take another job elsewhere. Why is Saban looked at differently for doing the same thing all coaches do?

  • When something just won’t go away…it has legs. BUT maybe the only legs is for leverage and mr. sexton to fill his pocket full of coin. saban is about to become the first $10-12 million coach, whether that’s in tuscaloosa or austin.

  • Would I be sad if Coach Saban left… Of course! But contrary to the belief of the rest of the country, I would not end my life over it, as probably some ridiculous fan would. Regardless, he has given us an amazing run and built an amazing team and that is undeniable. And in reality it has to end at some point. But the fact is, money has NOTHING to do with this transaction. No matter what Texas offeres Saban, Alabama would double it , triple it, whatever it took. Money will never be a deciding factor in a move for him. He has made this university more than it could have ever imagined. Second, it would not be for fame, he has more fame then he could ever imagine. only two things would give him a legitimate reason to leave…1) de-stress, which that would only last so long because of how hard and passionate of a worker he is. And either the stress would be huh because he is failing at Texas and everyone is breathing down his neck, or he is succeeding as he has here and they are still breathing down his neck. 2) the challenge to be the only coach to win a NC at 3 different schools. which in my opinion is there is more risk than reward there. My thoughts… leave while you’re ahead. And you can’t get much more ahead than you are now. As for the trash alabama fans… CHILL OUT! Get a life! and as always… Roll Tide!

  • Riiiight, because he won’t feel any pressure at Texas.

    At least Saban will get paid more at Alabama.

  • As a bama fan, I say, pay the man. But if he leaves, I wish him the best. Kirby Smart is ready to step in.

  • Anyone that thinks Saban is leaving Title Town is delusional. What part of “… there’s no better job waiting at the University of Mars…” comment didn’t you get. Besides, his wife Terri is supremely happy in Tuscaloosa. Austin is a crap job. The pressures would only get larger there. However, I’d like to be a fly on the wall the next time some dumb ass reporter asks Saban about the Texas job…..LOL! That guy will walk away with his tail between his legs and shoved all the way up his arse……

  • Saban is creating history at Bama. He will leave there when he has as many NC rings as John Wooden. To start over some place else at age 62 would jeopardize the legacy he’s creating. He constructed a train and it’s rolling down the tracks. He’s not going anywhere……

  • There’s pressure at Texas, so what does he expect? IMO he has leverage at Alabama because he’s brought them 3 National Titles and those people would block his exit out of the state if they thought he was leaving.

  • if he doesnt go to texas he has a solid recruiting scheme but if he leaves for texas he could have a loosing record and become the biggest disappointment for texas and alabama

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