Saban’s wife house hunting in Texas goes viral


They’re back. The Nick Saban-to-Texas rumors are heating up again.

Last time, it was agent and regent related. This time, it’s about Terry Saban house hunting in Austin.

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SBNation’s Burnt Orange Nation, via ESPN Radio and Inside Texas, reported that Mrs. Saban was house shopping two weeks ago in Austin with her daughter-in-law, but reports have concluded with Mrs. Saban merely wanting a ‘vacation home’. Inside Texas broke the story regarding regents reaching out to Saban’s agent, and the site has been out front on several other UT stories, including this one. Credibility hasn’t been an issue.

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Burnt Orange Nation reported that ESPN Radio also confirmed the report, saying their sources also say it’s true.

Alex Loeb who hosts the afternoon show on 104.9 in Austin with Sean Adams was saying how there was the Wallace Hall reaching out to Saban’s agent story…then a few weeks ago there were reports that were pretty detailed about Terry Saban househunting in Austin, and that the report had a realtor’s name and dollar figures and neighborhoods…and that he did some digging with people he trusts and that the report was completely true.

Terry bought property in Baton Rouge last year, and she’s a licensed real estate agent with plenty of money to play with if she’s interested in making business deals. Perhaps the house is for Saban’s son and daughter-in-law? Before we jump to any conclusions, there are in fact 1,000 different reasons Mrs. Saban could want property or a home in Austin.

Austin is an attractive place. If it were Norman (OU) or Blacksburg (VT) it would be different. There’s also no personal income tax in Texas either.

Color me skeptical, but the ongoing Saban-to-Texas rumors will live on until the Longhorns actually hire a new head coach. Can we at least get through the season first?

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  • Tuscaloosa is probably in desperation mode. Can’t wait until Saturday!

    • Oh yeah, we sure are desperate here in Tuscaloosa. Three championships in four years. On our way to possibly another. Yep, it’s tough being a Bama fan, but it must be great in Knoxville, right?

      • Living in Tuscaloosa is punishment enough for you people down there. We (UT) live in a beautiful city in the foothills of the Smokies, have a much better stadium on a scenic river, and traditionally a great football team with a much classier fan base. I would rather live in Knoxville and have 1 NC in the last 15 years than have 10 NCs and live in Tuscaloosa or anywhere else in Alabama.

        • Good your right where you want to be and right where we Alabamians would prefer you to be…Looks like everyone’s happy, other than that come Saturday the reality for the Vol’s and how low their program has fallen will set in around 2:30pm…RTR!

        • Knoxville is, frankly speaking, an appalling cackhole.

        • I might agree the Smokies are a nice place to live however your stadium isn’t even close to Bryant Denny Stadium. BDS is an incredible place, very well updated and one of the most beautiful stadiums I have ever been in. The fans at Neyland are some of the worse. Having been in the Million Dollar Band, we played in several stasiums all over and Tennessee has been the only one ever to throw things at us, each time we were there. Even LSU didn’t do that, they were intimidating but never threw cokes, ice cream, whatever they could get their hands on at us. Several times after a game we would run back under the stands at the request of the UT police. That’s bad! That’s a lot of class there Tennessee.

        • And fat phil had to cheat an pay a quarterback to get 1!

        • Awwwwww someone’s feelings got hurt

    • Nah. We’re laughing at the pathetic straw-grasping on the part of the Lake Travis crowd.

    • vols suck balls, volunqueers!!! go have sex w a texas steer! Sabna is not goin anywere and neither is mack brown, now butch might leave after he he finds out he has a rather ordinary football team, smoke and mirrors, come back down to earth. Cause u are goin down .!!!31-0RTR

    • Wow what a beat down guess you are glad Saturday is over!!! I guess Knoxville is in desperation mode for sure now ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!

  • Uh Oh Bammers – King and Savior Nicky Saban is departing T-Town. Vacation Home? I bet. But, good thing for you bammers, Nick Saban has never lied to a fanbase before.

    • Spoken like a true Aubie. You all hang on every stupid rumor, guess it takes your mind off the cows.

      • Wheres the rumor you speak of? FACT; She was searching for a “vacation” home in
        (of all places) Austin, TX. FACT. Nick Saban lied twice. I am not leaving LSU. I am not leaving the Dolphins to coach Bama. You Bammers have a serious superiority complex. Nothing ever bad will happen to the legions of sidewalk bama fans. Hilarious.

        • you guys sure do get chippy once you win a game or two don’t you

        • You got us, Exit51!! And if he were to leave Tuscaloosa, he brought us 3 NT’s to your 1 (1st, in what, 50 years?). Pretty sure you Barners have the biggest inferiority complex in all of college football.

        • Where are these facts that you speak of? The rumor was spread by a Texas blog, then later “confirmed” by Alex Loeb, a man that has no credibility, AND he’s a texas fan. Of course they want Saban, but they won’t get him.

        • Yes, and their other home is in Georgia. I guess that means he’s going to UGA?

        • Facts out of context are worth exactly zero in the real world.

        • Sidewalk Bama fans? Dude, your team a game- good for you. Fact: You are all pathetic with envy since Cam left. Fact: Saban is a great coach and Alabama is lucky to have him as long as he chooses to stay. Fact: Saban will NEVER go to Auburn, get over it.

        • “pathetic with envy since Cam left.” Dude, I never liked Cam to begin with and, since he left? It was only back in 2010. You bammers are the last to comment on a fan hanging on to something. Atleast we don’t hold on to a Dead Bear for 55 something years. Nice Houndstooth hat im sure you all own. Again you all have a serious superiority complex and I cant wait till a team left on your schedule smacks you down to reality.

        • Actually Jacob, his house in GA is up for sale. It is going to auction next month!!

    • Yeah, if only he had gotten us a championship before leaving. Oh yeah, he’s already brought us three and counting….and he’s not leaving.

    • Pitiful Barner’s their so preoccupied with their wishful thinking of Coach SABAN leaving it kind of reminds me of the Bryant years…You know when they may beat BAMA once a decade!!! LOL

    • Pitiful Barner’s their so preoccupied with their wishful thinking of Coach SABAN leaving it kind of reminds me of the Bryant years…You know when they may beat BAMA once a decade!!! LOL

  • I live in Austin, would love to know WHERE she was house shopping, because there is a lot of lakefront property here, as well as ranches not too far outside of town (30 minutes or more). Granted, many people make those places their first homes, especially the lake property on Lake Austin (right next to downtown) and Lake Travis (20 minutes out), but still, there is plenty of vacation property in Austin. The vacation home thing is completely plausible. Also, Austin is a great place to buy property right now, this city is exploding and you could see a big return on your investment pretty quickly.

  • Nick’s as likely to go coach at Texas next year as I am to be elected President in 2014, which isn’t an election year and I’m not legally old enough to be President. That being said, I think every fan, player, coach, alumnus, manager, dean and grounds crew member at every SEC school not named Alabama should pray that Saban does go to Texas on a nightly basis. Because until he leaves, the SEC belongs to him.

    • Exactly. The SEC belongs to Saban, not Alabama. Whichever team has Saban wins the SEC. Bama is no more special than Missouri or LSU or anyone else even though their fans think otherwise. They forget about the Dubose, Franchione days. Once Saban leaves, and it will be soon (next 3 years), Bama will revert back to what they were: a mediocre team in a redneck little town.

      • What Buffoonery, only an idiot would deny that the domination of the SEC & the National Titles BAMA has would put them in the same breath with any other SEC team period… Kind of like saying Kentucky’s Basketball team is like all other SEC & average run of the mill teams…Hmmmm, sounds like someone needs to SOBER UP before blogging…LOL RTR!!!

    • Even though I don’t know you, who you are or represent in life my vote would be yours…go ahead and run for office..ya might just be surprised how many votes you would actually get….lol

  • One factual problem…Texas does have state property taxes. Unless the entire city of Austin is exempt. That said…he would be stupid to go to Texas, and he’s certainly not stupid. As an LSU fan, I wish he would go to Texas though :)

  • I don’t why Jon even put this up, this story didn’t carry any weight, and it was dead story yesterday. After talking with Chris L yesterday he said it was dead issue.

    • It’s called sensationalism, and Jon engages in it as much as anyone else in the entertainment media. I wish they would stick to facts instead of trying to stir the pot.

      • You’re right. Nobody in college football is talking about it. Relax.

        • Well, it is old news so you are a day late and a dollar short. And, yes it’s only the entertainment media talking about it, not legitimate journalists.

        • So old that 60k-plus other readers weren’t interested in it? Relax. If everyone else in college football is talking about it, we are too.

        • What a great mission statement: If everyone else is doing it, we’ll follow their lead!

          This is why editors are part of the media structure.

      • LOL @AlaTide. Bama is the whiniest bunch of fans I’ve ever seen. Seriously. It’s unbelievable

        • I think all this entertainment news is ridiculous, whether it concerns the Tide or not. I think this kind of reporting is irresponsible and people like Jon know it, but they can’t help but take part in it. This is the kind of crap E! news reports.

        • Never had a problem with your comments, Alatide, and I have enjoyed your comments in the past.

        • @AlaTide – Then go get your news from ESPN, CBS or some other boring site.

        • What a joke you are. As recent as last week I heard a Texas fans say,
          “…if Colt hadn’t got hurt”. What a bunch of Broke Back Mountain Cowboys……

      • You completely twisted his words

  • I know you guys would love for Saban to leave Alabama and go to Texas. The only people that believe this rumor are Bama haters and Texas fans…..

  • As a Texas fan I’d prefer Art Briles over Saban…

  • UT fans can go s$#t in your hats.

    • You should have used more dollar signs in S$#t…

    • Wow, really an articulate comment 98! I attended the ’10 MNC game in Pasadena and was shocked by the number of arrogant, belligerent Tide fans I encountered — and that was before the game was ever decided. While I hate to generalize, sometimes it’s tough not to…and comments like this make it even harder. If Saban does choose to leave UA, I’d be willing to guess that escaping attitudes like this was at least a consideration.

  • Like Jon said, the Saban to Texas talk isn’t going away until they fire Brown and hire someone else

  • NEWS FLASH: Nick Saban’s dog sat on a map right on top of Los Angeles! He is going to Southern Cal for SURE!

    • FYI Ua1998
      2010/01/07 Texas 21 – Alabama 37 L !! BCS Championship !!
      1982/01/01 Texas 14 – Alabama 12 W !! Cotton Bowl !!
      1973/01/01 Texas 17 – Alabama 13 W !! Cotton Bowl !!
      1965/01/01 Texas 21 – Alabama 17 W !! Orange Bowl !!
      1960/12/17 Texas 3 – Alabama 3 T !! Bluebonnet Bowl !!
      1948/01/01 Texas 27 – Alabama 7 W !! Sugar Bowl !!
      1922/10/28 Texas 19 – Alabama 10 W
      1915/11/13 Texas 20 – Alabama 0 W
      1902/11/19 Texas 10 – Alabama

  • Sorry losers, Nick’s not going anywhere, as much as you all would like it to happen. What a pathetic bunch of losers live in Austin………..

    • Texas record vs Alabama 7-1-1 833 winning pct..
      Looks like your the losers!!!

      • Msb, it’s actually spelled *you’re. You remember what happened in the only recent game Alabama played against Texas, don’t you? Be thankful your Longhorns don’t play against them regularly anymore.
        My school isn’t involved here, so my opinion isn’t biased regarding the Saban to Texas talk. I’d bet anything he isn’t leaving Tuscaloosa for Austin. Why would someone want to leave a place they’ve built a dynasty to go to a school whose team is crumbling? He’d have to start over from scratch with coaches and players. Not only that, but he’d have to out-recruit two conferences at Texas, not only that but also two schools in the Big 12 who’ve become better than Texas, A&M & Baylor. He would have a few seasons before he has all of his recruits on the field playing his style of football. By that time, he’s closer to 70 years old than he is 60. That’s the scenario. Yeah, leaving Alabama doesn’t make much sense.
        It looks like a lot of posters who have no ties to the Tide are obsessed with hating on him. That’s what you call trolling.

        • Thanks for the spell check. Not hating on Alabama just stating facts & responding to a particular post. Texas has a great football program was defending them. Funny how A&M and Mizzou where middle of the pack Big 12 teams and now the darlings of the SEC.

  • You know the difference in a puppy and an awbarn fan? A puppy will eventually stop whining!

  • I emphasize his wife and daughter in-law were in texas, looking at homes for her, cause her family is from texasss!! U think saban would take a half-ass job like that when he has got the best coaching job in America, why didn’t he go to Tennessee, cause the vols suck balls and he doesn’t want tobe a volunqueer, he wants to beat down the volunqueers. Now come back down to earth, Tennessee, cause last weekand was all smoke and mirrors. Cause ur win was a fluke. Anything to grab onto when u a have been as pathetic as yal have been, u think Oregon was good, what till u play us, we have only allowed five td’s this year and yal aren’t getting any against us. maybe a fieldgoal or two. Wake up, u one a few games ,ur getting better, but don’t think u can beat us, and ur little itty bitty titty story ,is that suppose to scar bama. Mack Brown is winning and nick is winning, I think what yal meant to say is that tenn sucks and butch jones wants out already, so his wife will be down there to find a home. Scarred of the orange and white, don’t think so. Y know what sand castles and ten have in common, they both fall apart when the tide roll in!!!

  • Keep dreamin ten, u suck balls vols, go scare somebody else cause ur comments are pathetic, volunqueers. last week was all smoke and mirrors for u, come back down to earth, cause ur about to get ur tail whipped, we have only allowed 5 td’s this year. and u wont get nothing. 31-0 RTR!RammaJamma YellowHammer Tenn is gonna get that beat down by bama. U think saban would leave bama for texas, yeah right. Mack brown is doing fine, butch might want to leave after he realizes what he got himself into. ROLL TIDE ROLL!! Flush the VOLS down the toilet bowl.!

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