SEC fatigue shines through in Notre Dame SID comment about Clowney

NCAA Football: BCS National Championship-Alabama vs Notre Dame

The public is so enamored with the freakish ability of Jadeveon Clowney that the internet went nuts over a recent video of Jadeveon Clowney and Gerald Dixon flipping over a sled. Admittedly, it’s not the most impressive feat, but college football fans are clamoring for all things Clowney…and for good reason.

Is that so bad? Clowney makes no headlines off the field. He makes them on the field, and after finishing the season with probably the best hit I’ve ever seen, fans are ready to watch him at any chance that they can in 2013.

It appears that one party, however, isn’t happy about the Clowney frenzy. Well, maybe two.


We expect the frustration from Clemson fans. After all, Spurrier’s Gamecocks have indeed embarrassed the cross-state Tigers in recent years.

But, how about the Irish? Well, you have to understand that the Irish have had a tough 2013.

The Notre Dame Sports Information Director tweeted out a video of Notre Dame’s Troy Niklas flipping a sled by himself.


I’m sure Mr. Bertsch realizes that flipping a sled has nothing to with fans wanting to watch Jadeveon Clowney on the football field. His incredible ability and what he’s already done on the field has created a scenario where fans want to see everything he does. Frankly, nobody cares what Troy Niklas did to a sled unless you’re a Notre Dame fan.

ND first practice 8-4-12 from Michael Frank on Vimeo.

Alabama crushed any hint that the Irish had recaptured their former glory last season after an embarrassing BCS Championship performance despite an undefeated regular season.

The anti-SEC commentary will continue to increase by the other major programs of college football that continue to be frustrated with the SEC’s dominance and the corresponding conference pride that comes with it. Us fans will just continue to enjoy world class football talents like Jadeveon Clowney.

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  • I live in Big 12 country (Oklahoma) and the undue animosity is relentless. It is almost a daily occurrence that some talking head brings up OK State supposedly getting robbed for the national championship game two years ago. That they were only two plays away from being in that game. Oh really? As I recall Bama was only two plays away from beating LSU in the regular season.

  • Never mind this clown.

  • Clowney flips a sled with help in a video and this site goes wild. Another kid does it twice and nothing. Haha.

    • If you watch the Clowney video they flip it because they are fully extended and driving through the block (like you’re suppose to do). In the ND video the kid is pushing it up with his hand and moving them down which makes the drill absolutely pointless. These sleds are also not made for 6’7 players any how, I could easily flip one in high school at 6 foot and only 230lbs, the sled itself only weighs around 100lbs

  • Last years SEC championship game, was the overall championship game. What a game, Unh? The goal line stop? The licks taken? Geez? Georgia would of whipped ND ass as bad as Alabama. I look forward to the same and better this year. Go Dawgs! Let em hate. They’ll get the “welcome to the SEC banner” hung around an extremity, one time or another.

  • Look yall it is not the other conferences fault that they cannot put a product on the field as good as weekend SEC football. If you just look at the results of the championship games that have been played the last 10 years you will see that all the other conferences try their best but to no avail.
    They even go as far as to hire SEC coaches away from the SEC schools but then after being at the perspective university for a while crash and burn. The latest being urban meyer,sp, everyone is now expecting him to be in the national championshp game. I personally cannot wait. To see him and the ohio state get their butts handed to them on a silver platter. I will be a happy camper to see people like those who are on espn’s college gameday crying and whinning as they normally do.
    Just like I got to see ole coach lou do after nd lost this past year. Him making excuse after excuse why they got beat down. It’s sad to see grown men cry like that. I say man up and admit to defeat, that the other team was that much better than your team is. Then be done with it

  • The haters are gonna hate no matter what…….Clowney is a neat young man…..he hasn’t been arrested….no off-field antics for anyone to report on. Now, his on-field antics are an entirely different story. Can’t wait for the season to start so all the haters will find another target or two to spew at…this kid is just a damn good football player who, after this year, will be making more money than anyone does who wants to talk about him in a negative light.

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