Ohio State fans react to 34-24 loss to Michigan State


The #2 Ohio State Buckeyes blew their shot to play for a national championship with their 34-24 loss to Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship.

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The Buckeyes were quiet all week after Alabama was upset against Auburn last Saturday, and all they had to do was beat the Spartans to play for a national championship. The Buckeyes were 24-0 over the last two seasons entering last night’s game over, but they couldn’t win the one game they needed to the most.

Ohio State still hasn’t beaten a top 10 ranked opponent during the regular season since 2006.

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It’s always fun to see the reaction from other teams in college football when their championship fates are on the line. And there’s no better place than The Columbus Dispatch, where fans reacted to the loss in the comments section.

“SEC rules again”

“This team can not be considered elite until the defense is solid. You can’t count on out scoring people every week and this week it caught up to us. Change has to come. Fickell ET Al need to go. It’s a wonder it took this long to happen. No way we can stand up to the likes of FSU or Bama with the D as it is.”

“Do we even have a defense? Dumb *** fickle”

“The win streak has come to an end. Pathetic offense.”

“Bucks came out super tight, made numerous silly mistakes on both sides of the ball. Miller made a few plays, but is not willing to just let go. MSU is clearly putting the game on Miller’s back and he has made an inconsistent response. Holding the ball when guys are open down field or just in single coverage. If he loosens up, then they can win, if not, then it is 24-1. Same problems on D, no safeties.”

“I believe what we have all learned here is that although Ohio State played a great game tonight, you’d have to be some silly, delusional hillbilly to actually think for a second that this team deserves a shot at a National title. Now, go ahead and cue the ignorant, thin skinned luckeye faithful.”

“FIRE FICKLE, FIRE WITHERS AND FIRE COOMBS……..OUR DEFENSE SUCKS CAUSE THEY CAN NOT COACH WORTH A ****. Kinda relieved a little though, rather lose this one that really get to NCG and get schooled cause we have no defense due to some of the worst defensive coaches in college football today. There really isn’t no way else to put it. No excuse for the way our defense has played in the last three years, its all on the coaching, plain and simple…..Have to get rid of the defensive coaching staff and hire better ones….”


“Got too cocky, too mouthy, too ghetto. Smelling the roses from east Lansing. OSU has been over rated for way too long.”

“Hey Urban, you plan to play easiest schedule you could to stay undefeated backfired. This team is not in top 10 and its your fault! PLAY SOMEONE!”

“Better luck next time Luckeyes. Better to lose Big Ten Championship game than be embarrassed by the SEC……again!”

“Poor preparation by coaching staff. MSU did the same things the team up north did last week and OSU acted like this was something new, Also, OSU pass defense is very weak and made key mistakes resulting in penalties. The way MSU defensive backs stuck to OSU receivers called for some diversionary plays to take the heat off. None ever came and Braxton scrambled to find someone open. I blame the coaching staff for this “L”.”

Here are comments from Ohio State’s 247Sports’ website:

“Trying to be careful in how I say this, because I am making the SEC homer point for them…But who is really surprised by this result? Who is really surprised by our play calling and defensive showing? We “put it all together” against Florida A&M….
Hate that I am saying this…Braxton- not ready for NFL, but I would not be upset if he goes. Thank you for your time being a great buckeye…It is much appreciated. Bring on JT…lets throw the effing ball.”

“So this is what it feels like to lose…. damn that game sucked….defense did not get the stop when needed most but even worse was that our offense did not make the play when our defense gave them short fields (INT and Blocked Punt); not to mention a MSU on-side kick that didn’t work. Credit goes to the Spartans…damn this sucks.”

“It is completely shocking how bad this defense it. We have taken 2 pedestrian offenses and made them look like Air Coryell. Fickell sucks. So does everybody coaching beyond the D-Line. Barnett sucks. Pitt Brown double sucks. The 24 game win streak means nothing now. Absolutely nothing. They didn’t beat anybody worth a shit. I’m completely disgusted and embarrassed. We have been the joke of college football since 2006. We just f*cking confirmed it again. Total embarrassment. I hope Urban’s dog bites him when he goes home tonight. And one more thing, connor cook sucks. Stanford will show america that. Ray Charles could throw for 300 yards on this shit ass pathetic defense.”

“No question who wanted it more. So that’s what it’s like to have corners who can actually COVER? Sure wish we had some. Defense most definitely sucked for 3 quarters. No excuse. Made an average quarterback look like a Heisman candidate.
Defense really does win championships. Such a shame with this offense. The O could have won it, but the D lost it.”


“We had a second rate game plan on both sides of the ball by second rate coaches – Herman, Coombs, Withers, Fickell – all are overrated. Need accomplished coaches under Urb, not upstarts. Hope they’re all sent packing and we replace them with experienced, accomplished coaches with D1 credentials. Urb put his trust in the wrong people. The experiment is over. Replace them, or continue to be second rate in a second rate B1G conference.”

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  • SSooooooo this is hilarious. I called this game, never did call the score though, I did talk to my buddy and i told him that it would be a close game until the 4th and the MSUs D would step it up just enough to close it out. And I was more surprised with MSU’s passing offense….but then again….when Michigan showed that screens were OSU’s kryptonite I guess anyone could score like that.

  • Osu beat Arkansas in the sugar bowl in 2010 and in 2009 they beat #7 Oregon and #10 Iowa. Try google before you write – it would serve you well!

    • Nice handle, SECSUCKS. If the SEC sucks so badly, maybe you could tell me why 3 of the top 5 teams at the end of the regular season were SEC schools (Auburn, Alabama, Missouri). The ONLY reason Ohio State was number 2 was because they had not had to play anybody yet. Every one of the SEC schools in the top 5 had 1 loss, but they were also ALL to ranked teams. It’s OK though, we in the SEC are used to hearing this kind of crying. It’s not any fault of the SEC schools that talent wants to join a program that can win. PEACE!

    • tOSU barely beat Arky in the Sugar with FIVE suspended players including Mr. Thug rent-a-car himself T. Pryor……

    • Point is still pretty valid though, OSU played NO ONE all year and almost lost to a horrible Michigan team…yet you people still ran your mouths as though you were somehow ready to match up with the best in the SEC. Guess that lie was exposed in a big way last night!

    • What Would Serve You Well is to get YOUR Facts Straight,OSU DID Beat Arkansas in 2010….. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
      Osu vacated its Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas in response to National Collegiate Athletic Association allegations over a memorabilia-for-cash scandal,So officially their still 0-10,sucks i know ….not really its always funny to see a fan of an over blown team that truly hasn’t been relevant in about 15 years try to make others look dumb by insulting them when in FACT they are the ones wrong,maybe in the Heart and minds of OSU fans their number 1,but…no,no,not quite,have fun trying to most likely contain clemson’s Running game with that”Defense” Osu has ,,,,,,woo ass whipping coming

    • Anything that happened in 2010 is moot, the NCAA took that away for their cheating, remember”sweater vest”?

    • Hey, butthead…..This writer didn’t say that, your fans wrote that comment in the Columbus Dispatch. After you guys learn to read, you may learn to play defense.

    • Ohio State still hasn’t beaten a top 10 ranked opponent during the regular season since 2006. Says regular season…try reading before you write-it would serve you well!

  • OSU is definitely overrated. Even FSU fans were saying they rather play Auburn or Alabama that OSU because that would have meant they actually played against a real team.

  • Seriously, though, we have to wait for this bow selection show, which could still feature a ‘Bama-Ohio State matchup. If it does, I can’t wait for Auburn to roll and ‘Bama to stomp.

  • Big10!! Big10!! You sound stupid when you cheer for a conference… Try cheering for a team – it makes you less of a band wagon fan #america

    • someone is REALLY butt-hurt. It’s ok, buddy, one day you’ll play a schedule that doesn’t suck.

    • WOW…You signed up for an SEC website just so you could whine about the SEC. That’s sad. We’ll be sure to tell FSU you wish you could have been in Pasadena but I guess you guys had other plans.

    • There is a Biiig difference…no one is stupid enough to run around chanting Little10…Little10…that would pretty much be the same as running around chanting “we suck…we suck”. Southern pride plays a role when fans from SEC schools also support their conference. Plus, we have a great deal of pride in knowing that our teams play in the TOUGHEST, BEST conference in sports…PERIOD. So keep settling for 3rd or 4th best conference and keep having your “great teams” like OSU schedule nothing but pansies…you’ll keep getting STOMPED by the SEC.

    • 2006 BCS National Champions: The Florida Gators, 2007 BCS National Champions: The LSU Tigers, 2008 BCS National Champions: The Florida Gators, 2009 BCS National Champions: The Alabama Crimson Tide, 2010 BCS National Champions: The Auburn Tigers, 2011 BCS National Champions: The Alabama Crimson Tide, 2012 BCS National Champions: The Alabama Crimson Tide and, wich team from the SEC will be playing in the 2013 BCS National Championship? The Auburn Tigers. Sorry troll but, your argument that the SEC supposedly sucks is invalid and just plane dumb. Roll Tide, God Bless the State of Alabama and, SEC SEC SEC!!!!

    • Look at your name man. You’re not rooting for a team or a conference, you’re rooting against the SEC. It’s pretty obvious that you’re delusional and angry.

    • Let’s see, your username basically roots against a conference but we can’t celebrate ours..? Try rooting against a team, because you’re too weak of a confe

    • Not exactly a bandwagon fan when you’re live in/were born in the southeast. We support our team 100% and have some pretty hateful rivalries.(GTHOM) When it comes down to it though you have to support your conference. I’m still gonna be rooting for Ole Miss to destroy Georgia Tech because I wanna see that total SEC dominance that just tears apart trolls like you.

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else think of P.O.D’s song Boom when thinking of SEC Football and just how dominate we are?

  • OSU hates playing a tough schedule because they cant beat top schools. Michigan State was the first top 10 school they’ve played (in regular season) since 2009 and they havent beat one since 2006! OSU had UGA on their schedule for 1 home game in 2019 and an away game in 2020 but the school canceled the contract and blamed it on scheduling conflict. I guess it was a schedule conflict, an SEC team that would probably be ranked would be on their schedule for 2 straight years lol!

  • everybody check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHun0aY-NxY its one of those hitler reacts videos. hitler is reacting too ohio state losing the B1G Championship its hilarious

  • Ohio State is a joke of a football program. Your entire football program sucks just like the Big 10. A bunch of posers who would get beat by lower SEC teams. Vanderbilt would beat OSU. If Bama had played OSU, Meyer would have retired after the Crimson Tide crushed you pantie waist wussy football team due to a heart attack. We sent him into retirement and out of the SEC! The Big 10 is the worst conference in the history of the game! Roll Tide Roll #KissTheRings!

  • Shouldn’t we send them blankets and water..maybe a couple of those trailers from Katrina? It kind of has the look and feel of a natural disaster – you know, Down South this sort of thing would be an ‘unnatural disaster”.. Roll Tide and Go SEC!!!

  • Let me make it clear to the Ohio State and Big Ten teams and fans.. The SEC and all other conferences see y’all as the Ethiopia of college football… No way no how will yall EVER have the talent or the balls to take a National Championship away from the SEC, much less beat a ranked SEC team in regular season or even in the smallest bowl game…. Auburn would have beat y’all last year with the worst record in Auburn history…

  • “Ohio State still hasn’t beaten a top 10 ranked opponent during the regular season since 2006.”

    I didn’t realize it had been almost 8 years! The MSU beatdown was my pick of the week.

    I look forward to making it 3 in a row against the B1G when square off against the badgers and look forward to fellow SEC peer domination in the other B1G matchups!

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