Looking at the numbers: Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech


SDS will break down all 10 SEC bowl games from a numbers perspective, and here is a look at this year’s Music City Bowl between Ole Miss and Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech is a run-based team, somewhat comparable to Auburn, but the Yellow Jackets don’t have the horses Auburn has. Ole Miss gives up an average of 155.25 yards per game in the running game, while Georgia Tech averages over 311 yards per game. That’s the most interesting matchup to watch.

The Yellow Jackets can also get to the quarterback, making 32 sacks in 12 games, compared to Ole Miss’ 18.

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Ole Miss Georgia Tech
Scoring Offense 30.4 PPG 36.6 PPG
Rushing Offense 187.42 YPG 311.67 YPG
Passing Offense 285.6 YPG 129 YPG
Total Offense 473 YPG 440.7 YPG
Scoring Defense 24.3 PPG 22.7 PPG
Rushing Defense 155.25 YPG 107 YPG
Passing Defense 221.3 YPG 243.5 YPG
Total Defense 376.5 YPG 350.5 YPG
TO Margin 0 -3
3rd Down Offense 83/181 (45.86%) 84/160 (52.5%)
3rd Down Defense 69/172 (40.12%) 54/152 (35.53 %)
Sacks 18 32
Red Zone Offense 75.61% (22 TDs, 9 FGs) 89.58% (39 TDs, 4 FGs)
Red Zone Defense 84.78% (30 TDs, 9 FGs) 75.68% (24TDs, 4 FGs)

Photo Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports



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