Video: Vanderbilt-Ole Miss’ three thrilling plays in last two minutes


Thrilling may not do it justice.

Vanderbilt and Ole Miss may have just played the most underrated game of the year. Each was fighting to become the SEC’s biggest up-and-coming program, and the Rebels outlasted the Commodores 39-35, behind the play of Jeff Scott, Bo Wallace and Laquon Treadwell.

But the last two minutes made you get up off your couch, regardless if you like or dislike either team.

First, Austyn Carta-Samuels hit Jordan Matthews on a 42-yard first down on 4th and 18.

Then, Carta-Samuels hit Steven Scheu on a 34-yard pass for the go ahead TD.

But Ole Miss RB Jeff Scott goes 75 yards for the game winner.

Photo Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports



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  • They need to put the hit Ole Miss’ Channing Ward put on Vandy’s kickoff returner on here. It was brutal. Can you say K.O. He returner was out cold for a few seconds. Channing Ward is 6’4 270 lbs and fast. So you know that had to hurt. Ole Miss was layin some wood during the game. Ask Bama if Ole Miss doesn’t hit hard. I read where a Bama player said that Ole Miss was the hardest hitting team they played last year.

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