The Great Debate: Auburn AD says one-loss SEC champion deserves title shot


Aren’t you going to miss the BCS? There’s been so much both optimism and sheer terror down the stretch of every college football season since 1998. You can have your playoff, college football.

Auburn AD Jay Jacobs is already ringing the bell for the one-loss SEC Champion to play in the BCS National Championship Game, and he says it’s impossible for it not to happen, via USA Today.

“An SEC team can’t get left out of the (championship game) with one loss,” Jacobs said. “We just beat the No. 1 team in the nation, and a team ahead of us struggled today, I understand,” (referring to Ohio State’s 42-41 victory at Michigan).

“And a one-loss SEC team that wins in Atlanta — if it’s us or Missouri — you can’t get left out of the BCS after you beat the No. 1 team. We have a better argument because we beat the No. 1 team.

“It’s already happened in 2004, and it would be a disservice to the nation if we got left out.”

Jacobs also appeared on SportsCenter today and claimed it would be ‘un-American’ if a one-loss SEC Champion didn’t play for the national championship.

Auburn should jump up from No. 4 to No. 3 following their takedown of No. 1 Alabama, and Alabama should fall to either No. 4 or No. 5, in front of or just behind Missouri.

Auburn’s only loss came to a nine-win, top 15 team against LSU in a rain-soaked Death Valley, and Ohio State is undefeated and is playing one of the weakest schedules in college football. Of course, Auburn has to get past Missouri in Atlanta, but even Mizzou is still in the hunt for a national championship as a one-loss SEC Champion.

If OSU beats Michigan State Saturday and finishes undefeated, there’s a better chance for a one-loss Auburn to jump the Buckeyes than a one-loss Missouri. Auburn could be ranked No. 1 in the computer polls in the final BCS standings if they win the SEC Championship.

Still, whether or not Ohio State is truly the No. 2 team in the country, I think it’s going to take Michigan State beating the Buckeyes for a one-loss SEC Champion to garner a title shot, which certainly could happen Saturday.

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  • Absolutely NO WAY tOSU deserves to be ahead of a one-loss SEC Champion. Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern, Michigan etc….these are the “heavyweights” of the Big 10 schedule. Urban Crier knows this and is why he has started his “the BCS is unfair” campaign last week. Funny, you never heard that while he was at Florida and got the benefit of a tough SEC schedule.

  • Everybody pings Ohio St. for their “soft schedule”… God knows that I’m no fan of the Big 10 (?)… Ohio St… and especially burbin’ meyers…

    But if you’re going to hit Ohio St. with the “weak schedule” tag, you most certainly have to hit FSU with it too… What and more importantly, how many “quality wins” do they have?

    Beating the crap out of a pathetic acc schedule.. plus Savannah St, et al… (Savannah St. for God’s sake!! The WORST div. 1aa program in existence)… And if you point to their victory at clempsin as a “quality win”, as Carolina showed, beating clempsin is no real trick either… they’ve done it five years running…

    • You just had to get on here and run your mouth about Clemson didn’t you? Carolina fans always like to point out wins over ACC schools. Maybe Carolina should head on back to the ACC where they have a shot at winning a conference title because it sure isn’t going to happen in the SEC. And my boys will take full credit for that one. Enjoy that loss from the boys in orange and enjoy watching the SEC championship game from the couch.

      • Wow! You sure told me… I could come back with some snappy put down… but I’ll pass… I prefer not to pick on the mentally handicapped…. You might actually TRY to read, comprehend and understand, as difficult as that may be for you, the POINT that FSU is getting a pass on the strength of schedule factor in the polls and press…

        And yes, Jonathancarpenter, I do agree that FSU is doing to out matched opponents, what they are supposed to. But I would put forth that the Big 10, top to bottom, is a tougher conference schedule than what FSU has to face… Just my opinion…

    • exactly right, the bowl games show that the SEC has the strength of schedule

    • There’s a difference between winning a soft schedule by the skin of your teeth (OSU) and utterly dominating every team you play (FSU). Yes, FSU has played a relatively soft schedule, but they did still schedule UF when they thought UF would be a top-10, they beat a good Miami and a good Clemson. That’s three games (at least from a scheduling perspective) that are better than anything on OSU’s schedule.

    • HBranum. No, your argument is without merit. If you’re going to make that assertion PLEASE post evidence of any Gamecock fan bragging about beating “ACC Schools.” Carolina fans brag about beating 1 ACC school, and thats Clemson, our rival, one of the top 2 in the ACC who has been in the top 10 nearly the entire year. How did y’all do against your rival this year? What bowl are you going to? What bowl did you go to last year? What about the year before that? What about when you lost to UNC when you did manage to scrape into a bowl the year before that? Nearly a half-decade of irrelevance, don’t be mad because UT is on a serious down-swing.

      “Maybe TENNESSEE should head to the ACC where they don’t have a shot at winning a conference title because it isn’t going to happen in the SEC.” You may have history on your side, but despite losing to the Vols this year, and despite growth, UT has been just awful for about 3-4 years. So please cut the unwarranted, weak, merritless assertions about USC. You beat us, but lets not act like USC doesn’t belong in the SEC especially from a fan of one of the bottom-feeder teams.

      Excuse this yawn while I await your no doubt equally mind-numbingly poorly formed argumentative response.

      • Haha please. Tennessee has carried this conference at times. Sure, we are having out down years just like every other team in the history of college football, but let’s not forget that we actually have multiple conference championships AND multiple national championships. I don’t believe SC has either. Enjoy always being irrelevant.

  • No doubt a one loss, whether it be AU or mizzou, deserves to go over Ohio State

  • Wow! vols giving it to the chickens. if Auburn wins. I could easily see them in the NC. but if Missouri wins going by all the respect we get in our own conference I hope we can at least get the Music City Bowl.

  • 1st let me say, this is coming from a Bama fan. And last night is still stinging for many reasons. That being said Auburn should be ranked over OSU now. And whoever wins the SEC Champ next week should DEFINITELY be ranked over them! MIZZU an AU have both played twice the schedule Ohio St has! BUT….
    The rest of the country is tired of SEC dominance and will look for ANY excuse to have an SEC-Free BSCNC.
    Personally, I feel that the championship game was played last night. (No offence MIZZU) Just like last year, the NC was decided in ATL.

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