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Video: Oregon’s ‘S-E-C’ chant turns to ‘We want Bama’

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Oregon throttled Tennessee yesterday 59-14, and the ‘S-E-C’ chants rained down on the Vols’ players via the student section. But those chants quickly turned to ‘We want Bama’ chants.

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The Ducks’ offense torched the Vols for 687 yards and eight total touchdowns. Oregon hasn’t beaten an SEC team with a winning record since 1988, but if anything, Texas A&M gave them hope yesterday by putting up serious numbers against Alabama’s defense.

Chip Kelly even admitted the Pac-12 is inferior to the SEC two years ago.

Note: Some mobile devices may not play video. You can watch the video here.

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Comments 10

  1. All I have to say to Oregon Fans are:

    All I have to say to Oregon fans are:



    I rest my case.

  2. Somebody needs to remind the Ducks how that worked out for LSU…

    • Somebody also needs to remind them what happen last time they played a SEC for a the National championship

      • Yes Oregon lost to Auburn. How many SEC teams beat Auburn that year? And yes Oregon lost to LSU. How many SEC teams beat LSU that year??? Just Bama after they lost once. People act like Oregon would get killed because of two games they lost to two SEC teams that no other SEC teams beat that year either.

  3. dont feel to accomplished beating a bottom tier SEC school at home, no offense tennessee

  4. HUGE miscommunication here. Oregon fans were actually calling out St Edmund’s College from Queensland, Australia. Apparently, they field a pretty mean Australian Rules Football team.

  5. Oh, and “we want Bama” was actually a plea on behalf of Oregon’s struggling farming industry. See

  6. It was Tennessee you beat Oregon. They are a program on the rise but nowhere near the caliber of a top level, or even mid-level, SEC squad yet. I have great respect for the Ducks and it would be interesting to see Bama and Oregon in the title game. We still have a couple of tough games (Ole Miss and LSU) ahead before we worry about that.

  7. Why wouldn’t they chant ‘We want Bama’? If you want to claim you’re the best then you want to play the best. If anything take it as respect. Bama – Oregon would be a hell of a game.