Oregon’s insane facility photos remind us why dozens of football programs need to close


If you’re too lazy to read a lengthy article discussing the competitive imbalances in college football which are driving us toward contraction, then I’ve got you covered. Here are 25 photos from GoDucks.com showing you the new football facilities at University of Oregon.

The gap between the haves in college football and the have-nots continues to widen. This gap will continue to push shrink the top level of college football and push them away from the rest of NCAA sports. “BCS” college football is a different animal from the rest of collegiate sports (as you can tell below). Ultimately, there should be 40-50 programs or so in a separate league. Economics will force many programs to go under or close. They can’t compete with what you see below:

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If these photos make you want to quit your job and work for free at University of Oregon as a graduate assistant, you’re not alone.

Recently, Alabama revealed their new football facilities and they were impressive. Sadly, for Tide fans, I think Oregon takes the top prize. These photos will blow you away. My favorite parts are the barber shop and the way the lockers work. Beautifully done.

Ole Miss also revealed their new locker room.



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  • This is only one of the reasons why the average father can’t afford to take his sons to a college football game.

    • It’s mostly because free markets.. the idea that demand drives up prices.. Everyone wants to go to these games.. so they are expensive.. You can take your kid to a d2 game for real cheap.

      • You sound like a real economist. Please explain why “the idea that demand drives up prices”. It’s interesting that you seem to believe that all FBS and FCS tickets are going to be too expensive, and that poor Kendall1819 needs to resort to disappointing his children by taking them to a game that noone wants to see.

        • Pretty simple. If nobody buys the tickets, the prices will fall so that somebody will actually buy them. Do you think more people want to watch Alabama vs LSU compared to Central Michigan vs Eastern Michigan? Which ticket do you think costs more?

          @Kendall: The facilities really have nothing to do with ticket prices. Construction of facilities is almost always via donations. In Oregon’s case, Nike founder Phil Knight.

    • Nike Chairman and Oregon alumnus Phil Knight footed the entire bill and no athletic department funds were used for this project.

  • Very nice facility. I didn’t see the banner for BCS 2nd place!

  • You gotta be kidding me. This locker room can’t shine Alabama’s shoes. Also, where are the BCS, or any other type of National Championship Trophies?
    No comparison, BAMA, hands down the best locker room and the best team!

    • I like how you have personified the Oregon locker room, and decided that of all things, it would be an old shoe shine. I picture him in an old train station doing his best to shine the shoes of ole’ Bama. In the end though, Bama smugly looks at his shoes, the old shoe shine, and then back at his shoes. Then, without a word or another glance at the shoe shine, gets up, tosses a few dollars down in his face, and walks off without even leaving a tip.

      Also, if this article was a joke I think you would find it on the onion.com.

    • Rrrright…..why do I picture you like the guy from Billy Madison: “O’Doyle Rules!”

    • Since it”s “COLLEGE” football, wouldn’t it be great if the players on any BCS Championship team had players who could actually read and write? BIG AND STUPID! Empty the jail cells and “Special Ed.” for 24 year old “High School seniors” who are SEC bound as a red shirt, something or other. Why not just go pro and when they introduce them, they can glare dimly through their booze and drug soaked eyes and mumble, “da U”.

  • The University of Alabama recently spent $9 million renovating its football facility.

    It’s spectacularly over the top. There are arcade games, pool tables, 30-foot-long hot tubs, and much more.

    In big-time college football, having shiny new facilities is a huge recruiting tool. And it’s clear that Alabama included every bell and whistle they could find in order to woo the best high school players in the country. The school pulled in $82 million in football revenue last year, so it can afford it.

    This thing is nuts.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/alabama-football-facility-pictures-2013-7?op=1#ixzz2alx6MQiE

  • That trophy case looked pretty weak.

  • Oregon’s new facility is pretty nice but I agree with the rest. Bama’s new locker room is nicer

  • Wouldn’t a barber shop be unpermissable benefits? Maybe Ohio Starte should get a tattoo parlor in their complex….

  • This is why anyone with common intelligence should listen to what South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier is saying about the millions upon millions that colleges make off the student athletes, specifically in football and basketball, and how the players are all being prostituted while major universities continue to burn money like shown in these pictures and like the other comments mentioning Alabama and other locations. Nobody see anything wrong with all this? The bling bling affecting your vision and thought process? While a university will burn 30 million in a minute for upgraded hot-tubs, there are family members of players that can’t even afford to attend a game to see their son play. This is getting close to the absurd….completely upside down…..what a mess.

    • One point that surprisingly has not been raised yet, is this school’s affiliation with Nike. I’m sure some of the donations made by Nike helped build this ridiculousness.

    • Excuse me sir, I don’t mean to be the grammar police, but I think that is a run-on sentence.

    • False. Colleges are not making millions upon millions off student athletes. Most athletic departments run in the red. A few of the big boys run a profit.

      • Kevin, I would have replied to you farther up on the comment thread, but for some reason the reply button didn’t show up after you explained pretty simple economic theory. Please expand on your explanation, I still don’t think I get it. I am curious, why do more people want to watch Alabama and LSU play each other? I mean it’s just a bunch of illiterates running around getting all touchy with each other, right? Is the experience just that much better when they are just that much bigger? Or is it more of a force thing?

  • A palace for football players? Where are our values? I’m sure it will really impress high school recruits, but this excessive spending should be an embarrassment to Oregon’s academic administration and and athletic department.

  • Well…I think the place is Bad-Ass! And I give Oregon props for realizing a decade or so ago that if ya wanna get 4, 5 star players to come to Eugene, ya better do something different. And yes Bammers, we all know you have more Trophies than you can count….and are the bestest at everything….But looks like it worked out pretty well for them to me.

  • TMQ was ripping these charitable donations like Phil Knight’s to Oregon as a way that taxpayers are subsidizing the privileges of the few FBS players. If that’s the case my tax dollars are going to waste on Michigan locker rooms too!

  • As an alumnus of Stanford, even though we have a $70B endowment fund, we refuse to spent this kind of money on our team. It’s not that we can’t afford it… We can, but we think that we can recruit talent based upon academic and athletic ability. Remember, athletics can only take you so far (especially if you suffer a career ending injury in college…), and having that degree to fall back on is very important! And, if money is no object, then Phil Knight got his money’s worth, except it has yet to bring a BCS title to Eugene!!!

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