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Paul Finebaum keeps promise to Auburn fan

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Paul Finebaum, who is largely considered the voice of reason controversy within SEC country, seems to have promised an Auburn fan and show caller a trip to Pasadena should the Tigers get to the big game.

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Joshua Smitherman called into the Paul Finebaum show at some point during the season and asked Finebaum if a one-loss SEC Champion Auburn team, which seemed all but out of the national picture, could jump an undefeated Oregon and get into the national championship with wins over an undefeated Alabama and then-undefeated Missouri. Finebaum said that wouldn’t happen, but then he added he would take him to Pasadena if the Tigers ‘do all of that’.

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Here are Finebaum’s comments, and you can hear the call below:

“I’ll make you this promise, though, Josh. And I shouldn’t be doing this, but if Auburn does all that and gets into the national championship game, I’ll take you to Pasadena. Okay?

Finebaum adds, “You’re going with me to Pasadena.”

Josh responds that that would be great, and he adds that he’ll hold him to it. However, Josh now says that Finebaum has backed out of the deal.

You can listen to the call in its entirety below.

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UPDATE: Josh posted via Facebook that Finebaum kept his word.

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Comments 11

  1. Yeah, so, Finebaum definitely owes this guy a trip to Pasadena. And ESPN should back him on it. PAY UP, FINEBAUM.

  2. I agree. This is actually a good PR opportunity for Finebaum, seeing as most of the SE hates him. He could win over some anti-Finebaums if he brought this young man along with him.

  3. I bet ESPN will pony up for this trip. Finebaum’s station may not. ESPN being owned by that overgrown mouse loves PR like this.

  4. Just shows you how big of a scumbag Roughbomb is!!!

  5. ADB
    Commented : 4 months ago

    Yes he should pay up !! I used to like Fbaum years ago. He has become such a “sell out” and Nick Saban butt kisser , he’s hard to stomach. Pay up Fbaum !!!

  6. I think he likes being the villain, so if it’s up to him, it ain’t happening.

  7. Josh said an undefeated Oregon team. Oregon is not undefeated. Finebaum should take him anyway.

  8. According to Lost Lettermen, Paul has apparently made good on his promise:

  9. I hope y’all do realize it said “Finebaum kept his word.” So most of y’all are getting mad for no reason, because Finebaum is taking Josh to the National Championship.

  10. ADB
    Commented : 4 months ago

    Fbaum is still a Nick Saban butt kisser. Sorry