FoxSports analyst says people are sick of the SEC, Alabama


Charles Davis of FoxSports says outside the SEC, everyone is looking to find a reason for college football’s most dominant conference not to hoist the crystal hardware at season’s end. He does, however, think the SEC gets the ‘benefit of a doubt’ in getting to the BCS National Championship.

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Davis hopped on the Tim Brando Show, where he discussed the SEC fatigue around the college football landscape, via

“I still think the SEC gets a break in the end. I think they will get, for lack of a better word, a home team discount in a sense because they’ve won seven straight (titles).

“I know that narratives out there. I walked out of the stadium Saturday, Tim, with the idea that I don’t know if there is a team better than Oregon in the country.

“Alabama does go out and waxes Kentucky on Saturday night in a big way. Now, Kentucky doesn’t get your attention, but that was the same Kentucky team that played South Carolina within a touchdown last week.

“When you sit there and analyze it all, it’s real easy when a team’s been the frontrunner for a long time for all of us to search for the alternative.

“That’s what happens when you’re on the scene a long time. People are sick of the SEC. People are sick of Alabama, those who aren’t SEC affiliated.”

We’ve talked about it many times that folks around college football are looking for a reason not to put the SEC in the national championship. Assuming Alabama keeps winning, it won’t be a problem. But if every team in the SEC has one-loss, it could spell trouble in even getting to the national championship, depending on how the rest of the scene plays out with the unbeatens.

But domination does create SEC fatigue, and it’s also important to remember FoxSports doesn’t have the SEC contract.

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  • For Charles Davis’ sake, let’s hope Oregon continues to win out and gets its shot.

    Look out for UCLA & Stanford though. Those two actually have a pulse defensively.

  • When the Big 12 presidents voted to let the Texas Longhorns get paid 700 million dollars/ 10 years while every other member in the conference got 9 million per year, they should have thought about what aTm and Missouri would add to the SEC and the Nebraska to the Big 10. Instead of hoping the Bob Stoops mouth would somehow reverse the misfortune of losing three founding members, and aTm. Where was the sick of SEC strategy in those important meetings???

    • The SEC is quality and equality and footprint minded. Why would anyone be a fan of a conference that wants one/two flagship programs and a convoy of minnows swimming along side? Ans. nobody would be. Without the enthusiastic support of every fan base in the conference every conference will be out dollar-attendance-medawatched. They need to stop crying and tell their institutional presidents to demand fair competition. NCAA conference balance will follow in time, unless the SEC outsmarts everybody else again, which it might.

      • The SEC consistently has outsmarted the other conferences. I don’t see that changing. Slive and the SEC are actionary while the other conferences are reactionary, meaning they’re all scrambling to do what Saban’s been doing…..

  • TDB,get use to it,until you beat em,gotta love em,the pac 10 would be the only competition for the SEC,with a couple out of the acc,but overall weekend,weekout,the SEC,PLAYS THE TOUGHEST SCHEDULES BETWEEN THEMSELVES,big 10 i hear your top team has the 54th hardest schedule,isn’t that precious,and ranked wait till the computer gets ahold of that

  • If you are tired of seeing the SEC win, then beat us………

  • Fox Sports says “everyone is sick of the SEC”…..really? Or is it Fox Sports is tired of having to televise all the “other” games. I think it is the latter. Fox Sports would be saying the SEC is the greatest conference in the land…..if they had the SEC TV contract! Bawawawawa!

  • Get over it. One year the SEC won’t make it in, and they’ll be in the streets like Macy’s Day Parade chanting the SEC era is over. It will never be over. Anyone who lives in the south knows we live, breathe, and love college football down here. It’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

  • I’m a die hard LSU fan. Thus, I love SEC football. Even though I do want LSU to beat Alabama on November 9th, it will be very satisfying to see Alabama win out the rest of the season undefeated and beat whoever they face in the National Championship. Because they will if they get there. SEC is the dominate conference in college football and will be for years to come. Get used to it.

  • Thus far the rest of the NCAA football world has found only one way to keep an SEC team from winning the NCAA National Championship: Don’t select an SEC team to play in the game. No other method has worked. And the pundits are already lobbying for such an outcome.

    The evidence is overwhelming. Any time an SEC team has played in the NCAA National Championship Game, they’ve won, and usually in lopsided games. Even when the SEC team had two losses against other SEC teams, they won the National Championship Game. Even when the SEC team had “unimpressive” performances during the regular season against certain “average” SEC teams, they won the National Championship Game.

    Every year you hear the “Oregon [or some other team] should be number 1! The evidence? “They beat [fill in the blank with some mediocre-to-bad team] a zillion to nothing.” Remember that Oregon played in one National Championship Game against an SEC team. And lost.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think Oregon is on par with any other team in the country thus far. And if Oregon wins out, they’ll be in this year’s National Championship Game. So why all the whining?

    The only real disaster would be if Ohio State plays . . . well, anyone else in the game. Ohio State would be a middle-of-the-road team in the SEC or the Pac 12. They not only play NOT ONE quality opponent in their conference, but they play the worst non-conference schedule this side of the FCS. Make that Division II.

    Why is it that the same pundits who whine about weak non-conference schedules on the part of certain SEC teams are the same ones who vote for teams like Ohio State to be ranked high in the polls . . . with exactly ZERO quality wins? OSU knows the easiest way to the National Championship: Hope SEC teams beat each other up, and then play a full slate of “nobodies” to achieve an undefeated season.

    What a joke.

  • Rick Flair use to say it best… “To be the man… You gotta beat the man… WOOOOOOO!!!!” I like to say this started with the 2004-2005 Auburn Team (I’m an Alum so I’m a little biased), when they were undefeated and were left out and USC waxed Oklahoma. Do I think that Auburn would have beat that team? I don’t know, but I know they would have put up more of a fight than Oklahoma did.

    Since then look at each BCS Championship Game. Oregon put up a great fight, but outside of them, the championship games have not been close. Even in an SEC vs. SEC game Bama blew out LSU.

    If these conferences want to see the SEC not winning titles, schedule us early in the season, and then beat us. Don’t run your mouth about how a team that you lost to 2 years ago isn’t that great, or the fact that our defenses aren’t that great and then you go out and solidify the fact that Mack Brown will keep his job this year. (Yes Big12 we’re looking at you)

  • I refer to the old saying: “May the best team win” Should it be any other way?????

    • Augment that with “may the best team play” and you’ve got what should happen. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Bama is the best out there and have proved it on the field every time they get that shot…

  • Talk….is cheap.
    Bring it- don’t sing it.
    Duck soup in January ??? Pour me up a big ‘ole bowl !!!!!!
    I’m printing and framing this article, Jon !!!!! lmao

  • So there are still people outside the SEC footprint that claim to care about college football?

  • like i’ve said before the longhorns have ruined no less than two great conferences. missouri has found new life in the sec way of doing business. we, along with ten other teams got cheated out of millions of$. even when texas wasnt in the conf title chase they still got all the money.. with that said i believe giving bama a second shot two years ago hurt the credibility of the sec. if you’re not conference champion how in the world can you be national champs? who else at anytime anywhere has got a second shot at the team that already beat them.

  • secondly why did I just get this and everyone else posted a day ago.

  • Another stupid article. You just keep em coming dont you.
    First off who can play the top 5 SEC teams on a regular basis and win ? Oregon, Ohio State, Clemson, Florida St. nope. Ohio St. doesnt even deserve to be in the top 10. Look at their schedule. I for one cannot wait for the BCS rankings to come out just to see how far down in the poll they tumble. I can make a case for Clemson because they beat LSU in the bowl last year. But Oregon, Fla. St. no way. Maybe after this weekend all the Fla. St. rhetoric will disipate and go away. I mean all year it’s been Pac 10 ACC are catching up with the SEC, malarkey. As for those who grow tired of hearing SEC I would venture to say it’s more the media than the college football fans. It’s gottemn to where I cannot listen to ESPN much any more because of their supposed reporters hating on the SEC constantly and the sad thing is some of them played football for SEC teams.
    If you want to compete with the best I suggest you put a quality team on the field year end and year out. It’s called Bring It. I cannot wait till next year and the 4 team playoff. Can you SEC haters(reporters) imagine 2 SEC teams playing every year for the Crystal Ball. lol

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