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Photo: Auburn fans roll the Toomer’s Corner trees one last time

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Following the Auburn spring game, Auburn fans rolled the Toomer’s Corner trees one last time.


Photo credit: TheMelonKid (Reddit/CFB)

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Comments 8

  1. I love traditions. Auburn rolling Toomer’s and Alabama beating Auburn.

    • johnke1
      Commented : 1 year ago

      I don’t know who you are but you your a very sad, bitter bama person. Do you even have a degree. LOSER!

      • How are you gonna say that Bamafaninga is bitter? Sad? What about that comment is sad and bitter?? This is my issue…you’re thinking through your nasty attitude…thinking that what this person said was derogatory…True Auburn fan, you are.

  2. A little credit to me for the pic would be great bro.

  3. Being a Bama fan, I can say this with all due respect. It saddens me every time I think of what that IDIOT did to Toomers, and this one time I will join in to say….. WarEagle!