SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

Photos: New Alabama Uniforms for 2013 BCS Championship

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Nike Football Uniforms 2013 BCS Championship Game

Nike Football Uniforms Alabama Crimson Tide Championship

New Alabama Uniforms 2013 BCS Championship Notre Dame

Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Alabama Crimson Tide Football

New Nike Uniforms Alabama Football Roll TIde

Alabama Crimson Tide Football Uniforms Nike BCS Champions

Alabama unveils new Nike Football Uniforms Notre Dame

2013 BCS Championship Alabama Uniforms Notre Dame

New Nike Football Pro Combat Uniforms Bama

New Under Armour Football Uniforms Alabama Football

New Alabama Football Gloves 2013 BCS Championship Nike

Alabama Football 2013 BCS Championship Game Uniforms

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Comments 3

  1. rando
    Commented : 1 year ago

    somebody forgot to wash the shit off those new uniforms.

  2. Man those are sharp…look kinda like Alabama’s Unis…oh wait…errr nevermind

  3. They look like their normal uniforms..