Projecting the four teams that would make the College Football Playoff in 2013


The College Football Playoff is just a year away from taking center stage in the best sport in America, and with it, the selection committee will be the most scrutinized sect in any sport.

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So, it’s only fitting we send out the BCS with an epic finish. And we knew something crazy was going to happen Saturday!

But let’s specifically look at what a four-team playoff would look like this season. The best four teams in college football is tough to identify at this point, but that’s what the committee will be faced with next season. And it’s going to be quite the challenge.

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Semi-final game #1:

1. Florida State: Florida State is the best team in college football through the entire season. Let alone from finishing undefeated, FSU won their conference and thumped the best team they played in Clemson, a team that beat Georgia. The strength of schedule may not impress you, but the eye test will.
4. Alabama: What many think will be this year’s national championship game just turns into a national semifinal game between Alabama and Florida State. In addition, I think Alabama is the team that matches up the best against Florida State. The Tide have beaten two currently ranked teams and lost on a last-second kick-six to Auburn, the SEC Champions and the #2 team in college football.

Semi-final game #2:

2. Auburn: Auburn is the hottest team in college football right now, and they remind me of Texas A&M 2012, who I thought could beat anyone down the stretch of last year. Auburn has the best running game and the best running back in America, and they are SEC Champions. Auburn has the best resume in college football, having played five currently ranked teams and won four of them.
3. Michigan State: The Big Ten Champions could have the best defense in the country, and they took down Ohio State 34-24. They are the closest form of an SEC defense in Big Ten country, and they shut down the Buckeyes down the stretch. The one-loss Spartans would be a worthy opponent and would get my #3 seed, having won their division.

First team out: Baylor

Buzz: The playoff could have ties to three conference champions and one at-large selection. I’d have three conference champions in FSU, Auburn and MSU ranked all ahead of my at-large team in Alabama. Big 12 champion Baylor would be my first team out.

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Which four teams would you have in the playoff, and how would they be seeded?

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  • #1 FSU #2 Auburn #3 Alabama #4 Michigan St. While I respect MSU., I think any of my top 3 would beat them. Why? They all have better a better offense and I think their defense would be enough to stop them from scoring a lot.

  • Frick Skumma Bumma! Auburn is #1 in the SEC, so Bitcheiz get over it!

  • Am I forgetting something or why is Bama #4? If this is off the BCS standings it would be a rematch between Auburn and Bama. Then MSU vs FSU…

  • Any of these teams would destroy Auburn, just as FSU WILL do. Luck will only take you so far.

  • Wow Jon, what a calendar challenged prediction. What could go wrong? coaching staff changes, signers being diff. than commits, the NFL draft, spring ball injuries, legal or academic troubles, fall practice injuries, scheme changes for every program, redshirt freshman we have never seen play a down exceeding or failing to meet expectations, real freshman doing the same. Last year’s injured players coming back strong or not coming back. Other than that it’s a sure thing, laughing with you here.

  • MSU has the “closest form of an SEC defense in Big 10 country”. Really? Would the SEC “form of defense” be what we saw in the SEC (aka Big 12) CG??? The SEC has ceased to play defense – they have morphed into the Big 12 and now have Big 12 teams playing in their CG. 100+ points and 1200+ yards in the CG – the only form of defense shown in that game was in the form of swiss cheese.

  • I know I’m late to this but my top four in a playoff would be 1. FSU, 2. Auburn, 3. Michigan State, 4. Stanford. Bama would be my first out. This is in no way saying that Sparty and Stanford are better, but there needs to be some weight to winning your conference that would help them jump a 1 loss Bama team. Plus an Ohio State vs. Bama bowl game would be good TV.

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