Ranking the 2013-14 SEC bowl games from worst to first


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There are some solid SEC bowl matchups coming your way in a couple weeks. Obviously, the sexiest matchup comes in the form of the national championship, but you’ll find some other solid and very watchable games.

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Let’s roll and rank in order of watchability and star power matchups:

10. Music City Bowl

Matchup: Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech
Buzz: Although the SEC wants bragging rights over the ACC, that’s about all the intrigue with this game. I’m fascinated by Ole Miss’ young talent, but Georgia Tech’s offense is just boring to watch. They may run as much as Auburn does, but there’s little creativity. Ole Miss should roll against Tech.

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9. Liberty Bowl

Matchup: Mississippi State vs. Rice
Buzz: Because MSU finished the season 2-0 and on a hot streak, maybe they will fare better than they did last year against Northwestern. Rice is a 10-win team that gave Texas A&M a dogfight earlier in the year, in what has come to be known as the Johnny Autograph Game.

8. Compass Bowl

Matchup: Vanderbilt vs. Houston
Buzz: Jordan Matthews alone makes this game interesting, and combine that with a pretty good Houston team, and it’s certainly watchable. I’m a fan of what James Franklin is doing at Vandy, and I certainly hope he sticks around in the SEC…forever.

7. Gator Bowl

Matchup: #22 Georgia vs. Nebraska
Buzz: Georgia and Nebraska again? At least they could have taken Michigan and not had Nebraska and UGA play two years in a row. The Bulldogs have already played in Jacksonville once this year, and how many fans from either fan base are going to want to show up? Neither Aaron Murray nor Taylor Martinez are playing, as they both suffered season-ending injuries earlier this season.

6. Outback Bowl

Matchup: #16 LSU vs. Iowa
Buzz: One of my favorite states is Iowa. Yeah, you heard me. It’s the Heartland. How can you not like that? We’ll get to see the Hawkeyes and LSU’s freshman QB Anthony Jennings replacing Zach Mettenberger because of injury. This will give us a look into the future of LSU football, which is very intriguing.

5. Chick-fil-A Bowl

Matchup: #21 Texas A&M vs. #24 Duke
Buzz: How do you think Duke feels? They just got pounded by the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston, and they are about to face another in Johnny Manziel. In all seriousness, one of the SEC’s most prolific players in Manziel will likely play his final game as an Aggie. Anything Johnny Football is must-watch TV.

4. Capital One Bowl

Matchup: #9 South Carolina vs. #19 Wisconsin
Buzz: Carolina and Wiscy will play in the biggest SEC-Big Ten matchup, one of three on the day. The Gamecocks need to put their big boy run defense pants on against the Badgers, and it will be Connor Shaw’s, Jadeveon Clowney’s and Kelcy Quarles’, among others, last games as Gamecocks. Salute.

3. Sugar Bowl

Matchup: #3 Alabama vs. #11 Oklahoma
Buzz: History and tradition collides with history and tradition. Remember all those ‘SEC propaganda’ comments by Bob Stoops earlier this year? Well, one of the bottom eight teams he was talking about is playing for the national championship. Lucky for him, though, he’ll survive this one because Alabama is considered a top six SEC team. The last time the Tide played in the Sugar Bowl, they were beaten by Utah. Big Game Bob will have another chance to win a big game.

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2. Cotton Bowl

Matchup: #8 Missouri vs. #13 Oklahoma State
Buzz: Former Big 12 rivals clash in the Cotton Bowl, and it’s the SEC’s second most intriguing game. Both teams lost their last games, Missouri to Auburn and OSU to OU, and this creates a fascinating matchup that’s sure to be an ole’ fashioned Big 12-style shootout. If you like points and fast-paced offenses, this is your game.

1. BCS National Championship

Matchup: #1 Florida State vs. #2 Auburn
Buzz: There’s nothing not to like in the BCS National Championship Game. It’s dominance vs. destiny, and Auburn is trying to make it eight in a row for the SEC. For the fifth straight year, the Iron Bowl winner is playing in the national title against one of the best teams in FSU during the BCS era. The Noles have dominated everyone in sight this year, and Auburn enters as the underdog. The ACC hasn’t won a championship since 1999, when FSU won the title.

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  • 5 and 6 are very close. People don’t realize but 3 of Iowa’s losses are to teams that went 12-1 on the season and 4th lose is to a team playing SC in the capital one bowl.

  • I might be a little bias as an Ole Miss fan, but I think the Ole Miss/GT game has to be better than MSU/Rice, Vandy/Houston and maybe even A&M/Duke because that game could get ugly really fast. I understand that watching Manziel is always interesting. But I’m also a little disappointed because teams like LSU and Georgia are missing their QB’s. Besides the Auburn/FSU game, I think the USC/Wisconsin game is the best game. I’m going to enjoy watching Bama destroy Oklahoma so bad that they might not ever recover. It’s going to be a little weird watching the Mizzou/OSU game and not thinking it’s a regular season Big 12 game, or at least that what I think it will feel like. But other than that, it should be a good game.

    • I don’t often agree with an Ole Miss fan but Ole Miss and Georgia Tech are gonna be a more interesting game than A&M and Duke. Duke was second best in a conference heavily dominated by FSU. I just don’t see them competing with A&M as much as I hate Manziel and all the harm he’s doing. I’d imagine the Ole Miss and Georgia Tech (who hung so strongly in there with Georgia) will be a far better game. We also tend to totally dismiss the C*USA but Rice rose above Marshall for an upset so I’d say MSU and Ole Miss are both gonna have some good games on their hands. Much better than A&M over Duke.

  • I totally agree with this rank and like almost all of them. Can GT repeat the close game against GA,? Is Ms-State improving? Will Vandy’s defense rise? Is this the last game for sour-puss-bad-sport-cornmaster Pelini? Iowa really is interesting because their coach is another guy who got blasted by the press but made a comeback. Duke v aTm is one of the ACC’s best against one of the SEC’s top third. Wisconsin without Biel., still a darn good team, go outcoach em Spur-meister. Stoops the mouth vs. Saban the understatement. Oklahoma State’s last game against Missouri featured one of the nation’s best receivers and quarterbacks vs. Mizzou’s Franklin starting in his ? 3rd game. Florida State v Auburn is size-speed-strength vs size-speed-strength, it’s just what the average fan can understand and enjoy without explanation, color, or qualification. What we are going to see however is another decision based on execution match-ups. So it has the potential to be interesting on a deeper level, we hope. After this last BCS bowl line up. I want the conference v conference records totaled for the BCS era and engraved in stone outside every sports news office. I don’t want to see anymore Ohio State or Notre Dame popularity polls. (just for Mizzou, go Tigers, you deserve to sing your favorite number one more time and to have the Big 12 listen to you sing. We still like the Cowboys and we’re happy to match our new game against your respected Gundy-ball.

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